It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Ray Franz he ain't!

  • Simon

    To save anyone watching the train-wreck of a video, here's my paraphrased interpretation:

    He's confirmed the content of the announcement and that it did come from who was claimed.

    After wallowing in any and all publicity he can attract, he's suddenly all about being private and doesn't really want to be on YouTube (making a huge deal about his privacy).

    He's very focused on how much he thinks he is really the "victim" (all because if his JW upbringing, like he has no agency in his life choices).

    Tries to diminish what he's done by comparing it to worse actions - "I haven't raped* or murdered anyone"

    Sounds like something I've suspected for some time - he was on his way to being kicked out of the WTS for his sexual behavior (use of porn and chat sites), and maybe decided to leave himself first so he could portray it as a more noble reason.

    Someone accused him of grooming a 14 year old and bizarrely, instead of giving a clear "that is completely untrue" he launches into a diatribe about how the exJW community want to tear people down and not support him enough.

    Said he "hoped my wife would be enough" (what a horrible thing to say).

    If anyone accuses him of being of poor moral character, he insinuates that they believe they are some kind of a "saint" (and probably lying), as though everyone is really like him.

    JW Watch team members have quit over this.

    He went to Thailand, recently, for a 3-week vacation including to hook-up (he was slighty vague on the exact timing, and going to Houston, but that's how it sounded to me). I can't be the only one that thinks people going to Thailand for sex looks bad.

    His wife discovered his infidelity, by finding some pictures. I feel so sorry for her. If you don't love and respect your wife then allow her to live her own life with someone who will, you selfish piece of shit.

    My feeling: it was a performance piece. He was obsessed with the camera being on so he could play to it, give "airquotes" and so on.

    He thinks all exJWs are fucked up sexually. No Lloyd, we're not. Some of us don't use it as an excuse for poor moral behavior.

    Was visiting sex workers every 2-3 months for upward of 4 years, doesn't believe that equates to it being on a "regular basis for many years". A bit of a Clinton technique trying to over-emphasize specific words to portray something as untrue.

    Resorting to trying to dismiss his being "unfaithful" as being relative less bad than the WTS encouraging mass shunning.

    Thinks he has nothing to answer for if he spends the money he raises for "activism" on prostitutes (!) It's "his money" to use as he wants. Doesn't see any hypocrisy or narcissistic behavior.

    Thinks people are just out to destroy him, that he's been thrown under the bus - that other people are doing this to his family, not him. Still denying his own responsibility for his own actions.

    Trying to appeal now to how this all impacts his wife, young children and in-laws. As though it's other people's actions that hurt them, not his own.

    Again claims that he doesn't have to account for money he raises for his activism, and can spend it on whatever he wants. Q: has he ever criticized the WTS for spending money raised for one thing on something else?

    Again, becomes exasperated when asked if prostitution is legal in Croatia, but doesn't answer (it isn't, and Croatia is a hotspot for human trafficking).

    Blaming it all on the "messenger" (Kim), who made this public, rather than his own behavior and life-choices.

    Again, attempting to portray his innocence by comparison with "greater sins" of the WTS - covering up child abuse, separating families, denying blood.

    Claims everyone's life is a lie, because their online persona is different to their real life. Like posting a picture with your hair brushed is as "fake" as regularly visiting prostitutes, LOL

    Final comparison that it's not up there with fiddling kids or clubbing baby seals.

    * if someone has been coerced or forced into prostitution, you have effectively raped them.

  • a watcher
    a watcher

    Prostitution is an ABNORMAL way of life. That's why so many of them are substance abusers of some kind. It's the only way they can tolerate the lifestyle.

  • btlc

    And now that moral bottom gives a perfect example what mess could man become when he "leaves the organization" (sic!). Good work for WTBTS, Lloyd, really.

  • Simon

    Personally, if he was actually concerned about the effect this has on his wife and children, he should have:

    Admitted his behavior, apologized for his behavior, and then just fucked off.

    All he's done is further sacrifice his wife and children for his own ego, a chance to try and excuse himself and to keep his money-making scheme going. Heck, at one point I think he even reads out the names and ages of his kids - WTF is wrong with him?!?

    Remember: if you want privacy, you don't find it down the lens of a camera on a livestream, so forgive me for not believing that's your motivation when you're going past the 90-minute mark.

    If he genuinely believes that there is nothing at all wrong with his behavior, then why is he so upset that it's been made public?

    The reality is that it's not normal, and it's not what any man who respects women in general, and especially their wife, does. How dare he try to make out that "we're all like that", because we're not.

    We all have free-choice in our lives, and if we make choices that show poor moral judgement and complete lack of basic care and consideration for our partner and family, then that's on us.

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    Looks like this is some sort of damage control to protect what will be left of his patronage.

  • Simon
    Looks like this is some sort of damage control to protect what will be left of his patronage.

    Incredibly, people are still throwing money at him. Unbelievable really.

    It really is a cult of personality, and the best suckers are those who've already been suckered before.

  • Davros
    Incredibly, people are still throwing money at him. Unbelievable really.

    If you escape the wolves in one cult, always beware of the wolves of another that's ready to fleece and devour.

  • Justaguy

    I love the fact that he is doing a live stream to make more whore money 😂😂😂😂

  • Simon
    I love the fact that he is doing a live stream to make more whore money

    That's what it's all about. That's his main concern.

    Look at what he just did to his wife and kids, to try to preserve his hooker-funding scheme.

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