It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • smiddy3

    Jefft ,

    "Was he ever important anywhere other than his own mind?"

    I think you guys have done a great job in giving him importance on this forum ?

    What is it with this guy that so many pages are devoted to him ?

    For the life of me I can`t understand it .

    It seems to be an obsession with Lloyd evans.

    I`m over it.

  • pr0ner


    No, I don't think this thread gives him importance. In fact, I think it's a good representation and document on a grifter who may be grifting still. I'm one of the people who he is suing so he is very relevant to me. Just like with Kim, who has been harassed at his direction by his defenders and which he all but ignores. This is a person who was doing a grift on a vulnerable group of people. People who were already grifted once in a major way. Some were physically/emotionally/sexually abused. Never once did he apologize for it. Which means he is a bold grifter.

    We should be doing everything we can to ensure he doesn't do it again. He should absolutely not be harassed in my opinion. He should certainly be talked about. He should be talked about often, so that people who want to embrace him have all the facts. No different then what is done about another cult many "obsess" over.

  • Vintage

    smiddy3, whenever, through the years, a famous evangelical preacher would be exposed as corrupt and immoral, there would be a bit of a reaction from his parishioners. Then would come the repentence, the tears, and the forgiveness from the wife and his congregation. But in Evans' case, there was the exposure of his corription and immorality, and then.... WWHAAT?. No repentence at all. This thread began because of Evans' audacity. I found this thread when it was somewhere around page 200. I felt a kinship with the people on this forum who saw something rotten and were calling "foul". Granted, the individuals here approach the issue from various perspectives. But we know that what Evans' has done is morally unacceptable. Do you, smiddy3, believe that what Evans has done is morally unacceptable?

  • TonusOH
    Diogenesister: But anyway any number of professions, particularly those connected with child welfare, expect some degree of ethical behaviour in your private life.

    ...and since he depends on donations/views, the obligation to him is not nearly the same as it would be if he was a salaried worker. His financial supporters are not his boss, but the terms of their support are also very limited. Any individual supporter can withdraw their support at any time and for any reason. For example, if he told me that his funds were his to do with as he pleased and that he could use them to buy sex, I could cancel my subscription or quit watching his videos. And he could do nothing to stop me.

    That was one of his early missteps, pretending that he could tell his patrons to mind their own business without facing consequences. 500+ lost patrons later, he has been shown to be quite wrong about that.

  • TonusOH
    ForeverAlone: @TonusOH Who is this "anyone" that tried to say he used "other" funds?

    I don't recall who or where, I just remember either Evans or some others putting forth the idea that he wasn't using Patreon funds and that he made enough from YouTube to cover any such costs. The idea was to split hairs and demonstrate that he was not misusing Patreon funds.

    It may have been in response to some posts in this topic where it was being wondered if that might be a violation of Patreon terms or possibly even the law.

  • WingCommander

    Cedars is nothing more than a hemorrhoid upon Anthony Moron da Turd's ass!

    He isn't fit to the hold the jock strap of the pioneers who came before him, such as:

    Ray Franz

    James Penton

    Peter Gregerson

    Carl Olaf Johnson

    Don Cameron

    Barbara Anderson

    Walter Martin

    The Chretians

    They are the REAL MVP's!

  • DerekMoors
    why did Evans soar to prominence?

    IMHO he worked hard to elbow his way into anything that gave him prominence, first aided and abetted by Richard Kelly and AAWA. Kelly wanted to turn activism into a business and nonprofit (probably to funnel his own money through for tax purposes, I suspect) and used that clout as a real business to approach people like Hassan and suggest JWs be part of Hassan's next edition of his cult books. I assume Hassan used Lloyd's story in it since he was then associated with AAWA and Kelly needed that inclusion. So, the ass pimple didn't do it all on his own.

    That selfishness and pushiness is what got him into the Crisis of Conscience fiasco. Whoever the publisher was, they let it fall by the wayside, so Lloyd didn't even ask for permission but just snapped it up and started printing hard copies. Even put his logo on the back because he has to be included in something xJW related. Problem is, he doesn't have the brains to think these things through and thought he could just keep chest thumping and crowing and get his own way, like a typical spoiled JW man-baby.

    I also remember Lloyd working his way into a quick snippet of a TV interview just when he was starting to get big and important in his own flea brain, and it was a complete disaster. Something about shunning was brought up and he starts to ramble about when the practice began and other trivial nonsense that no one cared about. Even the interviewer has that "what the hell" look on her face.

    But of course that didn't stop him from constantly pushing himself into the face of other reporters, who were probably just so eager for an audience and story that they turned a blind eye to legit detractors.

  • pr0ner

    @DerekMoors I think that's a great point about the commercialization of it. Lloyd's work feels very commercial in a way that's pushing his brand. That's something he has done from the start. It seems like his Dad is wealthy so he probably learned a bit from him about the business side. He's definitely the only person in the hall that manages to make a pyramid fly-by-night scheme work for them. Pressuring the newbies to buy from you by hosting a "party".

  • DerekMoors
    That was one of his early missteps, pretending that he could tell his patrons to mind their own business without facing consequences.

    That's why you don't wait until your children are adults to discipline them. He's been taught this sense of entitlement his whole life; as a man and then an elder in the religion, he could do whatever he wanted and then just throw his weight around (not literally because that might kill someone) and people would need to not only mind their business but admit he's right just by virtue of his maleness and eldership in the religion.

    Unfortunately being coddled by his minions outside the religion didn't help. He learned he could keep screaming and chest thumping and making comments about his family's safety and his mental health and his life's work and whatever else, and still get his own way.

    Plus he’s just not that smart. An intelligent person could see when they can push and when to step back and keep some things close to the vest. He’s just so self-absorbed he literally doesn’t think he can do anything wrong, ever.

  • DerekMoors

    @pr0ner Honestly, having a legit company you use for activism isn't a bad idea in theory, it's just the people running these companies have turned out to be garbage. A real company with objectives and projects that get shit done... nothing wrong with that. But I remember AAWA back in the day and the whole "outing" by force adding into Facebook groups was disgusting. And I think there was some sexting by some members, or something... whatever the case, it was like a bunch of stupid children with no clue how to behave as a real business.

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