2.16.2017 NJ Star-Ledger Ad: "Were you sexually abused by the Jehovahs Witnesses?"

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  • Xanthippe

    BoC thanks for that picture, this is great news.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I am just so thankful that this has come out. I am truly hoping this is just the tip of the iceberg for them.

    Thank you BoC so much.


  • darkspilver

    The SAME advert appears on page 4 of the 17 January 2017 print edition of The Press of Atlantic City aswell.

    The PDF of advert is here

    PDF of advert

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    This is a big nail in the GB coffin!

    There will be hackles raised at their weekly boardroom meeting. Yet it's their own selfish fault since they NEVER have cared about the well-being of the individual JW member. Their only concern is about a good public name for the "org", well that is now in tatters!

    There is little defence available to them in the face of such damning publicity.Their propaganda machinery only works on the flock, all they can do is beat the sheep harder, have stricter shunning and stick their heads deeper in the sand.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Wow, I'm surprised that such a relatively small insignificant group like JWs is getting this kind of pressure. But, if you look at the amount of liquid assets they have now with the sale of all those buildings in Brooklyn (public record) coupled with the big money grab from the local congregations that these firms could have easily done a quick internet search on sites like this, I guess they do make an attractive target.

    Really will get interesting.

  • greenhornet

    Better call Saul

  • ScenicViewer

    Their only concern is about a good public name for the "org", well that is now in tatters! (Half Banana)

    How embarrassing for the Governing Body, the Organization, the elders, and all of JWs.

    The reputation they are getting is just the opposite of what the Bible speaks of in listing the qualifications of being an elder...

    7 Moreover, he should also have a fine testimony from people on the outside... 1 Tim 3:7

    If an organization is made up of elders and others having a "fine testimony from people on the outside" then the entire Organization should have the same reputation, but instead Watchtower and all of JWs are being humiliated, and they brought it on themselves.

    The reputation they thought they had was in their own minds anyway, but this shameful public exposure should shock more than a few JWs. Many, hopefully, will wake up over it.

  • Life is to short 2
    Life is to short 2

    Has anyone called the law firm? Dees Trey Bundy know about this I wonder?


  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions
    Would you mind taking a good photo of the whole page where the add appeared. It could be used to prove its source undoubtedly to non-US ones.

  • no-zombie

    thanks BOC for doing this for us.

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