It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • slimboyfat

    A helpful graphic from graphtreon for LE to illustrate the “steadfast support” of his patrons:

  • Diogenesister

    Unfortunately I've no doubt he turns the emotional thumbscrews on a select few, Slim. Many of whom reason that the sheer volume of his output over time allows him more opportunities of reaching believing Jehovahs witnesses. Whether we agree or not, they probably prioritise getting the information out and therefore their own family and friends out, over the moral character of the man whose holding the biggest megaphone.

  • Toblerone5

    Also this, look at the drop from 2021 when he made his video with Marc O'Donnell ,Kim Silvio also used to be on those videos...Now he does them all by himself, wonder why? DUH. Is it just me but what's up with July 30 one?

  • slimboyfat

    Diogenesister he is a master manipulator and some his remaining patrons are apparently susceptible. (Cognitive dissonance?) There are probably some others who signed up ages ago and are not aware of what’s been happening. To have lost half of his paying supporters in less than a year is about as dramatic a collapse in support as it gets. There is another YouTuber boogie2988 who started out as a sympathetic character but ended up boasting about doing similar things to LE. In his case it took a few years for him to lose most of his patrons, a very long process.

    I know LE acts as if he’s the “biggest megaphone” but the statistics just don’t bear this out. There are at least 4 other xJW YouTube channels that reach a bigger audience than he does in terms of views, and a number of others that are a similar size. So where does the idea come from that he isn’t a minor player or isn’t dispensable?

  • Thisismein1972

    Well, I suppose he gets more views than CNN+ ever did...Oh wait!

  • BettyHumpter

    Lloyd Evans.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    In his case it took a few years for him to lose most of his patrons, a very long process.

    And it will likely be the same in his case. The YT stats have little do with the Patrons and that is not a stat he’s posting anytime soon if ever. He mentioned Patrons in response to the trolling he received a couple days ago about losing over 20 of them at the end of the month. It was his way to troll back and reassure his followers they are going to win this battle of attrition.

    He’s always been dependent on the convention videos to strum up financial support. During the off months there were always leaks like pillowgate, bottlegate, Bethel refugees he helped break free and “documentaries” which required a lot of time, effort and money for travel costs, etc. and now all that is gone. Plus if he wants to write two books as he says he wants to, that’s more videos he’s not going to have time to make.

    Now all he has are the summer convention videos and the random exJW who left him a voicemail who wants to be interviewed. Meanwhile Kim is traveling the UK as he often did and is meeting the “who’s who” of the community. A trip he couldn’t make anymore outside of a meeting a handful of remaining supporters.

    His content suffered from March into May and the patrons leaving reflected that. Then the conventions happened. Now he’s headed into the autumn and winter months with little to talk about.

    That’s the problem he has right now - relevance. Folks move on from being interested in JWs and will eventually drop as financial supporters due to this decreased level of interest. His lawsuit isn’t geared towards his antagonists, it’s more for the newbies who run across all this negative information about him. He wants to be able to point out that these people who made the critical videos were sued and convicted.

    The lawsuit and the lack of any traction and success with it is also a problem that’s not going away. He’ll eventually be forced to spin some sort of narrative that they got away with it and it’s the court’s fault.

    Winter is coming.

  • Vintage

    Apparently Evans has managed to keep Dijana and their two chikdren. How elderly are Dijana's parents?

  • Vintage

    Each narcissist has a different maneuver for how to get rid of persons who are no longer serving his purpose. And, each narcissist has a maneuver for keeping persons in his service who are useful to him or who bring him pleasure. If or when Dijana and his two children cease to be useful to Evans, then,... if he is a narcissist,... he will likely just disconnect his life from theirs.

  • Toblerone5

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