It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Toblerone5

    Apparently ,JLE demanded to have another interview so Kim Silvio wouldn't have the last word... and another one ,and another one. Poor M. Gold he really tried those time to make him accountable BUT...

  • Chinapomo

    This true? 😳

  • Parzival

    I have caught up on Andrew Golds interviews with JLE and Kim, and the rebuttal this morning.

    Still gets me though when he craps on about engaging sex workers (and i feel sorry for them having to ensure that 15second experience) because he didn't want to go outside of relationship with his wife etc, then talks about having a relationship with a sex worker not 10mins later?

  • Chinapomo

    Parzival, as we have said many times, Lloyd is not the smartest guy in the block... That and also remember that it's difficult to keep up with all the lies...

  • Simon
    then talks about having a relationship with a sex worker not 10mins later?

    The more he talks, the more contradictions there are. People who lie often have trouble staying consistent with their stories, but you don't normally expect them to do so in back-to-back sentences like he manages.

    I think "I dated a hooker" is pure comedy gold. Like "no, no, I wasn't just paying strangers for sex ... I was dating the hooker ... who other people payed for sex" is such a great explanation for anything.

    Lloyd is not the smartest guy in the block

    Ain't that the truth! He's clueless and this entire thing is completely of his own making. I don't mean the mess itself, which is his doing, but the publicity of it and constant pouring gasoline on the fire. His ego is so huge he thinks he knows best and can just explain everything away. But unfortunately for him, no one else is quite so dumb and gullible.

    "oooh, Mr Woyd, it me, Ting-Tong, your girl fwend!"

  • Diogenesister
    Says he is sure Jessica (he names her) will have memories from this period. Again brings up Ukraine and seeing hospitals being bombed, and says it’s not as bad as that. Says he drove to the Hungary-Ukraine border to pick up refugees.

    My god this is awful. Poor kid. But how is that the fault of the Twitterati?? Jessica isn't on Twitter.

    What this means is that her parents are fighting - or Lloyd is raging, crying or otherwise acting out of character in front of her.

    Those of us who've suffered with narcissistic, aggressive or otherwise damaging parents know exactly what that feels like.😢

    He is traumatising her whilst blaming his Twitter followers, Kim & others for his child's state of mind.

    A new Low Lloyd.

  • Simon

    Imagine trying to invoke your young child as a shield to take the heat of yourself for whoreing?


  • Diogenesister

    Wow Bonnie Zieman left a message under Andrew Gould's video. Didn't know he was a BBC journalist. I couldn't get the whole message in but it continues with " (he)will do whatever it takes to maintain his income stream. Don't let him scare or bully you, Andrew. He is someone struggling with many issues and needs serious help."

  • Listener

    I'm catching up on the Andrew Gold's review of the interviews with Lloyd Evans and Kim Silvio.

    His level of paranoia has hit an all time high. IMHO it sounds dangerously high.

    Andrew Gold points out that Lloyd Evans contacted him, asking him to do an interview. Lloyd Evans later claims in a discussion with him that it was the other way around.

    Lloyd asked that he not interview Kim Silvio as he didn't want her to have the last say.

    Andrew offers to interview both him and Kim at the same time. He said no, so then Andrew offers to allow Lloyd to feed him questions on the side during the interview with Kim.

    Lloyd then responds 'very angrily' and accuses Andrew of duping him, the victim, into this (the initial interview) Lloyd claims that Andrew did this so he could use it as fodder to enable Kim Silvio, to bully him even more. This accusation was made even though Andrew knew nothing of Kim Silvio until all this came up and has only had dealings with Lloyd previously.

    Lloyd also accused him of cheap tabloid sensationalism. He threatened to remove his patronage from him which was all of 1.50pounds a month, he has since done so. It's almost as if he is paying people for future favours.

    Lloyd told him that Kim is a pathological liar and if she lies on his interview, which he said she would, he will add him to his lawsuit.

    Imagine that, for years Lloyd has engaged and allowed a pathological liar on his team, including his website and on his Youtubes.

  • Diamondfrog

    Imagine that, for years Lloyd has engaged and allowed a pathological liar on his team, including his website and on his Youtubes.

    Yes. His name is Lloyd Evans.

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