It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    He thinks he’s in the right to accuse Silvio? - I think there's more than a touch of misogyny the way Lloyd is going after Kim Silvio.

    I mean, obviously, there's misogyny in him cheating on his wife with sex workers.

    Figure it this way: Kim is a together, with-it, successful or at least moderately successful woman.

    And Lloyd is a toxic man-child whose life has become a train wreck. He obviously can't stand it that Kim put her head above the parapet.

    Bottom line is, however, Kim has done nothing wrong. It wasn't has if she was divulging state secrets or even that Lloyd had gotten her to sign a confidentially document which was legal and binding.

    Lloyd isn't of low intelligence - he's quite articulate with a pretty good command of English. But he is also an idiot. He told Kim what he'd been doing and just assumed that she would be like a little mouse, lol.

    Kim saw what he was really like, took a while to digest it fully, then told his patreons because they give Lloyd a lot of money on good faith and deserve to know what he's really like.

    Kim was not legally obligated to shut her mouth re Lloyd's escapades, and she's not legally obligated to give Lloyd details of her qualifications and work history.

    I just can't see how Lloyd's lawyer will think he's got a case, after reviewing this thread and others.

  • Thisismein1972

    Those who are on the NPD spectrum are known to use fancy words. It's all part of the power and control mechanism and to make them look far more intelligent than they actually are.

  • CalvinistEmily

    He shouldn't worry so much about the Patreon losses. If ever money gets tight and he can't afford to feed himself and his family, he's familiar with the sex industry and he knows he can make ends meet doing that. It'd be kind of niche since he's a bit older than most prostitutes, but if he did whatever the johns wanted he could make some money. I mean, if the industry is good enough for him to be a client, it's good enough for him to work in it, right?

  • TonusOH
  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    Here is what started the attack against Marc & Cora.

  • Toblerone5
    he's quite articulate with a pretty good command of English.

    well we have to give him that. he does love to use fancy words, it's the simple one he have trouble ...spelling some ?.... I know ,look who's talking here... Mais ,french brain? Oui?

  • CalvinistEmily

    I think LoveUniHateExams has it right re: misogyny. Lloyd calls Kim all sorts of names, while Andrew Gold and AltWorldly get described as having been led astray or manipulated by Kim. I bet that's how he thinks of his punting too, the hookers tricked him into renting them and the poor thing doesn't have mastery over his penis so he can't help himself. It's never his fault and it's usually a woman's fault.

  • slimboyfat

    Yes, that’s true. A qualified psychiatrist has actually called him a psychopath with narcissistic personality disorder in a public video. If any statement was legally actionable you’d think that would be top of the list. (Not saying he would be successful, but it’s a more serious judgement of his character than simply starting the facts, as Kim Silvio has done) Yet he doesn’t go after Dr Sohom Das at all. Why is that? Is he afraid? If so then he is being more calculating than his out of control, crazy demeanour would at first indicate.

    Plus Andrew Gold, an investigative journalist who has reported on cult leaders compares Lloyd to a cult leader. In his mind it’s easier to take on Kim Silvio than Andrew Gold and Dr Sohom Das.

    It’s probably worth repeating the comments of Andrew Gold and Dr Sohom Das for a number read of reasons. Number one, they are serious allegations and characterisations made by qualified and independent commentators. Secondly, Lloyd himself seems to be avoiding them. Thirdly, it could help thwart Lloyd’s attempts to attack the character of Kim Silvio and others.

    In an attempt to sound reasonable Lloyd also made the comment in the Andrew Gold video that exploitation in Thailand is “a conversation worth having”, yet he has never actually had that conversation at all. If it’s a conversation worth having, then when does he plan having it? (Is another question it might be worth putting to him, for those who can be bothered engaging him at all any more.)

  • TonusOH

    I'll be a bit surprised if he doesn't file a civil action against Dr. Das, though not entirely. A bit, because the suits are not filed with any expectation that there will be a response; he wants to claim that his detractors wouldn't even bother to fight the charges. But not entirely, because it's possible that Dr. Das would retain counsel and respond, and that would mess up the ploy quite a bit. I don't believe that Evans wants to be questioned as part of any legal action, because his confession video exists, and it would require him to either admit to the court that he committed a criminal offense, or deny it and weaken his credibility significantly.

    And that latter part makes it particularly amusing when he tries to make it seem as if Kim has painted herself into a corner with her refusal to give him info on her legal career.

  • Bangalore

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