It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Simon
    Also, where did this person obtain these messages? Presumably LE would have deleted them so only the girl would have them (and why would she give them to anyone, not being a JW).
    To me it all seems very convenient, and dumb. Your initials and year of birth in your email address

    Honestly, he doesn't seem the brightest or best with technology. How did someone get pictures of his pictures in Thailand? I thought he took and shared them ...

    Didn't he register as a legal director of a US company or organization with a fake identity ...

    He didn't think that people's facebook identity actually revealed who they were or would be a risk to people who might be shunned ...

    From the very start, when he came on this site, with the whole JWSurvey thing and "I need to protect my identity at all costs", I immediately knew exactly who he was (and despite all the crap he caused here, never revealed it), because he used a personal email that had his and his wife's name in it that were public on a blog ...

    As a Youtube streamer he recently couldn't get his audio working for a YouTube video ...

    How did someone get it? I believe that the story is that his wife found out about what was going on and spoke to the girl, maybe she took screenshots to confront him, or to get advice from someone else, maybe family, about what she found (and they kept it). Maybe he took them as a memento, who knows. I think if the claim being made is "no one could ever be guilty because no one could ever be stupid enough to leave evidence, so any evidence can't possibly be real", then surely anyone working to protect children should pack up and give up, 'cause what's the point? The fact is, people are sloppy, and people get caught for all manner of things that in hindsight appear easy to avoid.

    I don't know what is or isn't true, all we have are the accusations and these screenshots that are claimed to be evidence for them.

  • NonCoinCollector

    I had a conversation with Tibor Ceceja (Lloyd's video editor) and I am posting the whole thing here.

    @Tibor Cecelja You might feel differently after you see this. A relative of Lloyd's just released a statement on Lloyd grooming 14 year-olds. (video link removed)

    @NonCoinCollector I would be all ears if the person who leaked came forward or the victim came forward with actual proof. When it's "a relative" and the proof are some emails that can be faked in not much time then I am not interested. Imagine if that was the way courts handled cases, if anyone could come up with an anonymous statement saying "I'm his relative, here's some screenshots". How would a relative on Dijana's side even have access to Lloyd's email? Do you people even think before posting?

    @Tibor Cecelja I wonder if you think before posting too. You have direct access to the people involved. Is there a Marko? I'm pretty sure that is easy to answer. Does this man look like he is playing around? (Marc's video removed) My advise to Lloyd is if he is innocent, then go to the police in the U. K. and prove to them he is not "jle1979gobbler." This man is a piece of garbage and your backing him is going to make you look very bad in the coming days.

    @Tibor Cecelja Read this passage: (video removed) Now ask yourself, is the man you work for capable of this? Have you seen his interactions from years ago. He has a history of flirting with women that has been established. I have watched him get belligerent online with people that don't kiss his rear. Women have reported that he gets hateful if they don't flirt back. He admitted he can't control his body. He admitted to going to countries where prostitution is illegal which includes Thailand. Thailand is known for trafficking women including minors. He never once said what he did was wrong and apologized in his 90 minute confession. In fact that video was meant to weaponize his audience against Kim Silvio. Meanwhile you want more proof and you think we are nuts. I eagerly look forward to your reply.
    @Tibor Cecelja I realize this all must be hard for you to accept, but please do your loved ones a favor and keep them away from Lloyd. I still think you would be better off quitting Lloyd's channel too. He is not worth it.
    @NonCoinCollector oh no, the police have some screenshots that wouldn't be considered evidence anywhere but on social media. Are you people serious with this stuff? If that was enough evidence to bring someone down then everyone would just fake some screenshots and bring down whoever they dislike.
    @NonCoinCollector There is no Marko, and that was already proven years ago. But why do research when you can act like a justice warrior? If he does exist, his only relation to Dijana is being Croatian. By that logic I am Dijana's cousin as well. Our country is small but it ain't that small. Also, I love the fact the video about Marko has what appears to be some weird version of the Serbian flag as a thumbnail. The guy posting doesn't even know the difference between Serbia and Croatia
    @NonCoinCollector also, when calling someone garbage you better step forward with your real identity. Since you believe you're right you have nothing to fear. So many of you are running around spreading false information under disguises because you're not even sure it's real yourself but you like acting like you have the moral high ground whilst ruining people's lives. Pathetic.
    @Tibor Cecelja By all means, continue your delusions. Your boss is a bad guy and now the whole community knows it.

    @Tibor Cecelja I think you are lying when you say there is no Marko. A number of us have spoken to him, although I have not. Either way, this is now in the hands of the police, so Lloyd will have plenty of explaining to do. As for the thumbnail, only someone like you would care. Yes let's throw out the whole thing based on a Serbian flag being used instead of a Croatian one. Looks to me you are grasping at anything to defend your position. Good luck with that. @Tibor Cecelja I will give you the same offer I gave your boss. If you want to know who I am, then let me know when you come to Kansas and I will introduce myself to you and Lloyd. I can't very well put my name out there as there are people inside Watchtower I must protect. Shame on you for not knowing better and bitching about my screen name. Feel free to report to Lloyd that I think he is currently the biggest piece of garbage in the ex-JW community.

    @NonCoinCollector a number of you have spoken to... A person. Has he provided actual evidence of him being related to Dijana? You have not provided a single shred of evidence actually saying Lloyd engaged in CSA. And yet you accuse him of it. Come on, give us your name. Why be anon when you have the moral high ground? I have no problem displaying my name because I know I am not saying anything that could lead to legal action against me. Why don't you do the same? And yes, it is funny how someone who is making a serious video throwing accusations of such nature would fail at most basic things like googling "Croatian flag" when making a thumbnail. I am not saying it's making the video invalid but it is funny. What is making the video invalid is a story that wouldn't hold up in any legal institution.

    @Tibor Cecelja I guess we will see who is right and not soon enough. Why are you worried about not knowing my name? Why does that bother you? Again, I have to protect people that are still in Watchtower. Why are you too stupid to know this?

    Anyway, I am done talking to Tibor at this point because he is trying to dox me.

    Edited for missing posts.

  • cleanideas

    Get ready for the return of Lloyd. So much to do, gotta fleece more money from the Patreons, buy some hookers, and then blame those pesky exJW's for all of his problems!!!

  • NonCoinCollector

    How is Dijana and family letting him live in that house? I am starting to think she must support his behavior. I don't get this at all.

  • WingCommander

    This is incredible. In Lloyd Evans mind, this is all over and done, back to "business as usual." This guy is delusional and so full of himself! No one even wants to HEAR from him, much less actually SEE his grotesque unkept perverted neck-beard!

    Jim Baker must be his inspiration. Get caught with your pants down, and STILL make a comeback and fleece your remaining local followers. At least Jim Baker looks a helluva lot different now.......Lloyd can't even be bothered to shave or shower off the smell of the Thai strip club.

  • notsurewheretogo

    I think people are forgetting something.

    Marc Latham made a video of him handing in the evidence and they will have named their sources etc.

    IF these were a fabrication then those who are handing in the evidence are in serious trouble for a) wasting police time and b) slandering/falsely accusing etc.

    I hardly think the exJW's that have reported this to the authorities are stupid enough to create fakes and get busted for it. The police will want to know how the emails (not chat so text speak is less prevalent in emails) were obtained and I'm sure they will be told by those that supplied them to the police.

    In short, its highly unlikely these can be fake without serious risk to the ones submitting the evidence or the ones who obtained it.

    Another point I can't wrap my head around. If someone accused me of this and went to the trouble of handing it to the police and recording it I'd be outraged because it is not true but Lloyds reaction seems or strange in that "it's fake but let's move on".

    Lloyd's first video and first live stream are going to receive a whole load of comments.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    The ones reporting it now feel they have little choice given the seriousness of the accusations whether or not they personally feel this amounts to real evidence. Either way (faked or not) it is of such a serious nature that police involvement is the correct response.

    If it is fake then they have been duped into doing so but will have no fear of consequences from the law unless it is felt by the police that malicious intent was the motivation for reporting it and even then likely nothing will happen to them. If they are seen to have had a hand in faking it themselves then that will be another matter entirely.

  • Reservations

    If I was Lloyd, and I hadn’t done anything involving minors, I would be on the first flight back to the UK reporting to the police station to clear my name. AND, I would make a video assuring my “listeners” I am innocent, and telling them exactly what I’m doing and where I’m going to prove it is all made up slander. It’s 2022 for Fucks sake, the police can get to the bottom of it all by dinner time with all the Technology they have at their disposal.

    The fact he is just plowing ahead, and talking about The Matrix and Star Wars instead makes me think he is guilty as sin and is just wishing the whole thing away.

    But the thing is Lloyd, unless you really face this head on and prove without a doubt with the aid of UK police you are innocent, it isn’t going away. Ever.

  • Simon
    IF these were a fabrication then those who are handing in the evidence are in serious trouble for a) wasting police time and b) slandering/falsely accusing etc.

    No, if anyone comes across anything that may be evidence of such crimes, they have a duty to give this potential evidence to the police. If it is faked, then only the people behind the fakery would face any consequences.

    If you hear something, or see something, report it. The police have the resources to investigate the claims.

    Otherwise, we're exactly at the WTS standard of "well, if you didn't see it yourself, then you don't know, so don't say anything". Is that really what we want the standard to be now?

  • Toblerone5

    Is it just me ,but it's look like when somebody leave a big Cult, then join a smaller One narcissistic sex-addict gourou cult, They become even more endoctrinated ,more blind, there devotion is bigger ect...If you thought waking up a JW was hard THINK AGAIN...

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