It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • slimboyfat
    I’m not so sure he is done. There are hundreds, if not thousands of people sending him supportive messages on YouTube and Reddit. In fact they are saying that Kim Silvio is in the wrong for disclosing the information. Quite remarkable. If Kim is reading this then I hope she knows that at least some of us think she has done the right thing. Lloyd’s whole pitch was as a family man who had managed to escape Watchtower with his marriage intact. He described his family life frequently and in detail, including his wife and kids in his videos. Betraying his wife and putting her through hell and using sex workers is not a personal quirk. It is disgusting behaviour that those financing his lifestyle have a right to know. As former JWs, many of us don’t hold exactly the same moral regulations that JWs do, but neither have we completely lost our minds and all sense of right and wrong.
  • StephaneLaliberte
    There are hundreds, if not thousands of people sending him supportive messages on YouTube and Reddit.

    One of the things that added credibility to Lloyd was collaboration with other very intelligent and capable people. I doubt these people will want to continue such collaboration after this. This will certainly have a significant impact on the quality of his content. The people still giving him support are likely in denial. Perhaps he will gain new subscribers who stumble across his own content without knowing the story. But I doubt it will be anything as close to the heights he reached in the last years.

    Kim Silvio, Legal advisor for JW Watch did a statement, it has been taken down by Reddit.
    Some weeks back Lloyd openly and without warning notified me of his infidelity and engagement with prostitutes on a very regular basis over many years, amongst other matters that don’t need to be specifically mentioned.
    This was shortly before he notified the community that he would be taking a two month break from activism “to re-evaluate my life for the sake of my mental health”.
    I have given great consideration as to whether I should disclose this information to the community and I have considered a few factors; Would I want to know if I were a patron? Yes. Would I want to know if I were a subscriber? Yes. Would I want to know if I were recommending Lloyd for media opportunities? Yes. Would I want to know if I were considering entering into a joint activism project with him? Yes.

    Let me get this straight! Lloyd tells Kim that he went to Thailand on a regular basis and engaged with prostitutes. He notifies the community that he's taking a two month break from activism ''“to re-evaluate my life for the sake of my mental health.” She gives great consideration if she should disclose the information to the community on what a slime ball he is and warn the community that he using their donations to pay for prostitutes.

    My questions are: Did Kim confront Lloyd before he made the announcement or after? Did Kim tell Lloyd that I will post the truth on social media if you refuse to shut the community down? Why didn't Kim make the announcement after Lloyd decided to return making videos?

    I feel sorry for his wife after finding photos of him and who knows what the photos revealed? Lloyd has no respect his wife, and uses the community for financial gain. I have more concern for his wife and children. If his community still contribute and follow Lloyd after this debacle deserve every bit of blame as Lloyd.

    Jim Baker had sex with a church secretary and Jimmy Swaggart has sex with prostitutes. They came back in smaller versions of themselves, because of dumb and gullible church members. Hopefully, Lloyd looses his wife and his followers!

  • pistolpete

    I’m not so sure he is done.

    Loyd Evans is as done as the Watchtower was done when they were caught with thousands Child sexual abuse cover-ups-- Dealings with the UN, 607 the wrong date, the Overlapping generation---NO PROBLEM---there is always people that will continue to follow NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO.

    From reading some of the older posts, didn’t Loyd get his fame –NOT—as Loyd Evans but as JOHN CEDARS??

    Loyd will probable morph into Ralph Walnut and gain another group of followers.

    No surprise there. Humanity is Humanity. I just talked to a group of people last night that told me they “KNOW’ for a fact that Justin Trudeau and Biden are the best leaders ever.

    The real causality here is not Loyd or those that follow him—but his wife and children.

  • Simon
    Oh and the last time I was here Man City were the noisy neighbours

    Yeah, underdogs no more. Money brings success - who knew!

    But somehow they'll always be City, capable of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory ...

  • Simon
    It would be like all of us asking Simon for an audit of how he spends the money he makes from this site due to ad revenue.

    Except no, it wouldn't. Because I'm not asking YOU for money, someone else pays to have ads that you see. Very, very different, and very clear exactly who gets what, for how much.

    People have in the past donated, which I appreciated, and I can guarantee that 100% of the money went to paying for the hosting resources that the site consumed, and $0 was spent on trips abroad to screw prostitutes.

    I am not paid to do what I do, and have never expected to be. I don't think it's right to have other people pay anyone a salary for protesting something or providing support when it isn't in any professional capacity.

  • Simon
    He’s blaming the JW organisation for making him fucked up sexually….Sorry Lloyd, I think you would be a sexual deviant anyway, regardless of the WT

    I've often thought that some people in the WTS were prevented by the rules from being their true selves, and the WTS-made version was a much better version of them than the shit they really are.

    ExJWs seem to have the reverse of the blinkers on that JWs have - imagining that anyone who leaves the WTS is now "good, and one of us". No, some people are scumbags, and if the WTS kicked them out or was about to, it's because they couldn't help being who they really were.

    The WTS didn't make them who they were, the WTS contained them for a while.

    Leaving the WTS or winning the lottery don't really change who someone is deep down, it just reveals their true personality, allowing them to live their real lives without constraint or the limitations previously imposed.

    Some people are the same good decent people, with a decent moral compass, who care for their wife and family. Some people ... well, they have nearly always already revealed their true selves even as a JW in how they behaved and how they treated people, which is true in this case if you look at his history objectively.

  • Simon
    I had heard that he was DF'd because he was caught sexting with a 14-yr old girl

    This was one of the most bizarre parts in the video. Someone made a comment about him grooming a 14 year old and instead of denying it, he starts ranting about how the exJWs tear people down and don't support him enough.

    How difficult is it to categorically deny something? And what are people meant to think if you don't?

    This was a textbook case of how NOT to do damage control, it was just terrible and he made himself look worse than if he'd just issued a statement and an apology. But he couldn't resist the opportunity to get publicity and an audience (and make more money from it!).

    Did Kim confront Lloyd before he made the announcement or after? Did Kim tell Lloyd that I will post the truth on social media if you refuse to shut the community down? Why didn't Kim make the announcement after Lloyd decided to return making videos?

    My understanding is that Kim gave him advice that he should step away from social media, but he refused to. She and the producer then quit, and issued the statement. People have to do this because otherwise you're seen to have been supporting it.

    I don't believe that only they knew, I suspect they were told because it was going to come out. It would be inevitable - you can't be doing those things and it not come to light eventually. But regardless, as she said, people who donate money have a right to know what that money is used for, because any decent person would object to it's use to perpetuate and enable abuse of his wife and prostitutes.

    I hope she knows she did the right thing, and doesn't get any nonsense for it from the crazy Lloyd zealots who really have just picked themselves a different, sleazier, messiah. The one thing I agree with Lloyd is that some (not all) exJWS are fucked up because heck - someone admits to doing all that and they still want to support and donate to him, what is wrong with them?!

  • Simon
    Thailand has the dubious distinction of being the world capitol of child sex tourism and child prostitution. These kids are kept in utter slavery through drugs and intimidation. It is a living hell for the most innocent among us - children. If this is his thing, then ANYONE ever watching his videos will be contributing to his VACATIONS and CRIMES against humanity.

    Yeah, who know - maybe the real full story has still to come out, but regardless of the ages of those concerned, I think there is a good chance that people who visit prostitutes are actually guilty of rape. If they are doing it because of desperation, coercion or human trafficking, then you're effectively a rapist. I don't care for anyone's views trying to defend it, it's an abominable existence for millions of girls and women.

    Real men put effort into their marriage and can please their wives - they don't need to pay someone to suffer their fat face in front of them.

    I feel so sorry for all the females who have suffered because of him.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    I wonder how this will affect the 'Truth About The Truth' documentary? A lot of money was already poured into it. Lloyd appears to be in some scenes, but not sure if he's integral, like a host, or just one of many, and if they'll work out that footage or just leave it intact? I'm sure the information and interviews in it have good info, but he would undermine it and give people an excuse to dismiss otherwise legitimate information.

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