It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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    Has anybody been able to verify that Marko Petrović exists and is a relative? Toward the end of his message he says “Jehovah provide his blessing” which possibly complicates motivation but doesn’t necessarily invalidate the information. On the other hand he talks about “jehovah Witness elder priest” which doesn’t sound like JW language. Whatever else, making sure the named person exists would seem to be a necessary first step.

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    We have been friends with Marko since 2015.

    We might come out with a video about this

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    Can you be sure a name on Facebook is a real person? Do you know of him outside Facebook?
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    Has anybody been able to verify that Marko Petrović exists and is a relative?

    I am surmising what I know already. That Dijana's parents are still JW's. That JW's may at some point want to have their say, but remain anonymous (as I did in Panorama) about bad things happening within the org whilst not giving away my identity at the time.

    Did any of you become sceptical when you watched BBC Panorama about what I was saying? What about when the BBC did the Victoria program with the two anon ex JW's there who were talking about the shunning? Did you question their validity?

    These are the questions we must ask ourselves. Why would anyone make this up? People question me on what I know about an exJW, since deceased btw, with very official people who told me to keep my children away from this guy whilst he was living because of something he done.

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    I don’t think there was any doubt you existed. Your voice was on the programme and the interviewer was talking to you. This is a very different situation.

    This guy is probably legit but we can’t just assume that.

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    Define real. Can you be sure any of us are real here? What about people on Twitter? Are they real?

    This forum was/is a place where doubting JW's would come to in the past and now, to discuss their doubts and come to their own informed conclusions about Watchtower.

    Something to think about.

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    Of course we can't assume that. But we also cannot assume he is a phony. This needs a proper investigation by the authorities. Dijana needs to kick James Lloyd Evans out and be repatriated back to the UK. Then we deal with him. Unless that happens, as another poster verified - nothing can be done.

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    Other exJW's reported this to the authorities in the UK in 2017 who advised if the victims do not come forward and he is out the country they cannot do anything. The Croatian authorities said if the crime occurred in the UK it is up to the UK law to act so nothing came of it.

    If true, that would explain the phrase he used in the video, something along the lines of "we had to leave the UK". Was it to escape consequences? To fall through the cracks? Unlikely that any country would extradite someone simply for an investigation, especially without anyone coming forward.

    We left the UK. We never say we "had" to - we say we chose to / wanted to / decided to.

    Was the WTS involvement in allowing and / or enabling this the thing he thought he had over them? Literally, their involvement in covering up his own behavior? That would be something eh? Incredibly brazen ... but then look at how shameless and unapologetic he is now.

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    Not relevant to this discussion, maybe. But if I saw Evans on the street with his stringy, unwashed hair, fat face, and otherwise unkempt appearance, I'd think him homeless and eating the high starch foods some soup kitchens serve. And I'd wonder which of the many mental health issues common to the homeless he has.

    An observation more to the point: Posting a video from some years past that is as irrational and stupid as the more recent ones from your camera does not further your argument. Some anti-Witness video makers should put more thought into what they purvey.

    Finding every small bit of Watchtower news sensational is moronic. It is not persuasive. Sensationalism marks one as irrational. Consider the videos about the NWT court case, a case that's been thrown out of court at least twice, maybe three times, and that hasn't a "snowball's chance in hell" of moving forward. Yet, we have youtube videos that present it with glee. Why? That you made one and excitedly presented it marks you as irrelevant.

    This isn't my fight exactly. The seeds of my Master's Thesis come from my mom's notes on mid 20th Century Witness history. They include observations on disaffected members. I will include some of that in my Thesis. So I watch the anti videos. I try to put myself in the place of a disfellowshiped person. Hard to do. But I know I would not be persuaded by most of the videos I see on youtube. They're like a gossip fest where everyone badmouths Jennifer Matilda Whatshername, because she's smarter, prettier than others, and drives a nicer car. Get to the point, Vid Makers, and make it a good one.

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