It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    Most REAL legal letters have you send funds to the lawyer directly, Lloydy Boy's letters are asking everyone to send funds directly to his bank, just like a scam artists

  • davesalad

    Tempted to send $1.00 and a note to fuck off in the description, wouldn’t that be fun?

  • Ron.W.

    Why did he confide in Kim Silvio? What was he hoping to achieve?

    Why did he not take legal advice about going forward as a youtuber and a husband/father etc before his awkward youtube confessional?

    What is worse: not knowing about him and thinking he is a good guy, or knowing about his historic and current lifestyle choices?

    On reflection, I am glad I now have enough information admitted by him himself to make my own decision about him.

    His clingers on on his youtube channel give me the creeps - maybe even more than some of the wacko nutjob JW's I have had to deal with over the years.

  • Simon
    Lloydy Boy's letters are asking everyone to send funds directly to his bank

    That would be very odd indeed, but how do we know that is his bank and not the lawyers?

    Why did he confide in Kim Silvio? What was he hoping to achieve?

    I don't think he really confided in anyone as such, my understanding is that he got caught and someone else (I presume his wife) told Kim. His admitting it to Kim was then an attempt at controlling her to prevent her from making it public or confirm it to anyone else. That's what I pieced together from statements by those involved.

    Of course given the nature of what he claims to advocate for, and the fact that he's taking money off people supposedly for this "work", people absolutely had a right to know.

    Can you imaging a CSA survivor finding out that someone they supported was potentially contributing to the sexual abuse of "girls" (the word he repeatedly used)? Anyone who is engaging the services of prostitutes anywhere it is illegal but especially in places know for major issues with sex-tourism and human trafficking has to know they could be seen to be contributing to abuse and lack all credibility if they claim they "care deeply" about victims. It's a massive conflict of interest.

    It was absolutely right to expose this hypocritical grifter instead of allowing him to continue taking money off people and bullying other advocates out of the space.

  • JW_Researcher

    If recipients of Lloyd's letter have questions, they can email the law office at [email protected]

  • NonCoinCollector

    Wow, down another 14 from yesterday. This guy is dumber than I gave him credit.

    I am hopeful nobody is taking the extortion letters seriously. They don't even look legitimate. What lawyer puts bank account information on a notice letter? What lawyer is stupid enough to threaten criminal action when dealing with people that don't live in the country? Also, criminal charges do not originate from private attorneys either. Unless we live in Croatia, we are not subject to Croatian Law. Furthermore, JLE would have to file a lawsuit where each of us live if he wants to make good on his threats of suing us. Come on JLE, bring it! I will enjoy counter suing you.

  • NonCoinCollector

    So here is JLE's "lawyer." Sure he looks the part, other than lawyers I know are clean shaven for their publicity photos, but I have a few questions. What is companies law? What is Roman law and how is that applicable to today? What does it mean when it says "He pays a lot of attention to conciliation as a way of dealing with disputes in front of numerous state and non state institutions?" He claims to be fluent in English, yet there are numerous mistakes in his extortion letter. Finally, what professional includes his Grammar School education?

  • silentlamb_silent_no_more

    A thought occurred to me during this whole extortion letter sent out through the Email Delivery System.

    JLE is wanting €3000 from most people (seriously JLE if you are reading, it took me seconds to find the symbol!!!)

    Specifically though, from both Mike and Kim and Marc and Cora he wants €8000 - WHY?


    I can only surmise that both Marc and Cora and Mike and Kim have something really good on JLE in the way that could ruin him forever. That's why JLE wants to shut them up. I have been pondering for the past few hours on this and that is only what I can surmise. Marc went public, repeated only what JLE himself had admitted to and then handed in evidence to the police inviting JLE to get himself to a UK police station and come clean. Mike and Kim, I love you guys, but just by being on Youtube, you are a massive thorn in JLE's side and whether or not you have substantial evidence, he just wants to take you down, because you have quite a nice following of people.

    I don't want it confirmed by you guys if what I have surmised is the case with having more evidence that JLE wants silenced. These extortion letters tell me he is one scared little crybaby, watching his patrons go down quicker than a plane crash and wishing it would all go away.

    JLE if you are reading - it's not going to go away. Best just to hand yourself in because Sexual Exploitation is a CRIME! In Croatia, England and Thailand (if you procured any there) or was it just Croatia? JLE you clutch at straws hoping this will all go away, but the fact of the matter is, you admitted to criminal activity in a public broadcast - drunk I may add, and drink speaks the truth. When you sobered up, and replayed it getting your jollies off of it most likely, because you are a narc, you went - OHHHH! SHIIIIIITE and immediately took it down.

    Following video is the real world of "prostitution" - this is the reality. They are coerced, brainwashed just like JW's and it's time it stopped!

  • NonCoinCollector

    I am thinking of sending the following message to Karlo Novosel, JLE's attorney. What do you think?

    It is my understanding that you represent James Lloyd Evans. This is a man that claims he can't control his penis and blames Watchtower for it. Have you bothered to watch JLE's confession video in which everything he and apparently you are accusing people defaming him?

    So far I have not received an "Warning Letter" from you, but in no way am I going to let somebody from Croatia interfere with my First Amendment Constitutional Right to Free Speech as a citizen of The United States of America. So I will continue to quote JLE when he said that he used prostitutes every two to three months for a period of three or four years. I have seen copies of your letter and in my opinion represents extortion. Hopefully you are smart enough to realize Croatian law does not apply to people that live beyond its borders, nor do you have the power to charge people with said violations since you are not a Law Enforcement Agency. So I am very curious why you would include any threats of criminal charges under Article 147 of the Criminal Code of The Republic of Croatia. I also find it laughable how many grammar errors are in your letter along with including bank account information. Also, if you really are JLE's lawyer, why didn't you use his full name? Lloyd isn't even his first name!

    Best Wishes,
  • markweatherill

    I'm sure I stayed at a Novotel once. But I didn't hire any prostitutes.

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