It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • TonusOH

    Reading that, you'd never have guessed that this all started when he admitted that he was buying sex behind his wife's back and heading on an extended holiday to Thailand, a holiday that did not include the same family that he is suddenly very concerned about.

  • Chinapomo

    Loool. Awesome. Imagine thinking that this will help him increase his numbers of patreons. Lloyd going again full wt style

    "There wil be no more challenges"... Until the next YouTube comment section...

    I've lost count of how many times he said he's not gonna comment any further, only for him to go ahead and do just that.

    Keep doing it sir. You'll keep exposing yourself

  • Chinapomo

    Lloyd you seriously blaming her for not being able to buy toys for your kids? You can't afford an haircut for your daughter? How about you get a REAL fucking job, you cunt!

    Stop projecting. You are a failure. Grow the fuck up

  • Toblerone5

    Back in august he posted this. Now he say's Kim Silvio is to blame for his weight loss. OH COME ON!

  • JWBeliefsDiscussed

    My response to Lloyd Evans releasing a new statement regarding Kim Silvio & his mental physical and financial state

  • Toblerone5
  •  Debra

    Lloyd you are the worst liar I've ever met, how is it Kim's or anyone else's fault that you not only regularly jet off to Thailand to cheat on your so called "lovely wife" with prostitues every couple of months for the last four years, did someone force you against your will onto that plane every time??? Did they force you to make it into a selfish sex holiday for one not a family holiday for four ????? And did they force you into the brothels against your will??? That's the reason your short of money Lloyd because you have been continuously spending it on Thai prostitues you admitted it or are we to believe you were also forced against your will in front of a script when you confessed all we all heard you say it Lloyd we all heard you admit it so in your selfish little mind how can it be our fault for what you did

  • Thisismein1972

    Kim if I was you I would put the authorities on alert regarding his statement. He is a very dangerous person and he has threatened to pursue you in Australia. You have every right to take his statement to the police as he sounds more like an obsessed psycho than anything else.

    I cannot believe what I have just read, this needs to be shared far and wide for everyone to see before he deletes it, because he will definitely delete this rant eventually as he always does.

    I thought for a minute I was reading something from Lloyd Evans Parody!

  • Thisismein1972

    On the lines and grey hairs. I'm sorry to break it to you Lloyd, but you are forty-three. What did you expect, long-flowing locks into your old age? Oh yeah, I forgot, you regard yourself as Jesus, therefore you are immortal. My goodness me, this man(childs) vanity knows no bounds!

  • Simon

    What Lloyd still doesn't grasp is that he did this to himself and only has himself to blame.

    Did someone force him to spend money regularly cheating on his wife with prostitutes? No, it was all him. Don't bemoan that you don't have money when you spent it on an extravagant lifestyle beyond your means (lots of unnecessary traveling and vacations, plus paying for hookers).

    I think I said some time ago that he didn't seem the type to plan ahead or to deny himself anything, so it looks like as his money arrived he's rushed to spend it, living a lifestyle based on a temporary blip of earnings, all built on lies.

    Get a real job, earn a real wage doing a real thing (have you ever done real work, something other than coasting as a pioneer?). The ex-JW grift you had going on seemed to be quite a lucrative little earner, but you blew it up with your lack of self-control and arrogant lack of humility. If you relied on it so much, you should have been especially careful to not burn it down. But you did! You chose to jeopardize it pursuing sexual gratification and living a lie, portraying yourself as a loving husband and father when instead you were a cheat.

    You still won't accept or admit it Lloyd, but a significant part of your "persona" is built on claiming to be an advocate for CSA survivors and that is wholly incompatible with using young prostitutes in countries with serious human trafficking issues. Anyone who knew about it who claimed to work in the CSA arena had a responsible to distance themselves from it and warn others. People in that position have a duty of care. You failed in yours spectacularly.

    If your life is so messed up that you can't properly provide for your family and have to take drugs to cope, maybe that says more about you than it does anyone else. If your wife and kids are stressed because of what has happened, then again, that is all of your doing. You did it to them and I don't know why they still want to be around you.

    I doubt anyone is going to bother going to Croatia for this BS legal pantomime you are trying to sell the world. I also doubt that any semi-competent legal representation would be OK with you making public threats like you have.

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