It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • cleanideas

    Here's another fantastic reply to Lloyd's crappy attorney with a hilarious "apology".

  • Newly Enlightened
  • Simon

    Further to the "Entrapment & Exposure" video above ...

    One thing to remember, is that some free email services, Hotmail being one of them, actually recycle email addresses (!). So the fact that someone is able to sign up with a certain address doesn't mean that account never previously existed, it can simply mean it was abandoned.

    Another thing to also be wary of is "homoglyphs" where people use accounts using characters that visually appear to be the same as others in order to give the appearance they come from an account that they haven't. Be wary of anyone you communicate with, especially on this "hot topic" if you haven't previously corresponded with them. Try to confirm with people through the channel you know them from (e.g. if a Twitter account emails you rather than messages you through Twitter). Also, never, ever, forward anyone else's information to a 3rd party.

    It's kind of sad and shocking that someone would impersonate a CSA, but hey, they support Lloyd, so they are not really top of the morality tree now are they?! The only real question is why they feel the need to do this, because IMO it demonstrates that they believe Marko is real that they are trying to identify him (in which case, why are you supporting Lloyd - isn't it's even more bizarre and immoral to do so?!). The 2nd question is whether and how closely they are associate with Lloyd himself.

    Things that make you go "hmmn?" !

  • NonCoinCollector

    So far the Novosel Law Firm has yet to reply to my email too. They can't even be bothered with acknowledging that they got the email. This law firm must be the most incompetent lawyers in Croatia.

    I wonder if they have even bothered to call Marc Latham back.

  • Diogenesister
    Digderidoo He never took ownership of the consequences of what he did back then, continually deflected and became extremely defensive of anyone who dared to criticism him. I recall his squirming and conditional apologies on here.

    That's because his objective was never to become an exjw activist....or rather to help others find their way out, or more realistically find a soft landing spot when they do come out.

    That just sort of fell in his lap.

    His objective was merely you tube fame as demonstrated by his first channel, which didn't take off, living in Croatia.

    I genuinely think this whole "career" thing is an accident because unqualified and based in a country where he didn't speak the language, he had to make a living somehow online.

    It explains why he so determinedly pushed others out in order to "corner the market". Yes, there's some psychological issues there - but I really think it mostly boils down to greed, for both of them actually.

    Clean ideas to top it all off you decided to stay with that person. Wouldn't you be just as guilty as your horrible partner, all so you can continue expensive trips to foreign countries?

    At least Dijana has the excuse of needing her kids provided for. It's hard to unpack whether she likes the lifestyle or needs the provider, or a bit of both.

    Dagney These letters to me seem like a way to stir up the ExJW community, (which they have effectively), as they are not legit legal demands.
    That being said, “There is no bad publicity” seems to fit here to me. His personal life style couldn’t last forever, he is not that sort.. he needs to escalate

    Oh hell yeah I've thought of that one. I worry I'm feeding right into that ravenous ego every time I post😂

    The "redemption arc" sort of thing. Another book....a day time talk show.....a film....I can see it all in his mind's eye..😂"Maybe Ralph Fienes can play mature me"

  • Diogenesister

    Kim just to say re: entrapment video, some settings DO NOT have English British setting, only English USA.

    Also some are automatically set to USA English & people don't bother changing it to British English since the differences are so minor. I think the young especially don't often bother so it doesn't mean a person with an email set to USA English is definitely in the US.

    Edit: leaving it to USA English when you're not in the uSA could also indicate someone not planning to use the email long term.

    Also: I don't think it's Lloyd since he knows who Marko is if I'm not mistaken, since I remember you saying Lloyd "flipped the bird" at Marko? I think it's a crazy"fan" trying to ingratiate himself.

  • Marbles

    I feel sorry for people who are only allowed to read the Bible for an edumacation. How are they ever supposed to learn a trade or a career? JW Governing Body has the mindset of the rulers and priests during medieval times. The rulers and priests were the only people who could read (and books were few and far between before the development of the printing press). The peasants were unable to read and were at the mercy of information provided by the priests. The peasants were a very superstitious people, believing black cats were witch's familiars, and bad luck, etc. This was the beauty of public education, revived by Queen Elizabeth I (Protestant- her cousin, Mary Queen of Scots, was Catholic) after it was abolished for a short time (previously only available to boys and men).

    This whole thing about an "insult" being a "crime" in Coratia must date back to medieval times when it was a crime to insult someone who did not have much of an education. And I agree, it's a cruel thing to do.

    I don't feel sorry for Lloyd Evans because I just don't like men like him. But I think he can pursue an education, and a career, now that he has left the Dubbs.

  • silentlamb_silent_no_more

    Kim and Mikey

    In regards to the 'Becca' emails.

    Can you find out where the ISP address came from? Whoever this is, is an asshole!

  • silentlamb_silent_no_more

    As a CSA survivor, this really angers me.

    Whoever this was, posing as a CSA survivor - HOW DARE YOU!

    You have no idea what we go through on a daily basis and getting our cases through courts, suing for damages from WT for example - it's emotionally and mentally draining.

    I was near to a nervous breakdown in 2017 shortly after releasing my story to the mirror

    and the amount of assholes in the comments section on facebook talking about how I looked in the photographs now, rather than what I went through, just pushed me further down into mental oblivion.

    I have a verified diagnosis of latent onset of PTSD, due to what I went through in Watchtower, the abuse etc.

    So anyone who poses as a CSA survivor - HOW DARE YOU!

  • TonusOH

    Yes, the WTS encourage the membership to eschew higher education and lucrative jobs where they may have to spend extra hours working. The time that is saved is available for study and preaching work. So they promote lower-wage jobs and then they wonder why financial support is down. Not the best thought-out plan.

    As for the crime of insult, it appears to be their version of defamation. There appear to be a few countries that treat defamation as both a civil and criminal matter. I guess it would work out well for a person who has a talent for exasperating the people around him... they can't tell him how they really feel, for fear he might call the cops.

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