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  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    The video is cringe for several reasons. First, the interview itself was like 3 and a half minutes long. It was for BBC radio, but evidently Lloyd felt it was best to title that as "I am on the BBC!" making no distinction between television and radio. He basically explains the disfellowshipping policy and how it relates to his own dad shunning him and his young daughter. As for the Russian ban, again he brings his dad into it saying he does not want to see him jailed. Mumbles a few things about human rights and it seems she lost interest and wrapped up the interview.

    The real cringe is his follow-up video afterwards. He goes into the background of his 3 and a half minutes of fame claiming he was "invited" to write for the Huff Post and that the article was vetted by them. As was mentioned earlier, he was fortunate enough to sign himself up for a blogger's account at the Huff Post before they stopped the practice. No one invited him to contribute a blog article for a service they were discontinuing. Then he claims the article led to him being "vetted" by the BBC where by his own admission he plugged his article to them. The BBC knew about it but it wasn't the reason they were vetting him. It would seem that his name was given to them through another source, probably an exJW one. Again, he's been propped up countless times by exJWs, so attacking and suing them was an extremely poor move on his part. He'll never pass another vetting process again, and should he even somehow get past that, they are going to have to ask him about his Thailand trip, the lawsuit, what exactly the "lies" were, etc. Good luck trying to sell that to a journalist. He's finished doing these interviews.

    At round the 15 minute mark in that video you will come to the true reason he made it. He sets off on this contrived explanation of how YT was demonetising him and others, especially when he claimed he needed it the most because he was finishing his book and not producing as many videos. He even brought up a graph detailing his fall of revenue in true Stephen Lett style. You knew what was coming next. He then went into how he was a "fulltime activist" whilst Dijana continued the translation business. He emotionally manipulates the viewer into thinking that this was all a huge burden on Dijana now that she had no one to proofread her translations. He was too busy working hard for you! Then he posts a graphic that he had gained 18 Patrons, evidently a result of a previous Patron drive he initiated on social media. He was so "humbled" at the generous support and was so happy that all of you made his 3 and a half interview with the BBC possible.

    If that video wasn't proof enough that this has been a business for him, then I don't know what is. Very manipulative.

    P.S. - Toon Media is his Romanian friend Arthur Weber's company. It's not Lloyd's entity.

  • Vintage

    Next page here will be 607. :)

  • AndersonsInfo

    Hi Vintage. Thank you for announcing our efforts to help send a delegate to the O.S.C.E Conference in Warsaw, Poland. However, I think it would have been more appropriate if you had started another subject on this discussion board about the GoFundMe account I started for folks to post their opinion on other than this one that never seems to end about the shenanigans of, and controversies respecting Lloyd Evans.

    Overall, what you said about our efforts in regard to the O.S.C. E Conference on Human Rights, was correct other than this one where you said, "Your donation will benefit Barbara Anderson."

    I have no idea why you said this because on the GoFundMe page it states, "Barbara Anderson is organizing this fundraiser," not in any way benefitting from this fundraiser.

    In fact, we funded $1,500.00 to this cause because there was an immediate need to help with expenses so the “Delegate” speaker,” Ergali Abishev, could get to the O.S.C.E. Conference.

    After we wired the money, we hoped that by starting a Go Fund Me page, other XJWs would contribute too and we would be reimbursed $1,300.00 after our donation of $200.00 was tallied in the total contributed to the GoFundMe account. I also have in hand a donation of $250.00 that was sent by mail to us for this endeavor which will be added to the amount on the GoFundMe page.

    This cause is not a waste of donations by giving money to a so-called XJW activist. Be assured that what was accomplished in this campaign to inform the European political world of the harm that Watchtower has done and is continuing to do to its members because of their harmful policies and practices in the realm of human rights and child sexual abuse has been extraordinary. Soon we will publish an article respecting the interesting outcome of Ergali’s “speech," and also about his involvement in four recent human rights lawsuits filed against the Watchtower in Kazakhstan that were won. In the past, lawsuits like these were always won by the Watchtower in this part of the world.

    Ergali is a young man with a family yet he borrowed thousands of dollars from banks to pay court costs and to bring in experienced attorneys, etc. That’s the reason we are leaving the GoFundMe page up for a little while to see if XJWs in our part of the world would like to help with the ongoing expenses connected with Ergali’s determination to expose the WT’s political involvement with an organization that is similar to the United Nations and in some cases in the past replaced the United Nations role.

    I think you'll like to know that one contributor to the GoFundMe account left this message on the page:



    I heard Barbara Anderson's explanation on Six Screens of The Watchtower and realized how important this is.

    Here's the link to the Fundraiser:

    Please go to my website to read more about Ergali's activist work in Eastern Europe:

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    Next page here will be 607.

    Then finally Lloyd Evans T-Shirt with the print 587 vs 607 makes sense.

  • DerekMoors
    I think it would have been more appropriate if you had started another subject on this discussion board about the GoFundMe account I started for folks to post their opinion on other than this one that never seems to end about the shenanigans of, and controversies respecting Lloyd Evans.

    Barbara with all respect to your work, let's not downgrade Lloyd's behavior or question why we're continuing this thread. Lloyd admitted to frequenting prostitutes even while in Thailand, an industry (and country in particular) notorious for not just human trafficking but also child sex trafficking.

    What hypocrites would we be if we worked so hard to call out how Watchtower hides CSA in their religion but didn't work to eradicate this cancer in the ex-JW community?

    We're sickened by what goes on in the back rooms of the Kingdom Halls but should turn a blind eye to what must go on in the back rooms of brothels?

    Shame on elders for abandoning children to abuses but ignore how Lloyd is paying pimps to provide him with women to abuse?

    Sorry but I don't see Lloyd's actions as "shenanigans" and "controversies" anymore than I see WT's coverups as mere "shenanigans." We want the world to wake up to Watchtower's abuses; I imagine victims of sex trafficking want others to wake up to their abuses as well.

  • vienne

    I do not see supporting an Orthodox troll who opposes the Watchtower because he sees it as a threat to Orthodox Churches as worth while. His personal testimonies carry little weight and smack of the usual Russian Orthodox propaganda. No, I will not contribute to a farce.

  • vienne

    THIS is what Orthodox Church anti-sect propaganda is worth:

    Do not buy into it simply because they oppose Witnesses to. Doing so is a waste of good money and good effort.

  • Vintage

    Hi Barbara. I copied that from the go-fund-me page.

  • Yooters

    I’m here for 607 BCE baby!!😀

  • nibbled

    Hi @vintage I'm in technology design. That's just a "feature" of the website design. You cannot designate a different person than whose account the funds are going into for transparency.

    I don't know who I would be willing to donate any money to besides Raymond Franz, or Barbara Anderson, post-JW. So I'm glad it says it'll benefit the person I trust, who is still alive and active.

    @DerekMoors Barbara Anderson is a lady. She doesn't disagree, as you can see if you Google the definition of "shenanigans" ... I think she just leaves it to our community to handle the shenanigans while she focuses on how might we support, socially, and now even through funding, people who are changing the world, like Yergali at the OSCE, who is going broke spending his own money to fund others for justice himself.

    Thankfully we all know who he is now—name and YouTube likeness, but Lloyd Evans, formerly John Cedars, can always show up as a new alias online and keep collecting funds from exJWs. In fact, I don't see why non-JWs aren't doing the same faking out being JW—isn't it all the same end result? A fool and their money are soon parted—let people identify who they are based on their donations, I guess?

    There is greater joy in giving, than receiving—unless you're giving to the wrong people.

    P.S. How much money does Lloyd Evans bring in so he can do this fulltime? I should quit my dayjob.

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