It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • TonusOH
    I imagine it was because the responses were meant to be public...

    I think the recipients were happy to make their replies public. It's got to be satisfying to do it when you know that the obnoxious, melodramatic blowhard who is trying to convince his followers that he's fighting the good fight against evil bullies will grind away a few millimeters of tooth enamel watching your reply.

    I think he's painted himself into a corner with this. Loudly proclaiming his intent to protect himself via legal action, he has a lawyer email a sloppy 'letter of warning' that is little more than a roll of the dice. Now he watches as the recipients mock and roast him ruthlessly in response. What does he do? Drop it and pretend it didn't happen? Make more bombastic threats? Try actual legal action? There doesn't appear to be a scenario where he doesn't find himself in a deeper hole with only a shovel in his hands.

  • digderidoo

    I recall when he first came on the scene.

    He and others placed ex and fading JWs into a Facebook group (at a time when Facebook allowed you to do that) as a way of building up his base (obviously now client base). At that time, Facebook settings allowed all the friends of those placed into the group to see that they belonged to his exjw group (can't recall what it was called). It resulted in many faders being 'outed' and some disfellowshipped.

    He never took ownership of the consequences of what he did back then, continually deflected and became extremely defensive of anyone who dared to criticism him. I recall his squirming and conditional apologies on here.

    This was before his Youtube channel. He has continued with the same modus operandi ever since. The guy can never take responsibility and always attacks others. This latest one is no surprise.

  • Dagney

    Pardon my skeptical mind, I’m in finance and I question everything. But this whole thing seems very orchestrated by LE. He knows how to write and communicate very well. It doesn’t seem representative of any of what he produces.

    These letters to me seem like a way to stir up the ExJW community, (which they have effectively), as they are not legit legal demands.

    That being said, “There is no bad publicity” seems to fit here to me. His personal life style couldn’t last forever, he is not that sort.. he needs to escalate. Yes, he’s going to lose some patreons, but his name is out there more than before,which allows him to respond. And this opens the way for his “redemption” lol, and the sympathy abounds. What a joke, but whatever.

    Kim Silvio’s letter is fantastic. And I’m enjoying Altworldly’s videos…now he is someone to support. What a talented young man and great videos. Hope he gets some recognition from all this.

  • Simon

    Yes, I've watched a couple of AltWordly's videos plus some other people's too, they are well done and informative. We need to do better at promoting these, as I honestly didn't know about them (although I'm not a huge follower of all things JW related on Twitter and YouTube, so I'm maybe not the best benchmark).

    The focus should be on what information people need, not just feeding exJWs "outrage porn" with over-sensationalized click-bait crap which is what a certain someone seems to wallow in.

  • vienne

    According to Patreon, Evans' support has fallen by just over 20 percent in the last six months.

  • Dagney


    I have a long time friend who just left 5 years ago or so. He watches and tells me about videos of some folks who are not activists, but lived similar JW lives, but at some point the train derailed for them, and they share. These have helped him I think, not feel so alone. I don’t watch really as I figured my life out years ago, I did the work without the internet so I don’t need to commiserate about stuff all over again.

    But, half my family is in and I have friends with family in, and we still need to figure out how to deal with things. AND case in point just last week I received a “thinking of you” card from a former Bible student of mine I haven’t spoken to in 25 years. She is the only one still in from my students, I think she’s still in anyway…I have yet to answer. So I’m out 20 years, and still it’s a part of my life.

    So I still don't mind knowing what’s going on currently in the corporation.

  • AudeSapere

    Has the new 'VIDEOS' tab been added? I have refreshed my screen but do not see it yet.

    I think it will be a great addition to this site.


  • Simon

    No, it's something I'm working on for an update, sorry for the confusion! Just wanted to show something in progress.

    I'll hopefully have it out soon :)

  • cleanideas

    Can you imagine your partner demanding they should be allowed to have sex with anyone they want, including prostitutes, when you disagree, in a great rage they leave you and the kids, fly to Thailand and do whatever they wanted, all during the Christmas and New Years holiday? Then imagine thousands of people finding out about it, being upset your partner used their money to fund these illegal and upsetting activities, then your partner decides to send threatening legal letters to them demanding money. To top it all off you decided to stay with that person. Wouldn't you be just as guilty as your horrible partner, all so you can continue expensive trips to foreign countries? Isn't that what we are seeing happening before our eyes right now? How the hell did these two people end up like this? It's not because they are former Jehovah’s Witnesses, I've known and spoken with a large number of ExJW's and none of them have come close to the madness we are watching. I would love to read a professional psychiatrists clinical evaluation of these two.

  • Marbles

    If Dijana has not reached the point where she understands LE is more than likely NOT going to change, she will end up with someone just like him if she decides to marry again. When I grew up, my step-dad read Playboy, but other than that, I was pretty naive to the fact that men like Lloyd Evans even existed insofar as philanderers go. I wouldn't call her a co-conspirator just yet. For the time being, she seems safe at her parents house, and Lloyd should be kicked out of the nest, free to fly on his own. Eventually his subscribers will dwindle down to men who are interested in obtaining similar "freedom."

    He's nothing but a sex tourist like Daryush Valizadeh, who goes by the name "Roosh." Roosh was an internet "pick up artist" who tried to make a living out of teaching incels and other undesirable men how to pick up chicks, and how to "get laid." He self-published books on Amazon on sex tourism, his main thesis being how undesirable American Women are because they wear flip flops instead of high heels, for instance. The titles of his books were like, "Bang Argentina." Eventually Amazon banned him and his books. If LE keeps making public statements on YT about having no control of his penis and how a small minority of people will always be concerned about what he does with his penis, You Tube will ban him too- but it takes YT forever to make such a decision. Amazon, however, would step in quickly if LE starts to publish books on his fondness for sex tourism, however.

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