It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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    That's also the typical JW response if you say you've been wronged by one of them.

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    I think the fairly large drop in patreons is probably more seasonal and connected with people's lack of spare cash this year. Glad to see folks are prioritising their own friends and family for once. Lloyds gravy train has been obscene, frankly. He earns money from You tube for his videos anyway, which cost barely anything to make. After all the media he reviews is free & he doesn't have specialist skills any other exjw doesn't have so I don't understand why he needs further renumeration. I understand contributing to the TTATT documentary as a project for example, but he's been personally inundated with money and all expenses paid holidays with his family, for essentially interviewing the people who do the real activism.

    You have to be invited to do a TED talk. You can put yourself forward, but they don't take just anyone because they decide they're going to do it. I think a talk on cults in general would be accepted, but I don't think they'd allow someone to "target" one religion. I just can't see it??

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    Do we have any indication that Dijana reads our thread here? There are videos on narcissism that I believe would really help her understand her situation. Most videos on narcissism focus on helping the empathic victim wake up to the gaslighting and get free of the narcissist's grip. And most videos on narcissism agree that working on helping the narcissist quit being a narcissist is futile. FUTILE, as in a 'waste of time".

  • DerekMoors

    Amber Scorah gave one at a TedX event which is more local and centralized than an actual TED conference, and hers wasn't just about bagging on the religion, she's a big parental leave advocate and talks about dangerous daycares, etc:

    There's also a big difference between her and that cockroach:

    "She was named one of the 100 most influential people in Brooklyn culture by Brooklyn Magazine. Her writing has appeared in The New York Times, The Believer, The Boston Globe, The Cut, The Globe and Mail and USA Today."

    Lloyd has to kiss Trey Bundy's ass and suck up to Rinder for screen time on their sites and shows, whereas Amber is a real, accomplished writer. Her book had a real publisher (Penguin) whereas he just slapped together and self published an 800 page brick.

    I can't imagine Lloyd having success at a real conference with people who aren't all xJWs desperate for someone to speak up about the religion. Remember the video I posted about his cringe interview with BBC where he rambled on about nothing? Imagine 18 minutes of that.

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    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    You have to be invited to do a TED talk.

    It's like everything else on his Patreon goals page - utter nonsense and pure illusion.

    Here's what he promised for 220 Patrons:

    If I can reach this goal, I will commit to making one feature-length documentary per year If I can reach this goal, I will commit to making one feature-length documentary per year

    He hasn't made one documentary yet this year and he has 182 more Patrons than this goal. Fraud.

    The TED Talk is contained within the promise of 380 Patrons:

    I would have the resources to film videos and documentary films in different parts of the world and organize more tours and special meet-up/promotional events internationally. Having reached this goal, I also pledge to do a TED talk that touches on the abusive, harmful side of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    No TED Talk, no meet-ups, no tours and no documentaries in foreign lands. Why even bother? His Patreon goals remind me of an age-old retail trick of doubling the existing price and then promising the customer a 50% off sale.

    It's all sales and the bottom line. He doesn't really give a fuck anymore about fulfilling promises because his Patronage has been falling since January and he's not giving you shit until you put out some more. (I think he might have used that same tactic and wording with his "dates" in Pa Tong)

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    If Lloyd can't honor his commitment to his wife and cheats on her in such a horrific way, of course he doesn't give a shit about strangers online. Everyone owes him; his wife needs to cook and clean and take care of the kids and be there when he needs to trot everyone out to his online audience, but while she's busy doing that he gets to go in the other room and do big important elder activist stuff, and stick his dick into whomever else he pleases rather than keeping up his end of the bargain. And shame on her for not going along with it, she's obviously the one with the problem. Oh and it's not his fault, the WT tampered with his sexuality.

    The xJW community is the same; they need to give him money and share his videos and applaud his every move and support him in every argument, but while you're busy working for the money you owe him he also gets to sit on his ass and play with his Legos and dolls and use that money and his time to fly off to Thailand and not keep up his end of the bargain. And if you don't like it you're obviously jealous and a hater and he'll see you in court. Oh and it's not his fault, the aggressive regressive activists are being mean and the Magnificent 7 are slandering him.

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    Ten years ago, he must have just been at the right place at the right time. There's a saying in Spanish that comes to (my) mind. I hope it's apropos here.

    "In the land of the blind, the one-eyed is king."

    There was no one else doing what he did. Awakening JW's were still terrified of Watchtower and afraid of losing absolutely everything if they showed their faces on YouTube. Lloyd grabbed the opportunity and ran with it. And all the Blind bowed down and thanked the great "seeing one".

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    He was. The woke cancel culture what gaining traction. Back then, they were called SJW. Not an arm of Jehovah's peeeople, but rather Social Justice Warriors which had very cult-like similarities.

    He did what he thought was easy and comfortable for him and jumped onto the SJW bandwagon. Hence why he doxed and canceled those he thought were a threat. It was easy to do back then, and he had an army of woke flying monkeys to also swoop in when he sent out the smoke signal.

    He's now finding out that those days are now coming to an end and he will go down along with the woke mob.

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    Yes. You've filled in some gaps for me.

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