It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Vintage

    My typo: niche, not nitch.

    Slimboyfat, why did Evans soar to prominence?

  • ForeverAlone
    Only afterwards, when the realization hit that his patrons might not see it the same way, did anyone try to make it seem as if he only used other funds to pay for sex.

    @TonusOH Who is this "anyone" that tried to say he used "other" funds? Was this on a Twitter post, Facebook post or was there not any specifics on the "other" funds by anyone it just was a silent consensus among his followers?

    He glossed over the point that people paying him through Patreon probably don't care if he spends it on his family and bills, legit vacations and hobbies, etc., but have every right to object to their money going to fund the human trafficking trade and esp. if it's in an area known for child trafficking.

    If I were a Patron of his I would not have cared about the bills, clothes, toys, holidays (a reasonable amount not 5 a year), and other things being paid for from my donations. People need those things this day and age. I definitely WOULD NOT have wanted him to spend my money on prostitutes FFS!!! This is a problem that he just does not seem to understand about it. This is what makes me angry!

    Where he's futher disabled by the language barrier

    I don't understand this. He has been living in Croatia for what, about 13 years now, and he still does not know how to speak Croatian? That just seems so...lazy!!!

    CONGRATS to Vintage for snagging the 6,000th post!

  • Vintage

    Oh! Wow! I hadn’t realized. Thanks for confirming my “win”, ForeverAlone. ‼️🔆‼️The 6,000th post is above. 🏆This is such an honor. 🔆

  • Vintage

    ForeverAlone said,

    “I don't understand this. He has been living in Croatia for what, about 13 years now, and he still does not know how to speak Croatian? That just seems so...lazy!!!”

    Spanish takes about 600 hours to learn versus Croatian at 1,100. Croatian has seven cases while English only has three.

    After 13 years in South America, I’d learned Spanish and also had a good start on sign language.

    Later, back in the US, I attended a Croatian JW group,... but the “ministerial servant” at that KH told me I would have to obtain any Watchtower through “my own” congregation. The “ministerial servant” didn’t seem to be mean-spirited. I think the “elders” had made that ruling, and enforcing it landed on him. A “worldly person” could have walked in a gotten a Croatian Watchtower, but they wouldn’t let me have one at the literature counter. I‘ve digressed. Yes, with having a Croatian wife and living in Croatia, you’d think that Evans could have learned Croatian in 13 years.

  • JeffT

    why did Evans soar to prominence?

    Was he ever important anywhere other than his own mind?

    I first noticed him (and dismissed him almost immediately) with the flap over AAWA and the outing of many PIMO's who didn't want to be outed. And then there was the fake signature on the incorporating paperwork for that entity. Then we had his attempt to gain control of "Crisis of Conscience."

    I'm not impressed at all with his videos, they are bloated and rarely contain much in the way of new information. I have not read all of "The Reluctant Apostate," what I have read screams "unprofessional" A 200,000 word memoir? Somebody call an editor.

    Maybe I'm alone on this, I never thought of him as some sort of leader. He doesn't bring anything to the table that can't be found elsewhere Ray Franz comes to mind immediately, by virtue of his place in the Watchtower organization. Evans was no where near that level within the organization. When I was in the process of leaving I read several academic works including those by Walter Martin, and Anthony Hoekema come to mind. To the best of my knowledge Lloyd Evans doesn't have any academic credentials.

    I don't know why I should listen to this guy.

    P.S. Hi Kim. Am I to understand that neither Evans' inlaws nor his wife give him a "prostitute allowance"?

    Hey vintage 👋 I am pretty sure it’s safe to say that neither parties gave him a “prostitution allowance” 😂😂

  • Vintage

    Thanks for clearing that up, Kim. So, I guess Evans would need to mow some lawns to be able to pay for prostitutes without delving into the Patreon funds.

  • Vintage

    Please watch this 3 minute video clip from the 2022 OSCE conference. (Recommended by Watchtower Documents, ...Barbara Anderson).

  • pr0ner

    I think Lloyd had a few things going for him. For one he was the face of jwsurvey. I remember when it started I thought it was a fantastic idea. Social media and digital was moving more towards an analytical way of influencing people. I was doing digital marketing at the time and had a lot of ideas of how you could flip that data and wanted to help with it. There wasn't really a centralized place that used data as a strength.

    The other issue I remember at the time was that many in the ex-jw youtube community felt a bit extreme. That extreme view is sometimes hard to take when just exiting. Lloyd felt like a more nuanced approach and once he tapped into a real editor you had a good combo for those just leaving. He was able to ride the first big wave of YouTube content producers. So like anything, with a little luck and a good idea anyone can make it.

    The perfect storm for a narcissist. Do a little bit of work, get a huge reward and then scheme a way to keep doing as little work as possible off the backs of others...for free!

  • pr0ner

    I used to produce a lot of content commercially. Even wrote and produced a few national TV commercials. What Lloyd does for a living is relatively easy work. He has a manufacturing approach to content. Meaning he can just have an assembly line going.

    He doesn't have to take time to be creative since everything follows a format. A professional has set everything up for him shooting-wise, so no work there. All the editing is done for him, again no work needed. The research is mostly done for him (by us and others), and he's already an expert on policy having been an elder. He also was trained to be a speaker. So those last two come naturally.

    All he really has to do work-wise is pick the subject and do a few takes then review the edit. Probably max 2 days of work for a big video. When he collaborates or does interviews those are probably the days for him that feel like "real" work. Working with friends, and just having to listen.

    When I did it for living it was the best easiest job I had. But, I saw firsthand if I had to do it all alone it would be stressful as hell for not a lot of payoff. Burnout eventually comes fast.

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