It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Vintage

    DavisPauley, you may already know this, but I'll repeat it anyway...

    From nolo .com:


    Truth is an absolute defense to defamation. Remember that defamation is a false statement of fact. So, if the statement was accurate, then by definition it wasn't defamatory."

    Also, Davispauley, you said:

    "His confession, though, seemed sincere; which means, he regretted his actions, and from regret comes repentance."

    No. A confession does not mean that Evans regretted his actions. People usually speak of someone having given a "sincere apology", not of having given a "sincere confession". A "sincere confession" would only mean, "Yep. He sure did that!"

    But you also said:

    "I don't fault Evans for going to Thailand and having some fun with women and sex."

    Evans is married, but you don't fault him for "going to Thailand and having some fun with women and sex." I hope that a review of what you've written will give you a clue as to the reason for the seven downvotes you've received.

  • Chinapomo

    The most hilarious part is that Lloyd seems to actually be convinced that people with a large followers based will be targeted in the future by some not better identified smear campaign, unless he goes on with the lawsuit.

    I'm not really sure if he's actually believing his own bs or if his just using this as an excuse.

    If it's an excuse, well obviously no one is buying it. You have a clear persecution complex Lloyd. Just like the jw. Literally no one is after exjw content creators. Unless they breach copyright laws. 😂

    Get over it. After YEARS of "activism" you have an abysmal engagement rate on your social media accounts. No one likes you except for other troubled individuals and new exjw/pimo. But they'll find out the truth about you soon enough.

    Must be hard though to see Kim having a great time. But blaming her for all of your issues is once again the same tactic used by the borg. You really can't see it, can you? Victim blaming and gaslighting just like you learned in your dear MTS classes

  • Diogenesister
    DavisPauley I was out for about a year or so, I visited a massage parlor. I was naive; I went in for a legitimate massage. Well, the masseuse, massaged my back, and then I turned over to have her massage my front. I was covered with a towel. However, the masseuse began to move the towel and the friction made me have a hard on
    She then asked me if I "liked" what she was doing. I said "yes." "

    I presume you were single, in the west and the woman was an adult. You also had a massage and were not groping and invading the woman - so props to you there.

    Evans used women in Eastern Europe and Thailand, both of which are notorious for trafficking minors and coercing vulnerable and desperate young women. Over half of whom begin as kids. Let that sink in. This man claims to advocate for child abuse victims and domestic violence victims.

    Your lady may not have been forced to have sex for money with wealthy Europeans on pain of violence or hunger to her or her family.

    But I can practically guarantee she is addicted to something - drugs or gambling - came from an abusive childhood, has a violent or addicted boyfriend or family back in Eastern Europe badly in debt or poor. And even if she's in that 0.1% of sex workers who briefly does it with an objective - like college, then gets out - she will certainly pay a real emotional price eventually, whether she's aware of that yet or not.

    DavisPauley YOU, unlike Lloyd, are not claiming to advocate for child abuse victims (and making a damn good living out of it). He had zero compassion or understanding for those victims who work in the seedy and dangerous Thai sex trade. Nor did he even try to understand the exjw victims of CSA who were deeply disappointed in his behaviour and NO he stated he has no intention of stopping! So how can he be sorry? He tried to pressurise his wife into an open marriage for God's sake and when she said no - he stomped back over to Thailand, at new year, just to punish her!

    NB No where did Kim accuse him of doing anything he didn't admit to!

  • Toblerone5
  • MeanMrMustard

    I still don't know what "lies" Kim has told. Everything she said about Lloyd he subsequently confessed in a public video. We all saw it.

    Did he file any suit yet, or is he still droning on about how slow the wheels of justice roll? At some point he's got to produce a list of "lies".

  • MeanMrMustard

    Also, I look forward to page 600. Here we come.

  • Vintage

    Davispauley, you said:

    "The moral of the story: Be careful of whom you tell your transgressions to."

    But you also said:
    "I don't fault Evans for going to Thailand and having some fun with women and sex."

    Davispauley, you are "talking out of both sides of your mouth". Putting those two statements of yours together, we get: you don't fault Evans for... trangressions."
    UE .com says:
    "Idiom: Out of both sides of your mouth
    If you talk or speak out of both sides of your mouth, you say different and contradictory things to different people, so that people are left unsure or confused."

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    My latest thoughts on Twitter:

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  • raymond frantz
    raymond frantz

    Ah, the seedy underbelly of the ex jw community that finds no issues of an advocate of CSA victims sleeping with prostitutes in Thailand who are 99.9999% actually trafficked children.I had one of those in my Exjw Facebook group and kicked him out for advocating this indefensible position.

    Davispauley, be gone!

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