Marc & Cora on YouTube causing unnecessary divisions

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  • jambon1

    What is it with this pair? Why do they have to constantly have a bitch about guys like John Cedars? A very recent video of them shows them calling him a 'village idiot' and making other disparaging claims. What the need?

    For what it's worth I think Lloyd (Cedars) has a very well thought out set of arguments. I happen to agree with his perspective. Marc and Cora come across badly in my opinion. They clearly love the limelight. That's all fine and well but to start a video by having a direct dig at another 'apostate' just looks terrible and causes unnecessary division.


  • pale.emperor

    I think there are far too many ex-JW couples on YouTube. It's getting silly now. John Cedars is, i think, the better produced, written and thought out. He clearly puts a lot of time in to make them. I wouldn't have the time or patience to do it.

    I do think ex-JWs online should support eachother, not bitch about the other one. If you dont have anything nice to say about them, dont say it. Thats my motto.

  • hillfy333

    It is sad to see the squabbles taking place. I also feel Cedars argument is sound. We all know how much the borg is going to milk this situation. This will galvanise the witnesses, make them that much more determined to support the brotherhood. Through this ban attention will be diverted from legitimate concerns like child abuse, blood ban, and shunning. There is no doubt that many are victims of the watchtower, but handing the watchtower a circumstance where independent support for them through the Russian ban, will be counterproductive. And also under ban the witnesses will continue their abuse of children, refuse blood transfusions, and will still shun. The only solution i see is state run education programs, providing factual information about how weird the witnesses are. The ban will only fortify them.

  • iwasblind

    Amen to that. We have left a judgemental organisation, why do we have to judge eachother.

    We should all be able to express ourselves as we wish without being critical. It's Youtube for goodness sakes, if you don't like someone you don't have to watch them.

  • Onager

    Humans being humans. :(

  • gerry

    If it is the same video I watched I believe that video was some time ago nearly a year and they have not been making any videos of late.

    I am never impressed when people air their dirty linen in public. I watched that video and felt it was like kids in a school yard calling someone names.

    Anyway to their credit they were on a panel with some exjws and it was excellent

    faith to faithless

  • jambon1

    It wasn't the above video.

    Here it is.

  • Check_Your_Premises

    well on the other hand, it is nice to see people who can actually voice an opinion or disagreement, rather than some forced unity BS.

    I have noticed that former JW are, at times, obnoxiously contrarian. Which is cool. They earned the right in most cases.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Whatever else these two may say about Cedars, and whatever his personal failings, he is manifestly not a "village idiot;" saying so only devalues their contributions.

  • Diogenesister

    Argue, debate, express your feelings's all good and healthy, Mike and Cora made some good points as did Cedars in his excellent video.

    But I agree with room 215, please, for goodness sakes, don't start bashing other individuals who happen to disagree with you. It came across as petty and vindictive and takes away the power of your message.

    I thought Kim's reading of the Russian constitution, though, very interesting and I would recommend a listen ( it's in the first part of the video if you want to avoid the playground squabbles).

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