It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Diamondfrog

    I swear this guy psycho analysed James Lloyd Evans. So good.

  • NonCoinCollector

    I don't think that's Lloyd. He hasn't threatened a lawsuit, had to say libelous or mentioned his Thailand girlfriend once. The real Lloyd can't go 2 sentences without doing at least one of those things.

    Simon, you are likely correct or perhaps Lloyd Evans AKA John Cedars AKA James Lloyd Evans was being restrained in an attempt to not give himself away. Lloyd knows my voice, but he doesn't know my name. He has sent people after me before including Tibor in an attempt to dox me. He also knows this screen name as I have taken him to task many times with it on YouTube. The fact "Harpocats" made their first post about me makes me smile. Don't worry, if you are Lloyd Evans I will be talking to you again soon.

    As for me needing to get a life, Lloyd Evans, you occupy so little of my time that pestering you is as Ryan George says, "Super easy, barely an inconvenience."

  • NonCoinCollector

    So Lloyd retweets this:

    And this is one of the replies:

    LOL. Add Tim Smith to the lawsuit!

  • Diamondfrog

    Tim Smith. You are not the only one. This is just laughable.

    James Lloyd Evans for tax.

    I'm willing to bet that Tibor is paid based on the cheaper end of the local going rate in local Croatian currency, not a proportion of the income based on the relative effort he contributes.

    I am willing to agree with that bet 👍

    You have said quite a few different things to me and several others on different social media platforms, and you keep contradicting yourself!

    Please tell me what I’ve lied or contradicted myself about. I genuinely am happy to discuss this, but calling me names and shouting at me isn’t helpful.

  • usualusername1

    The only way is up, baby....

    Lloyd Evans aka James Lloyd Evans aka John Cedars (all on autocorrect baby) you still remain as the second listing on Google. It's only a matter. Facebook is number 1 and lots of people will bypass that. Anyone looking for you will see that hire prostitutes.

    Lloyd Evans you disgust me.

    Lloyd Evans fan (not)

  • silentlamb_silent_no_more

    It is therefore right and proper that the XJW community holds members of the community to high standards of accountability. We need to make sure that it is obvious to everyone that we are accountable to each other.

    Lloyd Evans\John Cedars whoever you are, some of us aren't going to let go of this.

    Nailed it!

    Lloyd Evans
    James Lloyd Evans
    John Cedars/Cedars

    You listening? Oh I hope you are reading, James Lloyd Evans!

  • silentlamb_silent_no_more
    Also 100% agree with that!!!! I also think we need to be slow to put our hands in our pockets….we don’t HAVE to financially support anyone. We can if we want, but we don’t have to. I’ve seen so many comments about people wanting to “move their financial support to xxx person”…..why?

    Absolutely! I would be mortified if anyone wanted to throw money my way. I've been to the Scottish Government, gave my evidence on CSA and Watchtower and if anyone wanted to compensate my travel etc, I could not take it because I'm doing it for the children and I hope the evidence that others are providing to them is standing up on its own.

    There is a way to do advocacy work without asking for money. Keep your money folks. Or give it to a Child S3x Trafficking Charity that supports victims of CSA/CSE. I'm sure Victoria Guiffre has a charity. Goodness me did anyone know Ghislaine Maxwell was a JW? Makes you think!

    Yes James Lloyd Evans. There is a way to do advocacy/activism for free. You should try it sometime and get a real job!
  • smiddy3

    I can`t believe there is 175 pages to this guy and this subject ? really ? ENOUGH !! SURELY.

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