It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • cleanideas

    This letter to Lloyd's crappy attorney is great!

  • Diogenesister

    One thing I do know from my law modules is that defamation is a very hard thing to prove. In the UK, and USA in particular, there are VERY robust laws protecting free speech. That's how gossip columnists build whole empires and make fortunes.

    It certainly could be argued that Lloyd is somewhat of a celebrity among exjws and the 'celebrity' has even less protection from defamation than the man in the street. It would be extremely difficult to prove a defamation case for a celeb, in fact you would have to be maliciously lying - that is KNOWINGLY lying - about someone for them to prove their case. Which in this case is absurd, since the person in question admitted the facts.

  • Marbles

    One of the reddit mods (where Kim Silivio's original post was removed within about an hour) used to mod for LE's channel. I saw the name of this mod come up in a live stream chat from 2-3 years ago, actually. The name of that mod is something like lececiafox.

  • TonusOH
    Is this going to end up a big wet fizzled out nothing burger?

    I think it might be something close to that, at least in the short term. The police investigation may go nowhere unless (a)they get the victim to step forward and cooperate and/or (b)they find such a preponderance of evidence that they can make a case without the victim's cooperation. The latter is probably very difficult for such an old case. The former... who knows?

    It's possible that there will not be a clear outcome, and he'll focus on that case in the hopes that people will forget the stuff he already admitted to. It's that stuff --the stuff in his book and in his video-- that will be a stain on his reputation until/unless he owns up to it. He may well fade into irrelevance. Spending hours per day trying to keep his YouTube comments sections clear of mockery and derision will be the least of his issues in the long run.

    He's also cut off from many (all?) of the avenues of activism that he enjoyed before. Who will want to be involved with someone who has such a bad reputation (and again, this is just from the things he admitted to)? He no longer lends legitimacy to someone's interview show or documentary; he's an embarrassing distraction to the work they want to get done. He's the guy who treated his wife like dirt for many years, and any new information that could come to light would only make him look worse.

  • Diogenesister
    One of the reddit mods (where Kim Silivio's original post was removed within about an hour) used to mod for LE. I saw the name of this mod come up in a live chat from 2-3 years ago, actually. The name of that mod is something like lececiafox.

    Oh god I was going to mention her she's was snooping on altworldly lifestream. She still mods for Lloyd but she's not down as a mod on Reddit under THAT name. Her name's Amanda Blakemore I message her now & then.

    I've been on Reddit since we had around 4000 subs and the mod team changed at around ....I wanna say 15 - 20,000 subs?? I asked if there's been a hostile takeover since they became way more controllingđŸ˜‚I suspected that he had "inserted" his moles into the new Reddit team and I've no idea why it suddenly changed like that. Highly suspect.

  • Marbles

    There are a few different reddit threads. I am not sure which one lececiafox is a mod for and I just don't feel like going back to reddit to look. This is NOT the first time I have seen reddit support "the bad guy" and censor any criticism. I used to participate on family annihilator Chris Watts reddit discussion groups. There was a reddit group of CW defenders and no one was allowed to criticize them AT ALL. We were told it would cause a "sub war." So the CW discussion group was limited to relatively vanilla comments about the case instead of being allowed to confront his "supporters." I have to assume reddit "ranks" the posters- and if you have published a book like LE has, and are trying to promote your channel and business on reddit like he is, then he has higher rank and can shut down the discussion.

  • GrreatTeacher

    Anybody ever have one of those days where you can't put your penis wherever you want and so you try to extort thousands of €uros out of dozens of people?


    Yeah, me neither!

  • vienne

    Evans continues to lose patrons. He's down to 644. I find it hard to believe that that many people continue to support him. Let's hope the decline continues.

  • Toblerone5

    NonCoinCollector,the video you are looking for is this one,

  • TonusOH

    Well, he certainly found a cure for their boredom...

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