It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Marbles

    "JLE is down to 660 patrons."

    Oooooo, too bad you didn't get a screen shot when it was 666!

  • slimboyfat

    I notice that his panel show JW Watch featured no panelists whatsoever. I didn’t watch the show but I skipped through it in 1 minute and heard his announcement at the end that the panel show had no panel “for obvious reasons” and that wasn’t likely to change any time soon. The “obvious reasons” he is referring to must be the fact that nobody would agree to appear with the lying xxxxxxxx on camera. This is significant because I assume he probably tried pretty hard to persuade someone, anyone to join him for the show and he came up empty. Plus he’s realised that situation isn’t likely going to change any time soon. He could resort to scraping the barrel and invite a few of his Twitter followers to join him, but at this point his supporters are not exactly the brightest of the crop, so that might turn out to be more embarrassing than simply doing the panel show alone, I suppose.

    He did manage to secure an interview with a JW opposer (never a JW himself) from Ukraine. Perhaps Lloyd took advantage of someone who has not heard about his behaviour, or perhaps in the circumstances the person thought that getting the story out about what’s happening in Ukraine was important and had to reach a large audience, despite the dubiety of the channel.

    But his audience is shrinking, and meanwhile his patrons continue to drop. For those that haven’t resigned as patrons yet, let’s not be too hard on them, maybe they have extenuating circumstances. Maybe some are severely ill at the moment and aren’t currently able to turn off their subscription. Not to imply that a person would have to be literally brain dead to remain a patron, but honestly it’s one possible excuse. Or maybe others have gone on a long holiday to an island with unreliable Internet connection. I am sure there must be various explanation why not every patron has abandoned the ship just yet, but I am not imaginative to come up with compelling explanations why anyone would continue to send their money.

    Down to 654 patrons now, that’s a big single day drop.

  • Diogenesister
    Slim For those that haven’t resigned as patrons yet, let’s not be too hard on them, maybe they have extenuating circumstances.

    Honestly in this case I think Lloyd is right - some of them just like mess😂they want to see what antics he's up to.

  • Simon

    I'm still amazed how he seems to consider any comments about him that aren't full-on suck-up adulation as effectively being "bullying", "harassment" and, of course his favourite word-of-the-week right now, "libellous"!

    You can see from his ultra-sanitized YouTube comments, the one's he's left, that his threshold appears to be set to "maximum sensitivity". He even talks about "having to remove hateful comments" but the examples I've seen him point to really are are the mildest things ever.

    He was always like this, but seems to have amped it up to a new lever and completely lost the plot to be demonstrating it to everyone so blatantly. Maybe he's desperate, maybe he's got bills to pay and if the income dries up things come due? One can only hope it impacts him hard given what he's trying to put other people through with his nonsense legal shenanigans.

    "you don't love me, therefore you hate me! Waaaaa"

  • Simon

    Apparently he's becoming famous beyond the circle of the exJW community:

    Sorry, dd I say famous? I meant infamous.

    Good luck putting this toothpaste back in the bottle. Good luck suing the entire internet.

  • davesalad

    “Good luck suing the entire internet”


  • cleanideas

    The legal threats demanding money are still flying out. Here's another one. Lloyd, in my opinion you are pure human garbage. Your filthy lifestyle choices would easily make the average reasonable person feel disgust. You did all of this to yourself and that you blame others while you admittedly slept with countless PROSTITUTES over YEARS while leaving your wife and kids at home as you travel around the world shows everybody how horrific of a person you actually are. You deserve to be such a terrible person; it's a fine punishment that I believe you will never know or understand what love and empathy actually are. You will live a cold and empty life.

  • TonusOH

    Trying to keep the comment section on his videos clear of anything but adulation will become a full-time job pretty quickly. Especially given the frequency with which he posts new content. If he doesn't develop a thick skin or turn off comments, the next few months could be very entertaining.

  • Diogenesister
    of course his favourite word-of-the-week right now, "libellous"!

    Before anyone else does I'm going to baggsy some merch with "I want to say LIBELLOUS!" on it. Might ask Vince Deporter if he wants revenge by doing one of his amazing cartoons of Lloyd on it😂🤣

  • cleanideas

    Here's a fantastic response from Mike & Kim about Lloyd's $8,000 request:

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