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    Lloyd Evans, who is a former elder of the church, but left in part because of the way child abuse is handled, told Sky News: "It's in their own documents, in their shepherd book that they collate this information.

    Lloyd tells Sky News he left the the church because of the way child abuse was handled by the Watchtower Society. In a video he posted, he tells the real reason why he attended his judicial meeting and why he left left the church.

  • slimboyfat

    If all this was true, why on earth would Watchtower cover it up? Watchtower tried to exclude him from ICSA last year. If they knew this about his background, then why not use it to have him excluded, instead of messing around with lesser accusations? I am not following this at all, although I am open to explanations for how this could make sense.

    However, as it is, I am sceptical about the worst claims out there. Aren’t the things he has admitted to already bad enough? I think there’s a danger of playing into his hands by shifting focus from the things he has admitted, onto other accusations that may be exaggerated, unprovable, or untrue. He might even get more sympathy that way, if people get the impression that old enemies are going over the score.

    Don’t get me wrong, if there is evidence for these serious allegations then throw the book at him. But in the meantime, the things he has already admitted to: in particular using vulnerable people in a foreign country for his gratification, and habitually lying to family and colleagues, and not using funds for the stated purpose, are already more than enough for many reasonable people to say he should no longer be in a position to advocate for vulnerable abuse victims, and he should no longer enjoy cooperation and support.

    From all the stories that have come out in the past week, it’s becoming increasingly clear that he has exerted a malign influence in so many cases the whole time he has been on the scene. He has driven good people away. He has used the free labour of many while claiming all the financial reward for himself. He has sensationalised people’s stories with little or no aftercare or real interest in their emotional well-being. Other victims, whose stories he has not managed to secure exclusive rights to showcase, he has attempted to marginalise and undermine. His material is highly derivative and often presents dumbed down versions of in depth studies that preceded him. His extremely long video reviews are tedious and boring. His reviews were often longer than the original material he was reviewing. Anyway, you get the idea. I don’t think we are losing much, and probably will gain a lot from him vacating the scene. The one thing he did well was to serve as a conduit for receiving and publishing leaked material. But we have our own Atlantis who is the star in this field. All we need is someone who can curate it in video and other forms, which I am sure many could make a better job of doing.

  • silentlamb_silent_no_more
    Lloyd tells Sky News he left the the church because of the way child abuse was handled by the Watchtower Society. In a video he posted, he tells the real reason why he attended his judicial meeting and why he left left the church.

    OMGoodness he cannot keep his lies straight anymore! That's a good find. Someone grab that video of his quick, before he takes it down.

  • slimboyfat

    notsurewheretogo, can you post the comments here or a link?

    I don’t think I’m in the right Facebook groups, and again Reddit is a nightmare to navigate.

    How much worse can this get? I knew he was a pretty nasty character, but I am really shocked.

    (can discard this post, it was a delayed post, now redundant)


    Did Lloyd leave the Jehovah's Witnesses because of concern on how the Society was hiding and the handling of the child abuse cases? That's what he told Sky News!

    Lloyd tells Mormon Stories the real reason why he left and became an Ex-Jehovah's Witness Activist!

  • braincleaned

    I'm really saddened by this. His private life is his to deal with, but he blocked me on Twitter because I offered two pieces of advice:

    1)—Donations for the cause is not to be used for personal expenses. For that, his followers deserve an apology, not a narcissistic justification.

    2)—I also told him that there is no defamation to sue, since his own words were confirmed (in more detail we needed to know) on his now deleted livestream.

    I'm surprised he is not using the expression "witch hunt", also used by a known narcissist that is incapable of apologizing while admitting wrong.

    Very disappointed!

    Oh! And yes, I was wrong to ignore the warnings.

  • Toblerone5

    what is good for the goose is good for the gander

  • Reservations

    I always thought him being so outraged about “ice cream money”, “bottlegate” & “pillowgate”, and his fascination with Tony Morris, was all a bit pathetic.

    Everything he criticises JWs about now, everyone can just turn round and say “yeah, but you slept with hookers on the regular for over 4 years, whilst your wife and 2 kids were at home”

    How he’s got the nerve to return to making videos is beyond me.

  • notsurewheretogo
  • notsurewheretogo

    The posts above are from Lloyds wife's family.

    Other exJW's reported this to the authorities in the UK in 2017 who advised if the victims do not come forward and he is out the country they cannot do anything. The Croatian authorities said if the crime occurred in the UK it is up to the UK law to act so nothing came of it.

    As I understand the exJW's have since been back in touch with his wife's family to ascertain more now that this recent events have come to light.

    Of course, we have no idea if any of this is true.

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