It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • TonusOH

    I recall when there was an attempt to claim that his YouTube income was sufficient to cover his visits to sex workers. This was after the livestream. But in his livestream (which was on YouTube) he never mentioned his YT income. He said that he did not have to account for how he spent the money he was given, in response to people who were referring to Patreon, not YT. He implied that his "earnings" were like those of any salaried worker, his to do with as he pleased.

    If he, or his supporters, want to pretend that he wasn't using Patreon funds to pay hookers for sex (or "dates" ) then they're ignoring the way he spoke about it in his livestream. Only afterwards, when the realization hit that his patrons might not see it the same way, did anyone try to make it seem as if he only used other funds to pay for sex.

  • WingCommander

    Mirror-Mirror on the wall, who's the most perverted neck-bearded one of them all?

  • pr0ner

    He hilariously made the analogy he was like a doctor in that bizarre statement (I think it was there anyways) that read like a politician who just got a subpoena. What's stupid about it is doctors get fired all the time for making ethically and morally bad decisions that make the hospital they work at look bad. You can make a dumb tweet and get fired. Lloyd is so clueless. That's what happens though when you've been shielded from the realities of the real world.

  • DerekMoors

    He used the analogy of a doctor by saying that b/c the doctor helped people, should people expect him to account for everything he bought with his salary.

    But as is usual with stupid Lloyd, this is just twisting the narrative and the strawman argument; no one ever asked the neck beard to account for everything he buys with any earnings.

    He glossed over the point that people paying him through Patreon probably don't care if he spends it on his family and bills, legit vacations and hobbies, etc., but have every right to object to their money going to fund the human trafficking trade and esp. if it's in an area known for child trafficking.

  • Vintage

    I'm just posting because this is page 600. How shallow is that? :)

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    The problem with the doctor analogy is that his business is a charity whilst a doctor is on a set salary. Lloyd’s income is primarily based on people deciding to send him money for work he insists to this day “saves lives”, thus the reason for comparing himself to a doctor.

    A doctor has undergrad, graduate and doctoral degrees. About 8 years of university education. They belong to professional organisations, are licensed by the jurisdiction they practice in and have to meet high professional standards in order to keep practicing medicine.

    Lloyd went from art school, to landscaping, working as a legal secretary, proofreading his wife’s translations to “activism” for hire. He has no professional qualifications other than being a JW earlier in his life. He is not monitored by any professional authority so take his word for it that he’s saving lives and he needs money to do it.

    He’s always leaned heavily on the altruistic nature of what he does and even had Paul Grundy come on here stating he could be earning so much more in the secular world.

    His problem is not only that he cheated on his wife with prostitutes over several years, but he boasted about it to two unpaid volunteers.

    Oh and he asked the same two people to mediate between him and his wife because he was busy getting well in Thailand. He wanted them to educate her that her husband seeing prostitutes and flirting with other women he met via online dating sites was a perfectly normal way of releasing the sexual frustration he was under.

    Boys will be boys.

    And he would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for those meddling kids!

    He would have too because the sad part of this is his wife would likely still be tolerating this to some extent had the whistle not been blown on him.

    If a doctor had been caught doing this, especially after making an emotional public statement to his colleagues that he needed a mental health break, he would have been asked to resign.

    Not only did Lloyd not “resign”, he initiated legal proceedings on the whistleblower and colleagues who called out his behaviour, insisting he not be allowed to work there anymore.

  • Diogenesister
    He’s always leaned heavily on the altruistic nature of what he does and even had Paul Grundy come on here stating he could be earning so much more in the secular world.

    That's just deluded. Even in the UK he would struggle with no professional qualifications - plus he doesn't even have a bachelor's. But he's not in the UK he's in Croatia. Where he's futher disabled by the language barrier, the fact it's a rural area & poorer economy in general. I got the impression he left the UK in part due to debt issues.

    With the money he's making now he's like a pig in shit. He's his own boss & even had the arrogance to expect his unpaid 'employees' to do his dirty work by sorting his wife out so she gets with the programme, too!

    As for spending his money how he wishes, that's not the impression his patreon statement gives, for one. But anyway any number of professions, particularly those connected with child welfare, expect some degree of ethical behaviour in your private life.

    Doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers, physio's, social workers and policemen can't double life like Jehovah's witnesses can - (unless you're the Bad Lieutenant!)

    Only afterwards, when the realization hit that his patrons might not see it the same way, did anyone try to make it seem as if he only used other funds to pay for sex.

    My statement was “funds generated through activism” His income is generated through activism work - he has no other income sources ie there are no “other” funds

  • Vintage

    At the time that Evans began making YouTube videos about Jehovah's Witnesses, there weren't many in that nitch. Do I have that right? I only woke up a little less than four years ago, so I wasn't watching anything exjw ten years ago. And, ten years ago, there weren't many books about waking up from Watchtower, right? So Evans' made videos and wrote a book at just the right time in history so that he "grabbed the wave", and then he rode it, and rode it. But waves, no matter how exhilarating, eventually carry you to the beach and dump you there. (I did my surfing on an inflatable raft,... but that's beside the point.) Apparently, Evans thinks that the waves "owe" him another good riide.

    P.S. Hi Kim. Am I to understand that neither Evans' inlaws nor his wife give him a "prostitute allowance"?

  • slimboyfat

    There were plenty of exJW channels, some of them now completely forgotten. Does anyone remember seattleniceguy? His videos were pretty good.

    And there are dozens and dozens of exJW books from well before “the reluctant apostate”.

    Some of them from posters on this site before LE even joined it.

    These are just a few of the books from onetime posters on this forum

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