It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Simon
    unless she knows something else and is helping to keep something a secret.

    That is another piece of the jigsaw that would certainly fit the allegation, it's one thing for a wife to chose to forgive an infidelity, that's her choice (even though it may be coerced / pressured ... at some point people are adults and have to assume to have agency over their own life) but if she helped to cover up some incident with a minor then that is a different thing entirely and would certainly damage her reputation as well if it came out and would be a reason for her to help keep it quiet. Assuming the accusation is true of course.

  • pistolpete

    Don't know if this is true, but they are saying that Bethel's morning worship, it was announced that Jehovah has given attention to Loyd and brought him down.

  • Davros
    Don't know if this is true, but they are saying that Bethel's morning worship, it was announced that Jehovah has given attention to Loyd and brought him down.

    I highly doubt that happened. Most likely a rumor started by Voldemort or his followers. I noticed a few comments on that thread in reddit that are still in support of Lord Voldemort.

  • pistolpete

    The Aftermath Develops

    Breaking: According to multiple comments and tips we have received, Mark O'Donnell, long time collaborator of Lloyd, has a statement pending sometime soon on his twitter account. You can find it here, once it is up.

  • Toblerone5

    L.M.A.O Davros! Lord voldemort... love it

  • cleanideas

    Lloyd has his Youtube channel listed as a nonprofit. Doesn't that mean he shouldn't spend the donations he gets on prostitutes??? I'm not entirely sure how nonprofits work but that sure seems like a sleezy way to spend funds on a so called nonprofit in my opinion.

  • Simon

    If he's spending money on things other than "the work", especially holidays and hookers, then it's clearly for personal profit.

    I think Mr Taxman will be very interested in his endeavours.

  • slimboyfat

    I thought the reason they “had to leave” England was because his wife gave him an ultimatum after she found him sexting that either they move to Croatia or it’s over.

    I don’t think he’s a fugitive because he has returned to England a number of times. If the elders have serious allegations against his name then it’s a pretty odd move for him to advocate for the release of a database that he himself is on. Because if he succeeded in making the database public then he would be exposing himself. Even for a liar as prolific and blatant as him, this seems pretty far fetched.

    And how would it constitute a threat or a bargaining chip that he could use against Watchtower? It reminds me of the Blazing Saddles scene where he holds a gun to his own head and says, “don't move or I’ll shoot”.

    Croatia is a small country, so the distinction between an elder called in to help from a local congregation, and a “branch representative” may not be that significant. Plus don’t we only have his word for it? It could as well be self aggrandisement. Maybe he produced a letter with this information, I don’t know. If it’s just his word for it I’d put a question mark against it.

    I’m not saying the more serious allegations are impossible, but there would need to be good evidence.

    The things that he has already admitted to are bad enough. Isn’t it a mistake to add other issues that can’t be proved, because it could play into his hands? If it’s true, I hope good evidence does come out.

  • vienne

    Watching the Evans scandal unfold is like being at an airshow and watching a jet crash. You can't take your eyes off of it, but you don't want to see it either.

    He brought this on himself. He deserves all the negative comments. But speculation really doesn't help.

    As S.B.F. notes above, Croatia is a very small country. JW statistics are:

    • 4,082,000—Population
    • 4,815—Ministers who teach the Bible
    • 57—Congregations
    • 1 to 856—Ratio of Jehovah’s Witnesses to population.

    Apparently there are few elders. So no surprise that they called in someone from the WT branch office. Until there is a firmly established alternative reason, what do we benefit from speculation?

  • JeffT

    Regarding financial malfeasance:

    There is an easy way for Evans to make this go away. If he has another source of income (I'm not aware of one, but that doesn't mean one doesn't exist) and puts the money in a separate bank account, then he can demonstrate he is not using Patron funds for his trips to Thailand. All he needs to do is open the books.

    I only know about nonprofit laws in the US, although I would think they are not that different in England or Croatia. In the US a nonprofit MUST have a board of directors that votes on such matters as salaries for officers, or firing them if needed. Nonprofits also have their own tax form to file with the IRS.

    I'm not sure what the requirements for handling donations across international borders. I may try to some research (I'm buried at the moment trying to get the next novel up on Amazon). He may have to file a US return if his patrons are listing their donations as tax deductible. The US Internal Revenue Service is VERY touchy about these things, it is an area open to abuse.

    Separate issue. If I recall correctly, part of AAWA's problems came from Evan's use of the John Cedars name when they incorporated. In the state they were in (New Mexico or Arizona) the corporate officers had to be citizens of the state, and they had to use legal names. Evans didn't live there, and obviously "John Cedars" wasn't his legal name. Am I remembering this correctly?

    Jeff Thomas

    retired accountant

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