It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Diamondfrog

    Hugs and condolences to you.

  • raymond frantz
    raymond frantz

    By now even he can see the writing on the wall wherever he goes his online reputation will follow him, especially for someone who wants to date online, people look up your name 5 minutes after you meet them.Thats why he is escaping to the big city where he can hide.If I was him I would change my name too and quit doing any exjw videos, the longer he produces exjw videos the faster his infamy will spread online

  • NonCoinCollector
    I've moved into a new apartment in central Zagreb until the 20th and it lacks a parking space. Does anyone nearby have a spare space I can use, even if just for a couple of days?
    Theory: if you have a car, and move someplace that doesn't have anywhere for a car to go, and ask if anyone has a space for just a few days ...
    ... could it be you're getting rid of the car?
    Remember my theory about some people expanding their spending to match their income? What would you do if you got a car lease or loan and then your income dropped suddenly and unexpectedly?
    Nothing but idle speculation of course.

    Maybe James Lloyd Evans is planning on leaving Croatia. I wouldn't put it past him to sell the family car and abandon Dijana and the kids. I could easily see him leave the country and make it impossible for her to get any child support. I guess we will know in the next few weeks.

    Note: this is merely an opinion based on previous observed behavior, only additional idle speculation.

  • NonCoinCollector
    BLESS HER HEART... same facebook adress

    I have parking space as well if he would like to ship his car to the Mid-west USA.

  • Thisismein1972

    Could also be he's actually abandoning his car. Depending how old it is and depreciation value it might not be worth selling. Anyone who agrees to take his car may be left with a lump of metal on their driveway.

  • Vintage

    Thank you to the condolence-givers. I was exhausted by the ordeal. I don’t wish a court case on any of my loved ones. Many court cases drag out for a long time, too, draining people of their energy and part of their joy.

  • Toblerone5

    about the car. he drive a black BMW SUV. (you can see it in a lot of is video you ,in march 2022 he did a video: Helping refugees flee ukraine ( uploaded YT may 19 2022) Is driving another car though? But It could be a car he rented for the occasion. Maybe he didn't want to use is car why??? You make your own conclusion. and I did block the license plate number... all photo from the youtube video... first photo that's is car...

  • TonusOH

    Maybe not if money is tight? (or just that you're a cheap freeloader)

    Money might be tight, if you are paying for an apartment and still need to provide for the family that you have agreed to separate from. You might also need some extra cash in case you run into any eligible singles who might agree to go out for lunch and a couple of drinks. Or if you can't suppress the urge to rent a girlfriend for a week or two.

    All this while your financial support base keeps shrinking, for reasons that you just can't seem to grasp. Don't they understand what the life of a professional activist is like???

  • Toblerone5

    JW are having there summer convention live? not on the Broadcast this years, I wonder if JLE will do the Rebuttall of them .There a lot of work, he would need to be in the "bunker" for that. do he want to spend all that $$$ on Tibor for editing all those boring long Talks? But then again ,that is what is Patrons are Paying him for .Don't say it ,don't say it...He could use a GREEN SCREEN...OOPS! To late...

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    Sorry, if I'm re-posting something that was already posted. @Lloyd Evans Parody posted this on Twitter:

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