It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Wife is on twitter and was mentioning that they've been pretty supportive of Lloyd throughout this, she saw where Dave said something about people being critical of Lloyd and that he didn't want an xJW "civil war."

    The Graceys can fuck right off and you can send them this link. Dave is more nuanced about it and will always refer to some mythical disagreement with Lloyd to “prove” that he’s not some blind follower. He’ll be intentionally evasive when asked what the dispute was over, though this is Rule 1 when spotting a Cedarite.

    His wife, however not only drinks and gurgles the Kool-Aid herself but seeks out new victims like the facehugger on Alien.

    She was on this forum when the AAWA shit was happening and Lloyd was getting grief from it, making cryptic comments like “JWN you should be ashamed of yourself!”.

    When Lloyd was in freefall in February they made a huge deal on social media how they were now both top tier Patrons of his instead of the one account they were donating from.

    Lloyd is always the common denominator for them. They’ve been bleaching and waxing his anus for years, not only dismissing critics of Lloyd but especially in his wife’s case, slandering those who don’t shut up about him as all having JW mindsets.

    Fuck you, Miju Gracey. Fuck you for propping up a man whom YOU KNEW was so toxic and always starting fights. ExJW civil war? So you seek to stop it by saddling up with the tyrant? And a huge middle finger from me to you for saying we were acting like JWs when all this time it was YOU and your husband who were not only covering up the behaviour of an abusive man, but forcing him onto other ex JWs and propping him up in the interviews you gave.

    And the minute his grift was exposed, his wife publicly humiliated and scores of his supporters whom you counted as close friends were disgusted, shocked, & betrayed, you immediately turned on them and labelled them as JWs who never left the cult.

    That’s so fucking rich coming from the Graceys. You’ve lost all credibility and I hope there comes a time when you really need Lloyd’s support for something and all you’ll find is a supportive tweet and a WhatsApp response that says how he’d love to help more but he’s so busy.

    Enablers. Accomplices. Complicit Fools.

  • DerekMoors

    Wife is next to me on the couch while I'm on my laptop and she read all that over my shoulder. Her exact words were "Oh hey, okay. Explains things. Now I don't feel bad wondering what the hell was up with him."

    Honestly, I don't get how anyone even remotely associated with CSA can overlook a man who makes use of women who were, in all likelihood, victims of the same shit. Hypocrites.

  • Vintage

    Derek, Kim, Tonus,...I agree. On the premise of "keeping the peace", people will muzzle the one speaking truth. They will even lable the person who speaks truth as being the trouble-maker. This happens both within Watchtower and outside of Watchtower. Truth is what matters. A "movement" only has value if it is based on truth and integrity.

  • Diogenesister
    Jan said in a later tweet: "So basically, WT have been given four weeks to end shunning. Or it's gone as registrered religion in Norway."
    I would think this is huge. It's Norway, not a dictatorship where you expect this kind of thing or tiny country no one can find on a map.

    This actually blows me away. We've had some absolutely huge Watchtower stories lately! Some that will probably lead to either the major change to the religion we've all been wanting - shunning - which by default may stop many other harms such as the blood ban and CSA. Or it will end in Watchtower loosing it's charity status and consequently it's tax breaks, in many major western countries. Another win.

    Yet there's crickets from Devon's. No wait... a video on Catholic's praying (who knew?).

    It's as I always said Lloyd is not smart but got two major things in his favour. He hit You Tube at the right time and was enough of a narcissist to fool people into thinking he was this heavyweight thinker with the gravitas needed to take on the Tower. So people offered him their help. It was these "helpers" that had the talent, did the hard graft or had the compassion to make it work.

    Observed without them now, his work is dull & irrelevant & he sounds like the empty headed, egocentric, pompous ass he is.

    Now what does that remind you of?

  • JeffT

    It is very hard to make "activism" your primary income, especially if the target is something as elusive as the Watchtower's prophecy and doctrine. Eventually a person's first hand knowledge of what goes on inside the cult is past it's pull date, buried under all the "new light" that appeared after you left.

    This is exactly what happened to me. I left in 1989, by the mid-to-late nineties my first hand experience was no longer meaningful. These days I come here to see what's going on because it interests me. I'm a consumer, not a provider.

    Lloyd's personal problems probably accelerated this process. He does hot have personal experience with anything now coming out of the Watchtower. He can offer his comments on it, but his information isn't any better than that of about a million other people.

  • ozziepost
    A "movement" only has value if it is based on truth and integrity.

    Good grief, are you serious?

    C’mon people, just because you exited a cult, doesn’t make you, or l, or us a “movement”. A movement describes a “whole” but that hasn’t been shown in any kind of evidence.

    Many of us posting here over many years have posted our disavowal of all things Watchtower but have walked different paths.

    A “movement” ? I’m not so sure.

    I’m more sure of an affection for JWN. - luvs ya peeps !


    Ozzie 🍷

  • Vintage

    I had to search back to see what I'd been commenting on, ozziepost.

    DerekMoors had commented,

    "That's exactly one of his hypocrisies, back when he was calling protestors and anyone who disagreed with him "regressive activists" and said that they were "setting the movement backward."
    I can't think of anyone I've come across in the past few years who has done more damage to any xJW "movement" than him."
  • NonCoinCollector

    This didn't age well. Lloyd Evans can no longer say more people support him than have left. The Patreon number is what about 52% have gone now. I'm still waiting for the part where he explains that everything we have been saying is a lie. Come on Lloyd, break it down for us. I would love for you to entertain me one last time.

  • TonusOH

    He's correct, though. More patrons still support him than were lost to a "defamation campaign."

    On the other hand, more than half of his patrons have left because he's an unapologetic adulterer and unrepentant prostitution supporter who only knows how to lash out at anyone who doesn't kiss his feet.

    He's also correct that numbers do not attest to whether or not his detractors are right or not.

    On the other hand, numbers attest to the disgust that many of his patrons felt when they learned about his behavior, because they cannot respect someone who doesn't realize how bad of a husband and father he has been.

    It's the Lloyd experience in a nutshell. What he says is true, but also irrelevant and missing the point. And he seems to think that it's okay, because he got to make a snarky comeback to someone on social media. To say that his priorities are not in order is an understatement.

  • Bangalore

    He is upset that Twitter will charge for Blue Checks.

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