It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Dagney

    I watched the video. He looks well rested.

    It's funny that every single thing LE mentions that is being done to him is exactly what he has done all along to anyone who disagrees or opposes him. Every. Single. Thing.

    His followers will lap this up.

  • cleanideas

    I just watched his new video only to see if he would apologize for everything. Nope, no real apology, other than to say he told his wife sorry for cheating on her and then went on to blame everyone else for his problems. In my opinion he is a clinical narcissist and this is the best he can come up with. The video was highly edited with numerous cuts. I can tell he rehearsed it carefully. It felt to me to be nothing more than huge lies with fake rehearsed emotions, trying desperately to keep his audience. It also looks like all negative comments are being deleted as the come in. Only the gushing cult followers seem to have comments on it. He also said he might be using a PR firm to help him and he wants to reconcile with past activists that dumped him. Ugh, that was my last video of his I'm watching, I can't bare to give him views after all I've seen happen. I don't believe for a second he has changed.

  • raymond frantz
    raymond frantz

    As I predicted the xjw community has been hijacked from this tit, start complaining to youtube to take him down

  • Toblerone5

    In is new video he mentioned that he hire a PR firm . So I went on google and in Croatia they have 32 PR F. and just look how much that cost, PER HRS...Like he has that kind of money...

  • cleanideas

    Confirmed! He is literally sitting in his YouTube comments section deleting all negative comments, oh but we have to TRUST him that he's not deleting all of them. Yeah riiiiight Lloyd, we totally trust you! HAHAHA!

  • cleanideas

    Here's a good breakdown and commentary of his latest video:

  • GrreatTeacher

    Holy hell! This'll teach me to go AWOL for a month or more!

    It seems like, boiled down to its essence, Lloyd's argument is: "All of my Activism is so important that you can't throw me away. The world needs my Activism!"

    Except it doesn't, because his work is easily replicated by any two bit keyboard warrior trying to make a living off of YouTube.

    The information is out there. I, among many others, got the information the hard way, by reading entire books back in the '90s. This took weeks and months.

    This bite-sizing of info into YouTube videos is trained-seal easy. And, he's not even good at that given his penchant for multi-hour videos.

    So, no, neither I, nor we, nor anyone needs, in particular, a cheat and criminal user of sex workers to do that for us. In fact, I'd say he's likely the absolute worst choice possible right now.

    Activism will go on by others more morally suited for it. Lloyd is completely surplus to requirements, unnecessary and detrimental to the cause.

    Most of us can see the man behind the curtain.

    Also his threats of legal action are pathetic posturing, a last stab effort to avoid the melting down of his life, livelihood and reputation.

    He should be the one in fear of the legal system on account of his uncontrollable penis. This is so clearly projection. He projects his fears, namely that he will be locked up with men who will turn their uncontrollable penises on him.

    This guy has just thoroughly fucked himself over and he doesn't even realize it yet. Or maybe he does, subconsciously, and this is just a bunch of diversion where he's deluded not only others, but himself too, because the truth is too terrifying to acknowledge.

  • Simon
    He is literally sitting in his YouTube comments section deleting all negative comments

    He thinks he's deleting any "abusive comments" but in reality he'll delete anything that isn't totally praising him which is obvious from those that are left. Because in his world, anything that falls short of outright worship of his he deems to be abusive and negative.

    There's no such thing as constructive or valid criticism in Lloyd-Land. Well, not of him ...

  • Simon

    So here's where I think we're at:

    He's not going to go away, because this is how he makes his money. No one can stop him making his videos and soliciting donations. It's the internet after all. He'll censor all the channels he controls to make himself the victim / hero in all things.

    There's plenty of information about his behavior and how he's treated people, so anyone who decides to get involved with him or donate to him is doing it because they don't care or haven't bothered to research, but ultimately both of those are their choice.

    If his wife wants to stay with him, that's her choice too, because it's her life. I don't think anyone owes any help to people who won't help themselves. People mostly chose the lives they want to live.

    I'm sure it won't be the last scandal or fallout he's involved with. Certain people don't attract drama, they cause it. Maybe in 5 years I'll be linking back to this with a "what did I tell you?! post ...".

    It's nearly spring, COVID appears to be over. Go out and enjoy life. Don't spend the rest of it dealing with JW issues and those that want to continue playing at being elders.

  • Jehalapeno

    Removed because the meme was too mean. Lol

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