It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Vintage

    In Evans’ facebook post, he said:

    “Suffice to say,not that its anyone’s business but of those I met in Thailand, sex workers or otherwise, nobody was a minor by either Thai or US law and all were in their 20’s or older.”

    So, if Evans ISN’T talking about having sexual relations with female persons in Thailand, then why would it matter that nobody he met there was a minor? In fact, how would ANYONE manage to take a trip ANYWHERE and not meet a single person on that trip who is under 20 years old?

  • LouGoode

    So his entire case stands on the fact that while he admitted to using prostitutes regularly for 3 to 4 years, he’s claiming that when he went to Thailand he at that time dated a prostitute, and therefore anyone saying he used a prostitute in Thailand can be taken to court for slander?

    isn’t that like a known burglar taking you to court for slander when you said he burgled your house and he’s saying, well I admit to burgling other houses regularly but I just wandered into your house and didn’t burgle it.

    and this is not wasting a courts time, how??

  • Vintage

    I feel sorry for the poor judge if this ever does actually go to court. I also feel sorry for the poor interpreter if this ever does actually go to court.

  • Chinapomo

    BettyHumpter, why did Lloyd include the sentence?

    As it might be quite obvious at this point, Lloyd is not the smartest.

  •  Debra

    Betty Humper no we didn't assume he was in Thailand to spend his money on Thai prostitues we KNOW this because HE HIMSELF told us all, but hey like he also said at least he didn't club any baby seals to death

  •  Debra

    I suppose he could always re-adopt the John ceders name and blame it all on Lloyd Evans for lying in his confession video

  • slimboyfat

    It is difficult to follow, because it’s so stupid, but his argument really is as stupid as it appears. He really is claiming that there is a difference between going to Thailand AND using prostitutes, and going to Thailand TO visit prostitutes, and that anyone who confuses those two completely different things is displaying racism. He first tried to fly that harebrained idea on Andrew Gold’s podcast, and was met with complete incomprehension, but he seems determined to stick with it.

    Meanwhile his patron number has reached a new low of 453. 🎉

  • Ron.W.

    Wow that patron number is low - wonder how low it will have to get before Lloyd considers building up a window cleaning round?

  • CalvinistEmily

    He keeps crying racism when he's a white wealthy Englishman sexually abusing women in poor or colonial countries. We're the real racists for talking about it. It's like if Lt. Pinkerton had a Twitter account and pretended to be progressive.


    Lloyd if your reading this - lets end this. I am tired of your bullshit and I’m tired of your arrogant stubborn behaviour.

    Issue a copy of the documents you lodged with the court to the community and if you have any valid points the other members of the “magnificent seven” and I will do a livestream outlining the valid points, make the necessary corrections and apologise.

    After that you are welcome to continue with your court proceedings as you planned.

    if it is the case, as I suspect, that your case is full of manufactured truths and bullshit then we can all know and forget about this farcical attempt to bulldoze the community.

    You are correct in your comment on YouTube - you know it’s fodder - if it had any facts or basis - no one would be able to mock it…..

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