It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Simon

    The one last piece that I don't think anyone has touched on yet, is what happens with his lawsuits? Not if they go ahead, but if they don't ...

    Because he made a big public deal about having a legal team and adding people to his lawsuit, for all the "lies" said about him.

    So if there is no lawsuit, are there no lies? I wonder if he's even thought of that, when he was busy mouthing off and putting out his public "statements" on social media?

    Because if you say "that's a lie and I have a legal team who will prove it!" and then don't ... what are people meant to think?

    Does it become more evidence of making false statements? (about the legal team / lawsuits)

    Does it make the allegations more or less believable if they are not defended?

  • Simon
    now you don't want him to have your interview in is playlist anymore, and ASKING HIM TO TAKE IT DOWN IS NOT AN OPTION, could you Report it to youtube ... Is that possible?

    I don't think the person interviewed has any legal rights to the video unless they agreed something before-hand, that it would only be used for a limited time or that they had control to be able to pull it.

    This needs to be a lesson for people - don't go giving away your life story to someone else to make money off, with no control to remove it if that person turns out to be living a lifestyle that you don't want to be associated with.

    There's often not much that can be done in hindsight, other than try to have public opinion force him to remove it (but we know he doesn't really worry about his public image).

    His followers seem to fall into two categories. Those whose life-decisions are similar: fornicators, adulterers, misappropriation; or what have you. Those who think that anyone who rants about Witness culture is on their side and that any moral fault should be overlooked as long as he says what they want to hear.

    I've seen this a lot in exJWism over the years. There are a lot of people who are kicked out of the WTS for damn good reason, and then like a jilted lover they try to tear the WTS down as though doing so would validate their own poor behavior. Of course it doesn't, but they end up being cheerleaders of every radical "activist" who is willing to shout or throw mud in the WTS direction.

    The best lesson / reminder in all of this: just because someone else also left the WTS doesn't mean they are a nice person or that you need to have them be your friend. You just had some vaguely common shared past, that's all.

    Imagine you left a company because you didn't like how they treated you, would you want to pal around with some nut who was fired for stealing from the same place, that wanted to vandalize their premises? You really don't have anything in common at all, don't let them fool you into believing you do and that you have some duty to support them or that doing so will provide you any kind of "revenge" at all.

  • cleanideas

    Lloyd is getting close to having lost about 50 patrons in ONE DAY since his latest non-apology video!

  • Ron.W.

    I can't quite work out who is more pathetic after watching his ridiculous comeback video - Lloyd, or the adoring throngs of sycophants that seem to be wedged firmly onto his ample a$$ like super-tight brainless barnacles

  • slimboyfat

    It’s encouraging to see his patrons are still dropping like flies. You can see neat graphs of the decline here. Most people are not buying the latest polished offering any more than they were impressed with the car crash livestream.

    He could do a video on the downward statistics—larger drops to talk about than anything in the annual report.

    He is clearly trolling people in this “slick” new video. For example he says that his former colleagues can return to him when the allegations are disproven. But none of his colleagues quit because of the allegations. Every single one of them quit because of what he himself said in his car crash livestream. He knows this perfectly well. He is clearly trolling people by completely ignoring the real issue.

    Even in his carefully crafted statement (he must have got help) he still couldn’t stop his personality slipping through on occasion. He says that “unfortunately I have been forced to block some people”. But nobody “forced” him to block anybody. Blocking and silencing people has been his modus operandi from the beginning. He simply can’t see himself as anything other than a victim. In his mind he has no choice but to behave the way he does and to block any critical comment. Other people “forced” him. It’s just a small point but illustrative of his entire engagement with other people and lack of self awareness.

    He may be able to struggle on at a much reduced level and with many people declining to work with him at all. But as it becomes clear he’s going to get a lot less money and attention than he had become accustomed to, his output will probably nosedive along with his appetite for pumping it out. Because another thing he didn’t manage to conceal in his latest statement is his deep contempt for other ExJWs who he considers the worst kind of people he interacts with. Well why bother? Because he cares? Ha! Because he wants the money. The question is will he be able to make enough money to make the pretence worth the effort.

  • Simon

    Yeah, he's trying to gaslight people and his ultra-controlling personality shines through as always (but always with the "excuse" for what he's doing as you say).

    I never knew how early he'd been pumping people for money. I think that has always been his motivation, not helping people (otherwise he wouldn't have hurt so many along the way). It will be interesting to see how long he continues if the funding tap dries up.

  • MeanMrMustard
    It will be interesting to see how long he continues if the funding tap dries up.

    Not long, that's for sure. We've all seen him. He's fond of eating.

  • Diogenesister

    I didn't watch but someone mentioned he was talking about how his most important "work" is continuing the fight on sexual abuse in the Watchtower.

    I think that's an intentionally provocative statement, if made. It's obviously sticking two fingers up at the people who have voiced their concerns over someone with his attitude advocating for survivors, including survivors themselves.

    I think people may have seen that as an insensitive insult and that's why they withdrew their support.

  • AudeSapere

    Toblerone5 wrote:

    Sorry I'm french what does PR stand for? Since it's M.Lloyd Evans. does it stand for "Prostitute Relation?"

    In the context of a recent post, PR stands for Public Relations (professional image-improvement management).


  • MeanMrMustard

    PR stands for "Penis Rash". Common occurrence after having sex with transgender gay guys from Thailand.

    So if you hear him say, "This is a PR nightmare", well now you know.

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