It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • sparrowdown

    The grift is real and continues.

  • WingCommander

    I wonder when Rick FEARon will have Lloyd on as a special guest, to tell how WatchTower has "set him up" to take such a grand fall from grace?

    I can see it now; Johnny the Bethelite will call in and claim that he was privy to overhearing Anthony Moron da Turd's grand scheme, but couldn't hear the Celebrity Apostate's name that they were planning against because Johnny was stuck in the closet and it was muffled and TOMO3 was slurring his words.

    If Dijana has any sense at all, she'd kick this worthless loser out! He'd be living in a tent and cuddling with his full body-length pillow for company, Bethel-style! lol

  • pistolpete

    If Dijana has any sense at all, she'd kick this worthless loser out!

    NO-instead---Dijana needs to be smart. Loyd is wealthy somewhat by all the donations he has gotten and the business. She needs a law firm specializing in Law that deals with the situation and the Country. And she needs to get most of the assets and monies, legally since she is the one raising the kids. Investigation needs to be done to see if there is evidence of him having sex with children. If so, then all assets and monies go to Dijana. And his ass will go to prison.

  • slimboyfat

    There are obvious gaps in the story as it has been presented by Lloyd. He was content to use sex workers behind his wife’s back for years. He did not confess to her, she found out. What hasn’t been explained is why Lloyd decided to tell his paid and unpaid workers about the situation. It is vanishingly unlikely that he would have told them the details if it could be avoided. Something in his personal life forced his hand so that he could no longer keep his colleagues in the dark. So although he presents himself as in control of the situation, this may not be the case. Like many others here, I hope his wife and parents in law are already taking matters into their own hands. But I don’t expect we will ever know the full story, because the family rightfully have no interest in talking about this publicly, and anything Lloyd says about them or for them can be disregarded as unreliable. A man who lies to his wife and family for years will think nothing of lying to everyone else about his wife and family.

  • Simon
    "I would like to reiterate that as a professional activist I get to spend my wages as I please"

    I wonder ... does he pay Payroll taxes on those "wages" if he believes he's employed?

    Because I'm sure the relevant tax authority would be interested.

    He was content to use sex workers behind his wife’s back for years. He did not confess to her, she found out.

    Yeah, one thing is certain, he would likely be continuing to do what he has been doing if it hadn't been found out. In fact, even though it has come to light, he seems pretty adamant that he's done nothing wrong so presumably does intend to continue to spend people's donations to cheat on his wife.

    She needs to kick him out because he's putting her at risk and her kids at risk. They should lawyer up, empty the bank accounts and change the locks.

  • FedUpJW

    I never really got into his stuff because I find the videos irritating and can’t watch.

    That pretty well sums up my opinion, even though I don't have a dog in this fight. That said, there are other exJW's that have Y.T. video channels that I find just as arrogant, smug, smarmy, and irritating, and I do not watch those either.

  • Fadeaway1962

    If this excuse for a human being is controlling his wife's social media and access to funds from bank accounts and blaming her for his sexual conduct with sex workers .

    He is guilty of domestic abuse and that's a crime in Croatia ,and he has admitted to it in his attempt to excuse his behaviour in his video .

    If anyone is in Croatia and knows his wife they should seek advice from a local domestic abuse agency or the local police. .

    And for those that feel it's ok to keep subscribing to him , think about it you are giving tacit support to the domestic abuse of his wife and kid's.

  • Nitty-Gritty

    One of the things that got me was when he said that his wife discovered a "photo" and then some time later he goes to Thailand to "figure things out". How did he think he was going to figure things out visiting prostitutes?

    As many on here have said, he is not doing the exjw community any favors (by the way I'm a jw). I can see how cult like many of the exjws are by their applauding comments, all in full sympathy (not on this forum) with him. It seems that they have left the jws only to find themselves another leader to follow. I feel sorry for them. They think they were blinded by the WT, and now they are allowing themselves to be blinded by this obviously narcissistic manipulator.

    I've never met the man personally, but I may have bumped into him at an assembly because we were in the same circuit.

    I think he's done so well for himself in activism because he has the gift of the gab, that's for sure. But, I also think he's been using this avenue to stroke his narcissistic ego and to shift blame. At the expense of vulnerable people.

    Somebody mentioned he is a spoiled brat. This really rings true. I have seen this kind of behavior, blame shifting, rationalizing, and it usually comes from those who feel entitled.

    I agree that there are some who have been treated badly and unfairly by the org. But I don't think that has ever been his case. He was rightly disfelowshipped for repeated sexual misconduct, which as he has now proved is an intrinsic part of his makeup, although he blames WT for it. (I can just picture his arrogant attitude at the JC). Just keep blame shifting.

    He is a whiney baby who needs to get himself a proper job. Or if he wanted to use his specific talent, he should have gone some other direction, like a Joe Rogan thing.

  • Toblerone5
  • Simon

    I'm still amazed that is response about the 14 year old isn't to immediately outright deny it.

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