It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • DerekMoors

    He could have tweaked that down to a simple two paragraphs, calling it a standard lower middle class existence and we would have gotten the point. I'm all for painting a picture but no wonder that monstrosity went over 800 pages.

    She's brilliant and resourceful.

    And yet he's the one who had to flee England with his family due to bad debt... I don't care if you're a pioneer, you pay your bills and put food on the table before you try out for some privileged position in your stupid religion. Even now he's crying that he supposedly can't pay for his daughter's haircut... well then get a real job you lazy pile of human trash. Like your beloved mother did. You think she enjoyed caring for someone else's kids? Probably not but she did what she needed to do to support her kids, so drop the hypocrisy of admiring her for her resourcefulness while you seem to have none.

    His dad was a bumbling fool; unattractive, clumsy, broke and not worthy in any way of his mum.

    And that's Lloyd in a nutshell. If it wasn't for that religion elevating men to their godlike status and women to just their "helpers" and housekeepers, neither Lloyd nor his dad would stand a chance with any decent woman.

    I wonder when it will hit Lloyd that there's a reason he has to pay for sex outside his marriage and hasn't just hooked up with some woman down the street or someplace? Since we know you're reading Lloyd, it's not just because you're ugly on the outside but because you're an ugly person on the inside. No self-respecting woman would tolerate a date with your self-absorbed personality, much less want to hop in the sack with you.

  • DerekMoors


    Ask and you shall receive; this interview is just absolutely cringe to watch:

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    Oh boy did he fail miserably in this regard:

    But worry not, he still holds his own father accountable for his failings. Just don't talk about him disappointing and failing his own family, you might get sued. And if you are reading this Lloyd, YOU don't deserve to have the child pictured in your life after what you did to them and their mum over the past I'm going to say 3-4 years (probably more). Hypocrite and Liar.

  • DerekMoors

    Dear god, he posted that in December of 2018 but by his account on his livestream, he had been visiting prostitutes every few months during that time, or started right after, or something. God really only knows how long it's been going on with him.

    Oh, Lloyd... sexually repressed or not, you don't deserve that gorgeous little person in your life either, not after what you've done to her mother and after supporting an industry that often makes victims out of children just like her. Fucking hypocrite.

  • Toblerone5
    Ask and you shall receive; this interview is just absolutely cringe to watch:

    Under that youtube video ,somebody post that comment. I wonder who is the journalist who vetted him, I would like to read that article. Anybody knows ,who he's talking about?

  • DerekMoors

    Here's the Huff Post fluff piece he wrote:

    Bear in mind, this was when the site allowed just about anyone to contribute; it's not like they edited it, reviewed it, thought it had any merit, etc. It even says above the article:

    "This post was published on the now-closed HuffPost Contributor platform. Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site. If you need to flag this entry as abusive, send us an email."

    Why would a BBC interviewer read his self-published post for a quick, incidental interview like that? He really is so deluded, he thinks the outside world is just hanging on his every word.

    P.S. I remember a site that was active at the time had an xJW psychologist sometimes write guest pieces and she wrote something supportive of those who favored the ban, even calling out Lloyd for "silencing" others. She made the point that, while Lloyd argued that the ban "does nothing but feed into their persecution narrative and drive them underground where the abuses can continue, only this time without any hope of intervention from the outside world," she said that being cut off from continuous indoctrination could wake up some. I think the paltry attendance after the COVID lockdowns shows which one was right, and it wasn't the fat one with a neck beard.

    P.P.S. Don't know who vetted him for the interview, sorry.

  • Vintage

    Barbara Anderson has never before asked for donations nor started a go-fund-me. This is her first time doing this. She and her husband sent their own money to partially cover the travel expenses of a young man who spoke out against Watchtower and CSA at a conference in Poland. His expenses were $2, 300, but he only had $800. Geoffrey Jackson was there in attendance, but quickly left. Here is the link to the story and Barbara Anderson's go-fund-me for the young man who spoke at the conference.

  • Vintage

    This message is in the go-fund-me page:

    You're supporting Our Delegate v. Watchtower at OSCE 2022, Warsaw

    Your donation will benefit Barbara Anderson

  • raymond frantz
    raymond frantz

    Sorry just got back on this post and I see that many speculate about his dad, the truth is he was never a good businessman or even a good employee, most of the congregation see him as a very unpalatable man, that up to recently he was eating and drinking in other people's houses and live off government disability benefits because he has a "bad back", he hasn't its all lies.The famous Croatian's begars mum was previously married and she came into possession of a large house in an affluent part of Wilmslow, his dad just took advantage of a jw woman that came with a free big house when he married her, no mortgage to pay like the rest of us.

  • Diogenesister
    My guess is that early in his childhood his Dad had a bad luck streak. Then quickly recovered and got wealthy. Also, IRRC his Dad's company reported an income of around 1.5 million last year, I think it's somewhere in this thread.

    I was going to say as far as I know he's chronically unemployed and I got the impression he lives on disability/retirement benefit. Lloyd was raised during a relatively affluent time in the UK and if you had both parents working you probably had a reasonable childhood. Particularly since a bike was probably the biggest expenditure on a kid in the UK back then!😁I always assumed he was a working class boy from a nice home. You can tell. Upper and middle class Brits have a different vibe about them.

    I also remember that BBC interview, it was lousy. I see someone managed to post it.

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