It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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    @Kim Thank you for your response and I read your attached letter, well done. I think Lloyd done fucked up by trying to argue law with an actual attorney.

    It reminds me of the whole CoC debacle, and I think I remember someone saying that he was claiming copyright only applies to works in print and printed for profit, his argument being that since CoC was out of circulation and no one was making money from it, he was free to do as he wanted with it.

    Sorry fat ass but copyright means just that; you have the right to decide how something is to be copied, for profit or not, in print and circulation or not, etc. Being out of print or circulation is not equivalent to being in the public domain. But he's so far up his own ass he honestly thinks he can decide how the law works.

    On another note, he seems to be holding steady right now at 425 patrons. That's a loss of 19 or 20 this month.

    I can only imagine what's going on in his bloated head right now... Whatever it is, Lloyd since we know you're reading this, I can't remind you enough that you brought this on yourself. Years of harassment and abuse toward so many xJWs, your wife, and anyone else stuck in your gravitational pull, plus taking advantage of the victims of human trafficking. Seriously, choke on it.

  • Vintage

    Jeremiah was talking to Jerusalem here. But anyway, Jeremiah 13:22, 23 says,

    ”22 And if you ask yourself,

    “Why has this happened to me?”

    It is because of the magnitude of your iniquity

    that your skirts have been stripped off

    and your body has been exposed.

    23 Can the Ethiopian change his skin,

    or the leopard his spots?

    Neither are you able to do good—

    you who are accustomed to doing evil.”

    And verse 27 says,

    ”27 Your adulteries and lustful neighings,

    your shameless prostitution

    on the hills and in the fields—

    I have seen your detestable acts..”.

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    Sorry I've been M.I.A. We took a month off because of all drama. So glad to see there is still information & questions on this thread.

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  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    he may have had to pay for something that day that he didn't think was fair. It might have been about paying for his kids haircut feeling his wife should do it. It seemed too random with the details and manic. Looked like a lot of misplaced anger to me.

    It’s important to remember the date haircutgate happened and what occurred shortly after. Kim’s challenge to “end this” was undoubtedly still fresh in his mind when he wrote that, but I doubt that was his motivation for doing so.

    The rant was dated 4 September. A few days later he took Dijana and the girls on a birthday holiday (his birthday is 10 September) that lasted at least a week on the Croatian coast. That area is affordable compared to the nearby Italian coast, but it has increased in popularity and is no longer the absolute bargain it was shortly after the Yugoslav wars. He probably had to pay for a suite and that’s if Dijana didn’t ask for her own room. Probably €1000 if not more for the week for two adults and two children.

    Also food and drink from the local restaurants, souvenirs for everyone, the price of excursions, you name it. Probably €2000 for the entire thing and I think that’s a moderate estimate.

    Now go back to the statement he made just before that. He was using “the bank’s money” to pay for a haircut which couldn’t have been more than €20.

    What he was budgeting for was probably the cost of the trip he was about to take. He saw that his chequing account could barely afford this plus his everyday expenses. He probably had to transfer over something from his savings account to chequing.

    It very well might have struck him at that moment that he couldn’t live the way he used to and that whatever he had planned on using his savings for (the home in Istria?) was no longer a possibility as he had to keep dipping into that account.

    He went batshit and spent the next hour or two writing that in anger blaming Kim for the situation he had found himself in.

  • DerekMoors


    September 4 would also be right after another first-of-the-month patreon dip.

  • DerekMoors

    It's already been said but that might be about the time he started to realize that his patrons aren't coming back. Chances are when he lost supporters, he assumed he'd find new people ready to throw their weight behind him because he's just that important, and they would see it his way when it comes to where he parks his dick and how he's the victim in everything.

    But, not only has he been deserted by anyone that matters but he can't even find a YouTuber with more than a few thousand subscribers to give him the time of day.

    He might also be realizing that his remaining supporters can do nothing for him... people like Karen Morgan and Dave Gracey, no disrespect for what they've been through but they don't bring anything to Lloyd's table. O'Donnell gave him news and stories, filmmakers gave him a chance to be on camera, reporters gave him room in their stories, etc.

    I would bet he's actually resentful that they can do nothing for him but talk on twitter, and twitter doesn't put money in your pocket. I wouldn't doubt if one day he lashes out at them as well.

  • NonCoinCollector

    That's fascinating according to

    $66 per day is not much when renting an apartment, a studio, paying Tibor, and hopefully contributing something toward Dijana and the kids. Patreon probably doubles this money, but I can't imagine there is much interest in his t-shirts or books.

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    Those YT stat trackers are not very accurate to be honest. I can show you guys screen shots, if you care, of what it says for me. But taking my word for what it is, it says my estimated income is 49-778 a month when it's more like 2k before taxes. So I would assume it's similar for Lloyd's channel as well.

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    After the JW, then the Mormons, now this? WHY? From a proclaimed atheist he sure like to WAIST is time, instead of FINDING A REAL JOB, and make stupid video about religion...Seriously!

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