It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • JeffT


    Lloyd, as you were writing the message in Toblerone 5's post did you even think about the fact that the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society probably has a better claim against you for doing to them all the things you claim to have been done to you? I can't in good conscience root for the WTBS, but damn it would be get the popcorn time to watch them pay off CSA lawsuits with your money.

    It is a sad commentary on your life that you've brought some one like me (I've been out of the Watchtower since 1988 - I think that may be longer than you've been alive) to a point where I can say that.

  • Toblerone5

    he put that on is patreon account about atworldly...

  • GrreatTeacher

    Short summary:

    Don't mention any of that stuff that I already admitted because that's defamation.

    Turn back now! "Avoid a course" that could lead to your doom.

    (Still with the Watchtower speak)

  • GrreatTeacher

    JeffT, yes exactly, with the exception that Watchtower hasn't been stupid enough to admit their own illegal activities.


    Dear Mr. Evans,

    I am guilty by association. I have read that over 13 people have been sued by your Law Firm for defamation. Your case is as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar!

    Before you send any more letters, I have instructed my kids that they hand over their penny collection. I don't think it amounts to $3000, but that's the best I can do. By breaking the glass and counting the pennies, it will be an acknowledgment that I will be dismissed from your lawsuit.

    I didn't think it would ever come down to this, but what a big relief it is. Now, I can sleep at night!


  • cleanideas

    I'm thinking about going on Lloyd's YouTube channel and randomly posting replies to people who praise him on older videos saying "Hey do you know all the terrible things Lloyd has been doing?" And then giving the link to the start of this thread.

    Maybe it might help find current patrons who haven't been following this horror show of his? They would get a notification they got a reply and Lloyd is mostly only watching the newest comments on his newest videos to censor people. It might help spread the word while avoiding his censorship.

  • Marbles

    His update on the "bullying campaign" proves that he is truly clueless. He has no idea what his duty of care is to his family, none whatsoever. His "addiction to prostitutes and porn" have him in a complete state of oblivion to the concerns of others. His family will suffer the burdens of taking care of daily life while he continues to preach about it being no one's business. Honestly, I have seen Christopher Hitchens take a few steps down this path defending porn, but I think LE will search hard to find any published victory by Hitchens on this topic, and I am sure Lloyd is looking hard for it. Sorry Llloyd, Hitchens didn't get that far, to my knowledge. I know he is your idol and all, and you want to be like him, but I have never seen a thesis on porn published by Hitchens that you can adopt as a defense.

    People who go public on YT, or any media, are pretty brave. But public scandals usually result in the person stepping out of the public life, sometimes for quite awhile. Where is Charlie Sheen, for example? I haven't seen him around much.

  • Ron.W.

    Down to 642 Patrons today.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    will this reach 1000 replies ?

  • Diogenesister

    I can't understand that Lloyd Evans doesn't see that weaponising his considerable viewer base against Kim Silvio and Alt Worldly (he's been doing it against Kim and Mike for years) is BULLYING.

    Also, I didn't pick this up prior but Kim's right those letters are not from lawyers as they're not signed. More likely a PR person (not a firm, he probably couldn't afford it).

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