It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • ForeverAlone

    Very interesting. Another JW had a branch rep at his JC for suspected pedophilia.

  • pr0ner

    ForeverAlone... there is a reason he has filed in Croatia and will not file in the country of where the defendants are. It's simply too costly. He'd need a foreign legal team willing to take on a case that will likely fail. Any legal help we receive will have to come from a lawyer in Croatia who can shut this down. It's currently being looked into. So there may to be a need for a fundraiser. My guess is with a simple motion to squash due to lack of jurisdiction it gets thrown out pretty fast.

  • Diogenesister

    It may be that given the country involved, given the rural area & given the current financial climate, I wouldn't be surprised if Cedars relationship with his lawyers isn't as straightforward as it might be in the west.

    Cedars in-laws probably have deep and long standing local connections, too, so it's possible he has what we would view as a very informal agreement with his lawyers. The student also seems to be doing much of the leg work, which may get him a discount (or may be usual, I don't know).. Either way I wouldn't be surprised if things are not quite as kosher as we would expect in the west, despite the firm's qualifications being in order etc and the fact he was followed the countries legal proceedure.

    For example the firm may have advised him it's all a waste of time but he's offered them a smaller than usual remittance to say nothing and allow him to 'pretend' his case has legal merit by using their "name", as such.

    Just a thought.

  • pr0ner

    My guess was that it's his corporate lawyer who he has probably had for the last few years. They told him this would go nowhere but they could put it in the court system. Likely at a lower rate than they would normally charge. This might explain why they refuse to engage. Most attorneys would take any communications back to their client in hopes of a swifter resolution and communicate back to the defendant reaching out. In this case they probably agreed to simply file and put it to bed until it weaves its way to a court.

  • TonusOH
    ForeverAlone: I was thinking that they could hire Croatian lawyers to try to counteract what LE's lawyers are possibly doing unchallenged by any defense representation.

    I don't think they need to. Keep in mind that, since this is a criminal case, the local prosecutor must determine if he will allocate resources towards a case that will go nowhere. Getting judgments in a case like this is meaningless to the court and to the local jurisdiction. At best, they might rubber-stamp a piece of paper with no intent of following up, because they have limited resources and are not in the habit of indulging every idiot with a hang-up and a social media presence.

  • Toblerone5
  • raymond frantz
    raymond frantz

    Look who's dropped in for a surprise visit in Wilmslow today? Video of our conversation will be posted here soon

  • slimboyfat

    This is so ridiculous. He won’t even say what he is accusing people of having said that is not true. He can’t because it’s entirely bogus. He thinks that if he lies often enough, and declares himself to be the victim loudly enough, that people won’t see that he is lying. I can see how his method might work, because you just don’t expect someone to lie so outrageously and adamantly. It’s like if you saw someone screaming and balling in the street that they had been attacked, you would just assume they must be telling the truth, because otherwise why would they be behaving like that. In reality he is trying to distract attention from his own harmful behaviour and he reckons that if he relentlessly points the finger at others hysterically, then onlookers will take his side. It’s interesting how quickly Andrew Gold and Dr Sohom Das saw through his act and called him out for what he is, and interesting too that he isn’t pursuing them for libel. I guess he realises there is no way of changing their opinion and he has nothing to gain and everything to lose from challenging them. He has his eye on new followers and financial backers and reckons his hysterical finger pointing and claims of victimhood will reel in a few new supporters.

  • Pasta_Hour

    Hello, Joel from the "Magnificent Seven" here, thought it was about time I'd register and join in on the conversation. Not really sure where to start with any of this. I don't have the time or inclination to go into every last detail, but I'll get a few items off my chest and give you a QRD from my perspective.

    I was there years and years ago to see Lloyd's original flipouts to people asking legitimate questions based on his weird, vague blog posts. Red flags galore. Lloyd had a meltdown on facebook blaming Mike & Kim for what some random commenter by the name of "John Smith" concluded in response to his blog posts. I think Mike & Kim have all the original screenshots of what exactly happened, it would be interesting to see them posted again if they do, maybe they already have I don't know I haven't read all 516 pages of this thread. iirc their daughter Shyla (who was an exjw youtuber at the time) committed the sin of hitting the like button on one of John Smith's posts, and that's likely why Lloyd was trying to connect the two.

    A pattern I've noticed is that Lloyd will immediately turn to the tactic of raising social pressure to quell whatever is being said that he doesn't like. I think that's what happened with his trying to blame Mike & Kim, he likely thought they would just fold under the pressure and try to hush "John Smith" up.

    Anyway this soap opera is what had me and others begin taking a more critical look at what exactly Lloyd was writing. It was weird. I remember thinking it was odd just how often Lloyd enjoyed writing on the topic of masturbation. After his book came out, seeing the excerpts detailing his betrayal of his wife with "girls", the odd admissions to making love to a bethel shower drain, etc, etc... it just seemed beyond inappropriate and I got the inkling (later confirmed in his own words) that the book was written to cover his tracks.

    So, having time on my hand I had went back and watched his original videos, one of them being his "My Judicial Meeting is tomorrow" where he admitted a branch rep would be present. In this video he mentions having "damaging information" that he didn't want to resort to if they could make some sort of a deal. He mentions in the video not wanting the elders to "go beyond what is written". It raised several immediate red flags and questions. Why a branch rep? I asked a few who had direct insider knowledge of WT inner workings, and the consensus is branch reps only come out when WT smells liability, and it was not a normal happening. So what was the "damaging" information? Why would someone wanting to make a name for themselves in the activism arena want to sit on such a thing?

    It didn't make much sense.

    So when the whistleblower known as "Marko" made public comments on our fb group warning people about Lloyd, I decided to read them on my YT channel. I woke up to a string of comments Lloyd left. Starting out with "Marko? We don't know any Marko. Me and Dijana had a good laugh at this", and then like 5 minutes later followed up with panicky "do you know what this will do to my activism and my family?" type comments. So at first he brushes it off as silly but then within a few minutes decided it was ultra serious and would ruin him? I saw Dijana (was it actually her? don't know.) posting for the first time on YT to deny Marko. Then Lloyd decided to make a series of blog posts setting his audience upon me for giving the posts by Marko the time of day. I had a whole 1500 subs. I wasn't making a living off it. Nobody ever took me seriously in the first place. So who cares what I think? I didn't even call Lloyd a pedo, I just asked if any of it was true.

    It didn't make much sense.

    Then in 2017 when Tom (jwFairyTale) after being contacted from someone who purported to be from one of Lloyd's old congregations confirming the matter, he decided to see for himself. In the comments section on YT he asked Lloyd a few basic questions about his story, including simply asking how old the youngest girl was that he had an interaction with. To which Lloyd was evasive and responded with anger and threats.

    So Tom ended up crashing a live video I was doing on YT for our Warwick meetup, and didn't hold back. I think Tom was angry that everything only added up in one direction. Yes he just came out and warned people that Lloyd was a pedo. My sin was that I didn't shut Tom up. I allowed him to speak. I was shocked at everything, but I did not call Lloyd a pedo myself. So Lloyd started with the legal threats and accepted donations from people to come after us legally. But nothing ever happened. He wrote a series of blog articles on me, but never targeted jwFairyTale. Tom said the things, I just didn't feel the need to shut him up. Tom is a big boy and is responsible for his own opinions.

    But Lloyd did decide to harass Tom in real life, including contacting his JW parents to threaten them with a lawsuit over what their adult son said on the internet. When his mom didn't buy the legal threat, Lloyd threatened to kill her before hanging up. We decided to just sit on it. We weren't going to give Lloyd the satisfaction of knowing he got to us. What was the point? He owned the narrative with his fascade, and we were blacklisted from reddit and other outlets, we were bullies and nobody would hear differently. Because he made such great videos. So we both ghosted the scene and have been better off for it.

    But since january of 2022, we don't care anymore. And you are free to take or leave what I've written here. You can write us off as paranoid liars and conspiracy kooks who just want to see Mayoman go down. But the reality is the entire thing just made us sick to think about. Seeing Lloyd finally exposed for the trash that he is has been bittersweet. I hope the people in his audience that decided to take his word that we were just bullies out to bully because we are mean vile people may start to understand that maybe he didn't portray the entire truth in his attempts to get people to dogpile.

    I'm not worried about his legal threats. As far as I'm concerned he's spent. It's my opinion that he took what he learned from WT and turned around to weaponize it for his own glory and pocketbook. Seeing the IICSA participant was funding the human trafficking underworld with money/donations from his activism "work" is beyond disgusting. I've mended fences with so many people since january, and I'm glad for that.

    The grift is up, Lloyd.

    Anyway thanks for reading my post, I'll be sitting back with popcorn for what is coming next.

  • Simon
    I've seen many say that LE went off to Thailand regularly to see prostitutes or words to that effect

    I haven't seen anyone say that. He admitted to using prostitutes regularly, and to going to Thailand where he "dated" a sex worker. It doesn't mean the regular use of prostitutes were in Thailand. It appears to have been multiple countries from what I can gather.

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