It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • JoenB75

    So I guess this is further evidence that atheists have moral standards in them too lol. Of course they have, we all form a sense of what is right and wrong to some extent. He is a smart communicator but I quickly gave up watching him because his info and critic of JWs were always intermingled with atheist evangelism. But people give him money for doing videos and now he feels judged for using them to fill the void in him. I understand his perspective. Also it must be remembered that while prostitution is illegal in Thailand, it is a booming industry if not for covid and the police will never arrest a tourist for buying. So once he is there, it is a dirt cheap safe space.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    Well, what a shame. I watched his videos and it was fun while it lasted. But, yeah... he's done here. You can't criticize an organization for its immorality and in the same breath, cheat on your wife with prostitutes using funds given to you by your supporters. Its just ridiculously immoral.

    And than, he makes this video where he obviously doesn't understand how low he's actually sunk and how out of whack his moral compass is. I guess his emotions are overcoming his reasoning even now. I mean, he's intelligent and can't see that its already over. All he can do with a video like this is make it worst.

    What a shame. A dam shame.

  • WingCommander

    I've been on this forum 20 years. I've seen Lloyd's rise to prominence. I've seen this slimy grease-ball stir up shit on every forum he's been on, be kicked off and banned from every forum he's been on, and now this. I've been saying for years that he's a total narcissist and loves the sound of his own voice. YEARS. I remember Kim & Mikey saying that he called Kim a "Cunt" at one point. So much for his polished Brit superiority complex and manners, aye?

    Over on the Reddit exjw sub, every time I said that I was downvoted into oblivion and sometimes threatened by the mods who were up his ass tight.

    Nothing coming out about the "Great Neck-Bearded One" surprises me in the least. Using donated funds to take trips to Thailand to fuck hookers, she-males, and Lady-Boyz behind the wife's back, then blaming it on being raised a JW? Doesn't surprise me.

    Oh, how the mighty have fallen. I hope his wife and in-laws kick this perverted worm to the curb.

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    Thailand has the dubious distinction of being the world capitol of child sex tourism and child prostitution. These kids are kept in utter slavery through drugs and intimidation. It is a living hell for the most innocent among us - children. If this is his thing, then ANYONE ever watching his videos will be contributing to his VACATIONS and CRIMES against humanity.

    This is the larger story here.

    Someone alluded to this as a question during the live-stream video. They asked something like, "Don't they have prostitutes in Croatia"? He dismissed this question.

    In other words, why spend a fortune going to Thailand unless you are looking for a specific type of prostitute.

    It makes me wonder what Lloyd Evans was originally disfellowshipped for when he was an elder?

  • pale.emperor

    We're running away with ourselves now...

    In other words, why spend a fortune going to Thailand unless you are looking for a specific type of prostitute.

    Well, yeah, Thai prozzies obviously.

    All we know is he likes going with prostitutes and he blames this on his upbringing (which I think is a stretch). Let's not revert to JW mode and start making stuff up from there.

  • Jehalapeno

    What a disastrous PR move.

    Never admit to allegations of a personal nature unless and until someone posts proof of said allegations. When responding to said allegations, always prepare a statement so you don't come off as blaming everyone else except yourself for the situation.

  • WingCommander

    I had heard that he was DF'd because he was caught sexting with a 14-yr old girl. I've been told that he mentions the reasons in his book, but I've never even HELD his book, much less paid to read it. Speaking of books, remember when no one could get Ray Franz's book, and he started publishing them and autographing them or something?? I remember it caused a big stir and he had to stop and apologize then. Same shitty behaviour. He's learned nothing, except how to con a greater number of people out of their money.

  • StephaneLaliberte
    Unlike the organisation he doesn't pretend to be a beacon of all that's holy so he doesn't need to live up to that standard. I don't care a jot about what he does in his personal life - we are all making our way and learning as we go...

    That argument works for small things such as being a heavy smoker, an alcoholic that curses and makes jokes in bad tastes, or even a porn addict! People tend to overcome those things with the rational you provided. But then, cheating your wife with prostitutes and going to Thailand which is known for child prostitution? Don't expect to sound credible in doing videos denouncing the watchtower for its immorality.

  • StephaneLaliberte
    I would think that [...] we could all agree that the worst thing that could happen here is if he killed himself.

    While I certainly don't wish this outcome for him, from my perspective, I no longer care about him. He was a guy from Croatia that delivered good content online. And now, he has basically blown his legacy to pieces. So, yeah... I can leave the love and the caring to people close to him, like friends and family. 8 billion humans on earth, each with their own struggles in life. Why would I care about him more than anyone else? It was fun while it lasted. So long Lloyd! Enjoy your new life, where ever and what ever it is, I don't care.

  • BluesBrother

    As Ex JW’s we are a totally disparate bunch of people and I have never seen anyone claim that we adhere to a strict code of morals as the JWs do. We only expect statements to truthful and accurate.

    HOWEVER, there are limits and I have no reason to disbelieve these allegations. I have never paid him any money , only watched some videos. I agree with others that the man is done with, after this.

    I only hope that those who supplied him with information can find another channel to get their info out.

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