It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Thisismein1972

    "But it would at least show what it would take for some self-awareness to slip in."

    There will be no self-awareness, only feigned emotion and manipulation to try and salvage what is left. As soon as he thinks people have fallen for it he will revert back to his true persona.

  • TonusOH
    Well, I didn't mean self-awareness as in him realizing what kind of person he is. I mean at some point he might realize that his approach is hurting him and not helping. I don't expect he will ever do any honest self-reflection, but maybe he will realize that he needs to at least pretend that he understands why people are running from him.
  • Vintage

    vienne said:

    Lloyd would be better off 'repenting" and returning to the Witnesses. At least he would have some sort of moral guidance.”

    I hope you won’t mind me saying this, vienne, but Watchtower is hypocritical in the moral guidance it gives. They have a “good ol’ boys club” where elders support each other in getting rid of unwanted wives with a minimum of inconvenience. Elders have the Shepherd the Flock rule book; others don’t have it. Elders know all the dirty tricks.

  • vienne

    Vintage, I don't mind your words at all. Elders do tend to turn needed consultation into a club. I have no experience with Elders abusing the rules on divorce, but I do not doubt your experience either. Mom in her intro essay to Separate Identity 2 wrote about Watchtower secretiveness:

    "An article published in the June 1, 1997, Watchtower said: “True religion in no way practices secretiveness. Worshipers of the true God have been instructed not to hide their identity or to obscure their purpose as Jehovah’s Witnesses. The early disciples of Jesus filled Jerusalem with their teaching. They were out in the open as to their beliefs and activity. The same is true of Jehovah’s Witnesses today.” [Italics are mine.] The same is not always true of Jehovah’s Witnesses today, nor has it been true since the Rutherford era. While their doctrine and practices are easily found in their literature, they withhold historical material. I cannot explain why. I believe an accurately told history of the Watch Tower movement benefits all of the descendant religions.

    One of our prepublication readers suggested that Watchtower Society reluctance to open its archives derives from a fear of misrepresentation. Internal matters, policies for church headquarters staff and similar matters generate documents not generally circulated by any religion, though few hold them as secrets. Carolyn Wah, a Watchtower attorney, tried to refute the commonly made observation that the Watchtower is secretive and uncooperative, writing: “As an active Witness for over twenty years, I was initially puzzled by comments indicating that professional researchers had found it difficult to gather information about Jehovah’s Witnesses. Information about the Witnesses is, in fact, voluminous, detailed, and readily accessible. The Watchtower and Awake! magazines have been published ... for many decades and are regularly distributed ... .”[1] She blamed researchers for not consulting available material, quoting Rodney Stark and Laurence Iannaccone’s 1997 article found in Journal of Contemporary Religion which noted lack of serious and thorough research into Jehovah’s Witnesses. Though that situation is slowly improving, we obviously concur with Stark and Iannaccone. Wah is absolutely correct when she suggests that academic researchers should do their homework. Witness doctrine is not secret. It is clearly explained in Watchtower publications. Much of current congregation practice and social structure is elaborated in easily accessible Watchtower publications. "

    This continues with examples of Watchtower secretiveness. That a textbook is kept secret is an alien concept to me. No, I don't find offence in anything you've written. Suggesting he return to the Watchtower was not meant seriously.

    [1] C. R. Wah: An Introduction to Research and Analysis of Jehovah’s Witnesses: A View from the Watchtower, Review of Religious Research, December 2001, pages 161-174. Among the resources she recommended were two of Firpo Carr’s books, poorly written, neither particularly helpful, and sometimes inaccurate.

  • Toblerone5

    By the way , how nice is it that in november 2021 DUMB*SS , went to Houston Texas, then in December in Thailand and now 6 month later, London during the jubillee celebration , the hotels rate are probably higher too...But he doesn't need a big room anyway since is WIFE and 2 little girls are not there. with him. What a selfish DUMBASS! and all this time is wife is in Croatia ... But to be fair ,HE WORK SO HARD!

  • Diogenesister
    Kim Silvio As far as I am aware, JWBD doesn’t reside in England or Wales….if I’m right, that could be a problem 🤷‍♀️

    Ah yes. Different legal system. If I recall based more on the European Civil system? Very weird.

    ic. He said that regardless of the criminal case result he was filing civil suits.
    Kim Silvio This has confused me since he made that statement 🤷‍♀️

    👍Is it possible he logged the criminal complaint:

    1) because I'm assuming it's probably free to do so, being a criminal complaint?

    2)So that when & if he lodges a civil suit, he can document that he registered a criminal complaint as supporting evidence?

    (Just my theories, could be totally wrong)

  • Simon
    So that when & if he lodges a civil suit, he can document that he registered a criminal complaint as supporting evidence?

    If something is free to do with no barrier to it being initiated, then it can't be used as evidence of anything other than it was initiated. So it should neither strengthens or weakens the other case. Only a verdict would do that.

  • Vintage

    vienne, yes, there’s a secret book for elders. But, in recent years, it has been leaked to the public each time it’s been updated. Recently, a new edition was leaked within days of its publication. Even though the book lays down Watchtower rules, nobody can count on the rules holding when you need for them to hold. Watchtower overrides its own rulebook whenever it finds overruling the book more advantageous to Watchtower.

    Shepherd the Flock of God, 2019

    Introduction, page 8, #3.

    “This publication is copyrighted and confidential. It is issued to each appointed elder. If an elder is deleted for reasons other than moving to another congregation with a favorable recommendation, he should turn over this publication to the Congregation Service Committee to be destroyed, and any electronic copies in his possession should be deleted.”

  • vienne

    Yes, vint,

    I know. I've read it. Seems silly to hide something that has almost nothing that can't be found in other, publicly available publications.

  • Vintage

    It does have MANY things that can not be found in any other Watchtower publication.

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