It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • TonusOH

    Lloyd -the childish video maker- had his patrons drop by thirty.

    If you had asked me in the past month, whether I thought he would lose any more patrons in large chunks, I would have said I highly doubt it. This is staggering.

    I wonder how many are finally learning about what happened, and how many were wavering and were finally put off as they realized that Evans was not remorseful about what he had done. Watching someone in his circumstances continue to be a jerk to people online has to be having more of an effect than I expected to see.

    I would not be surprised if he attempts an about-face at some point, to try and salvage what is left of his support. He would not do it with any sincerity, so it would probably be another train-wreck, and just hasten his downfall. But it would at least show what it would take for some self-awareness to slip in.

  • Newly Enlightened
  • Newly Enlightened
  • Chinapomo

    The big drop has to do with the new month. Probably a lot get counted when the new month begins. Anyway there are still 506 too many

  • silentlamb_silent_no_more

    Hi James Lloyd Evans. I see you are still lurking here because you've downvoted Kim and Mikey's comments in the last few minutes. I thought you would be busy in the red light district of London. Or is that yet to come?

    Hey Lloyd, see whilst you are there in that seedy place full of scum and villainy, perhaps you can keep a look out for the Roma girls who have been trafficked there! Possibly get them to some safety - if you are actually an advocate against CSA of course!. Or is it only children in Watchtower?

  • silentlamb_silent_no_more

    Well seeing he does not have his finger on the pulse AT ALL!

    JW's in the UK are not back cart preaching for the moment. Verified by xjw's who have family still in.

  • WingCommander

    Mirror-Mirror on the wall, who's the most despised ex-JW of them all?

  • NonCoinCollector
    Well seeing he does not have his finger on the pulse AT ALL!

    Lloyd Evans never did have his finger on the pulse. He simply got good at editing videos, and does a decent job of pretending he cares while the camera is on. It was his guests that gave him the content and tips he needed. Now that they have been made aware of how awful of a man Lloyd is, he is forced to only make rebuttal and pathetic advise videos.

    That is sad regarding the trafficked Romanian girls. I wish it were possible for me to reverse all the wrong in this world. It is easy to see why so many leave Watchtower and turn to atheism.

  • silentlamb_silent_no_more

    Lloyd Evans never did have his finger on the pulse.

    I am aware. His followers though? They think he does. :laughing:

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