It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Simon
    I was thinking that they could hire Croatian lawyers to try to counteract what LE's lawyers are possibly doing unchallenged by any defense representation.

    Why bother? This is what he wants people doing, running around, being his puppet on his string. Unless and until anything actually happens just ignore it. IMO it's simply a publicity stunt to convince his gullible followers that he's been wronged.

    If some action does ever occur, then go nuclear and spend money fighting it. But the idea that Croatia has any legal jurisdiction on anyone else is laughable.

    I propose that one of the magnificent seven create the fundraiser or if they do not want to I propose Simon if he doesn't mind that is.

    I don't mind helping however I can, but I have zero experience with fundraising platforms.

    It may be that given the country involved, given the rural area & given the current financial climate, I wouldn't be surprised if Cedars relationship with his lawyers isn't as straightforward as it might be in the west.

    Don't forget that he literally used the lawyers closest to his house as the crow flies. You can see on the map it's the first legal firm on the road to the nearest town. He's doing the cheapest thing possible - he's just paid a minimal amount to send some "scary" letters that people rightly laughed at. Everything else has been him talking and trying to "big himself up", and we know how reliable that is.

  • Simon
    Hello, Joel from the "Magnificent Seven" here, thought it was about time I'd register and join in on the conversation. Not really sure where to start with any of this.

    Welcome Joel! Yeah, there's so much you forget about a lot and trying to organize all the stupid into a clear narrative is a challenge.

    It's my opinion that he took what he learned from WT and turned around to weaponize it for his own glory and pocketbook.

    This is the most succinct summary of who and what he is and what his purpose has been from the start. He's a user - he used people when he was a JW, and he just switched to using exJWs when they booted his ass out.

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    @Pasta_Hour of course we have the original screenshots

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    You see, I just knew Mike & Kim would come thru! haha

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    Thanks Joel/Pasta Hour for your comments on this thread. Part of the aim has been to try to get as much facts recorded in the one place and that's happening here. As you well know, efforts to expose him in the past have largely failed and hopefully this won't happen again.

    I don't recall seeing the posts written by 'John Smith' that made Lloyd so angry in the first place.

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    He’s the one who threatened to fly to Australia to pursue Kim and he won’t give up until he’s 84!

    Again he is accusing the other person of doing what he is doing.

    I guess Kim, as others in the wake of this car crash, is trying to piece together how on Earth this monstrous situation arose, and a lot of it points back to LE’s early dodgy activities at that KH in the UK.

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