It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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    this is from is new " Voicemail" video ,that so far only have 3.229 views, and only 29 comments . (24 oct) .O.M.G. Seriously look who's taking! And how about "people" who write "letters" then post them on the internet, insulting threatening to Sue or bring them to Australian court even? Is this also ''FRUSTRATING"

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    That selfishness and pushiness is what got him into the Crisis of Conscience fiasco. Whoever the publisher was, they let it fall by the wayside, so Lloyd didn't even ask for permission but just snapped it up and started printing hard copies.

    The thing about that whole fiasco is that he still insists to this day that he had only printed 5 copies through his Romanian friend, one of which was given away in a contest. In his lengthy Reddit post, he admits to getting a Cease and Desist letter from the copyright holder (Deborah Dykstra, a personal friend and caregiver of both Ray and Cynthia Franz) and pays her $50, or $10 for each infraction.

    It is unclear as to how many were printed. You can take his word for it that it was only 5 copies, but he's dishonest and was really trying to cover his tracks. He was a lot more involved in this than his Romanian friend offering to print a handful of copies for personal use.

    An email was placed to Arthur Weber after Lloyd referred people who wanted to purchase copies of COC to his email address on Facebook. Arthur did indeed confirm they were for sale. Nor did he deny Lloyd was involved with it:

    Still no mention of Lloyd. No smoking gun. That's in the next exchange:

    So in Arthur's own words, "Cedars and I set up this arrangement to see how many orders I can get through email".

    Sounds like a business arrangement to me, designed to not only profit Lloyd, but also free advertising on the back with "JW" printed prominently on the back and the added bonus of being the hero in the community who brought a much-needed book back into circulation.

    We can go on and on about how we need to stop "obsessing over Lloyd Evans", but it misses the fundamental point.

    People did move on from the COC debacle. People did move on from the time he attacked people for asking that their $150 donation for his second book go instead for another abuse survivor's story. People moved on from all these shithead attacks. condescension and outright arrogance.

    It never worked. He kept upping the ante every time he got away with it.

    Fast-forward to December 2021 - January 2022 where he just shit on all the work not only what he did for CSA, but for the ones he was working with in IICSA and on his channel. His wife was Whatsapping people in the community worried about her husband and what he was doing in Thailand. His solution was to outsource it to Kim and PB and let them handle her whilst he was off "dating" sex workers.

    So the whistle got blown on him. Does he offer an apology for his actions? Is he sorry? No, we all got a "FUCK YOU" and told it's none of our business even after going on an hour and a half livestream airing all of his dirty laundry and taking aim at his detractors.

    Fuck him. Over half his Patrons have left, with several high level donators like Kim, Truth Seeker Atheist and Vince Deporter pulling their support. He'll get no quarter from us and this thread might even still be going when his daughters learn how to google.

    They need to know their father is a sick, twisted, disgusting manipulator and that he's made their mum's life a living hell.

  • pr0ner

    @DerekMoors yea I def think it makes sense and if people know it's a business that's fine. I really hope at some point he has to go into the actual job market. I could see him getting some job as a content producer, getting fired because he doesn't complete his tasks. Then, raging out on twitter about how unfair management is.

  • DerekMoors
    People did move on from the COC debacle. People did move on from the time he attacked people for asking that their $150 donation for his second book go instead for another abuse survivor's story. People moved on from all these shithead attacks. condescension and outright arrogance.
    It never worked. He kept upping the ante every time he got away with it.

    Excellent points. I think from my time and the wife's time back then that people were willing to say "okay these things were wrong but like a teenager stepping out into the world, you're immature and just learning how to behave so we'll forgive you..." BUT with the unspoken agreement that he would learn his lesson and do better as time went on, just as you would a child.

    Instead, like you said, he just kept shitting all over anyone and everyone. Maybe it had the opposite effect, that he kept getting emboldened... "look, I can steal someone else's book, lie about it, post a big thread about how they're the bad guy, and still just get more viewers to my channel... I can ask people to pay me to include their abuse stories in my book, in a whopping 300 words that I must approve, and people will still follow me and buy that same book..."

    He never felt any reason to change so why be a better person if there's nothing in it for him? But his narcissism is so deep, this last fiasco has actually cost him half his patrons and virtually everyone who worked with him but he still doesn't see a need to change, just attacks and claims they're lying and he's the victim and waa waa.

    Better learn how to budget Lloyd because the days of you sucking off the xJW teat are long over. No more getting thousands up front to write a book, your YT audience is mediocre at best, and no one wants you on any of their projects, xJW or otherwise. I've said it before, you brought all this on yourself. Good luck to you in your future endeavors LOL.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    It seems like his Dad is wealthy so he probably learned a bit from him about the business side.

    In his book, he was quite critical of his dad. He related how he was a secondary school dropout, had little aptitude for sales and was often getting sacked from his jobs. In contrast, his mum was the one who stepped up and took control of the family's finances by getting a job. This is a revealing passage from The Reluctant Apostate:

    As far as higher education was concerned, Mum and Dad were actually quite progressive and open-minded in comparison to most Witness parents. I think this was due, at least in part, to the fact that both of them had experienced quite austere childhoods. Neither of them came from wealthy or privileged backgrounds. Both were raised to view financial security as something hard to attain and not to be taken for granted. It was also around this period that Dad seemed to start getting fired from various jobs as a sales rep with increasing regularity. He had flunked school as a child due to his own problems with bullying, which he attributed to his dyslexia, and work as a salesman suited his skills and personality perfectly. Dad is a larger than life character; a talkative man with a good sense of humor and a gift for retaining information that most would consider useless. Even so, when it came to selling things, he did have his shortcomings. Mum once told me of an occasion when his boss sent him for an appraisal of his sales techniques. The conclusion? Apparently “he could talk anyone into buying something, but then talk them straight back out of it.” The occasions when Dad would come home and tell us he had been fired felt like a bomb going off in our family, leaving us all in shock. Mum took it especially hard, since she was the one running the household accounts and paying the bills. She felt the strain more than any of us. When things got especially bad, Mum found work as a painter/decorator—a job she had a natural aptitude for due to her background as an art student. Her artistic streak and craftsmanship also enabled her to make some extra money from the occasional furniture restoration job. However, Mum suffered from severe migraines that were easily triggered by the fumes emanating from the paints and chemicals she used. Never one to give up so easily, Mum managed to find a less hazardous job as a part-time nanny for a local wealthy family while still doing the odd decorating jobs here and there to make ends meet. I will always admire her resourcefulness and willingness to do her part in keeping food on the table. Mum was entirely selfless in putting the family’s needs first. If Hannah and I needed clothes, she would not hesitate to go without buying any for herself to make sure we were presentable. Even in our bleakest periods, I cannot bring myself to think of my family as poor. I have seen true poverty, so I could never frame my childhood experience in that context. Despite many setbacks, Mum and Dad did very well at providing a comfortable, happy environment for Hannah and I to grow up in. We had all the usual gadgets and appliances. We lived in a nice house in a quiet neighborhood with a big garden. We had two cars in the driveway (our own car, and Dad’s company car when he was in work). We managed a holiday each year even if it was only a camping trip to the Welsh coast. [33] Out of the dozen-or-so young families in our congregation, probably ours was among the better off financially. Nevertheless, money was certainly never taken for granted in our home, and I think the challenges faced by Mum and Dad gave them a more pragmatic approach to college education than most Witness parents.

  • DerekMoors

    JFC what does any of that story have to do with anything? (I mean that toward Lloyd, not toward @las for posting it.) Was there a point he made in that nonsense, something about how it affected them as Witnesses, something to do with his waking up process, anything?

    Also interesting that he admits his mother was the more mature one of his parents but then treats his wife like such rubbish.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    JFC what does any of that story have to do with anything?

    His mum is the emotional crux of the book. He bookended it with her story and his updated letter to her when he was ready to publish. On the dedication page, it reads:

    To Dijana, Jessica and Mum

    No mention of his still living father and sister. It is clear that he sees himself as his mum's intellectual heir. She's brilliant and resourceful. Had she not been in in JWs and married his father, she'd have been a very successful and independent woman from his viewpoint. She went to art school as he eventually did, and he felt she was too intelligent for JWs. He opined that if he had the chance to reveal to her what he eventually found out about the org, she might have followed him out.

    In contrast, he absolutely trashes his dad and sister. His dad was a bumbling fool; unattractive, clumsy, broke and not worthy in any way of his mum. His sister he describes as having emotional problems. He especially lit into her when describing her reaction to news that mum was terminally ill with cancer.

    In many ways, he has become his dad. He inherited his looks from him. They are both awkward and thoroughly unattractive men who married women a few leagues above them in the looks department. Though they now find themselves on opposite sides, he's judgmental and so sure of himself in every way his dad was and is regarding JW doctrine. Lloyd has disappointed his wife and family in more ways than his dad ever fell short of his Mum's expectations.

  • pr0ner

    The top part and bottom half of Lloyd's story feels like it conflicts. The bottom half sounds like a wealthy family. My guess is that early in his childhood his Dad had a bad luck streak. Then quickly recovered and got wealthy. Also, IRRC his Dad's company reported an income of around 1.5 million last year, I think it's somewhere in this thread.

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    DerekMoors: aided and abetted by Richard Kelly and AAWA

    I suppose it's fitting that Evans would get his start by working with someone named R. Kelly.

  • Vintage

    DerekMoors said,

    "Something about shunning was brought up and he starts to ramble about when the practice began and other trivial nonsense that no one cared about. Even the interviewer has that "what the hell" look on her face."

    Lol. That sounds like a clip that would be fun to watch.

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