It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • nicolaou

    Welcome to the forum Tropical Mermaid. Sorry to hear you've suffered because of LE. Please don't feel obliged to share more than you have unless you want to.

    I join with you in thanking Kim for speaking up.

  • Simon
    To the point where I"m really going to struggle to collaborate with other ex-jws uh due to this, which is a real shame...

    Translation into reality: no one wants to work with me anymore, because I'm a cancer to the community.

  • Wakanda

    He alluded that people are jealous of him because he was an elder and went to MTS. As a result, he has special insight into the brainwashing.

    Whot? We get insight when studying people like Lifton.

    Someone could say he is just stupid, but that was manipulative for sympathy. He knows that does not give him insight on brainwashing.

  • TropicalMermaid

    Thank you Nicolaou. I appreciate your welcoming words.

  • usualusername1

    Lloyd Evans video came out today. He used to be known as John Cedars. I believe his full name is James lloyd Evans. He believes that's spending Patreon and Google money on prostitutes is fine. Having no control over his penis is fine.

    Lloyd Evans you disgust me.

    Lloyd Evans fan (not)

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  • TonusOH
    Translation into reality: no one wants to work with me anymore, because I'm a cancer to the community.

    Heh, yeah. What was the old fable, the fox and the crow? The fox can't get the crow to give up a grape, and finally insists that he didn't want it anyway. His gripes about how YouTube isn't doing enough to censor his critics probably won't go the way he is hoping, is my guess.

    He certainly knew who to go to for an interview, though.

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    Welcome to all the new ones. @Simon Atlantis says you should send us a bag of Dark Chocolate Oreos for breaking the record on here for a thread. LOL

    I'm sorry if someone already posted this. But I think it is important for everyone to know how disgusting it is for this abusive bully to raking in this much money, just on his patreon. Since he's lost over 300 patrons in the past 2 months, equals about $2,000 (US) a month.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    Nobody can say Lloyd spent his Patreon money on this and that, and then goes into the revenue for two books he published. “This is simply a lie” (very forceful and animated). “Lies do a lot of damage and I’ve lost well over 200 Patrons”. Andrew presses him for how much money he lost, Lloyd responds that as Andrew knows, it takes a long time to build up Patrons and he has been knocked back over 12 months in this regard. Says this drop has accounted for more than Tibor’s wages in lost pledges. Complains that in his Patreon pledge exit surveys most informed him that they were discontinuing support because they felt their donations were going to sex workers. Claims his lost Patrons “bought into this” and that the damage has been done. (Sounds very irritated and frustrated when discussing his lost Patrons). Regrets that he cannot take it up with lost Patrons and tell them how wrong they were and wouldn’t they like to pledge again?

    Andrew agrees that it muddies the water as to what money is spent on what when you rely on donations and is sympathetic to his plight on Patreon. However Andrew does make the point that Lloyd’s patrons simply felt that their morals don’t mesh with his and as a result, Lloyd is a victim of what he termed earlier as “consequence culture’. Lloyd responds that he did do something wrong, but only that it was against his wife. Says that Patrons should have asked him upfront if he was a perfect person before pledging and he would have told them no, and they should have made their decision based on that. Lloyd then stresses that the majority of his Patrons have stayed and a few have joined precisely because of the abuse he was experiencing.

    Again with the “flawed individual” label. Says just because he is a flawed individual, doesn’t negate his criticisms of WT. To suggest that Lloyd is compromised by his actions, “we are entering bullying territory”. “We’re talking about a group of people who just want to see someone burn and that’s a really toxic attitude to be cultivating”.

    Andrew again presses him on an apology, Says that whilst him and Lloyd don’t personally see a problem with frequenting sex workers, some of Lloyd’s supporters obviously do. Lloyd responds that he hasn’t said there was an issue with sex workers and there is a conversation to be had with that, but does not accept the premise that because he had contact with sex workers that he can no longer comment about CSA abuses and that it compromised him. “I struggle with that line of reasoning”.

    Andrew gives an analogy that if someone who worked for a charity that advocates for sex abuse and sex trafficking were to be found to be involved with sex workers, this might create a compromised situation. Lloyd deflects and says if people want to draw parallels between an organization what has a database of sex offenders it wont give up and someone who frequents sex workers , they are free to do so but most people can see the difference. He avoided the question with a false analogy. Again with the “consenting adults” vs “children being raped”. “For me, the difference is night and day”.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas


    Andrew asks about his mental state and states that Kim doesn’t agree with some of the over the top things that are said about him. Lloyd states that it is interesting that Kim is saying that now, but it’s a little bit too late after she has put this all into motion. Says he wont talk too much about Kim because he is “litigating against her”. Says exJWs carry immense emotional baggage, hang-ups and taboos regarding sex with no shortage of judgmentalism. Blames Kim for hurling accusations which as a result have snowballed into something else.

    “What Kim Silvio did was so invasive, Andrew, I’ve said at the time I can’t imagine feeling that much different if someone came into my home and burgled me and gunpoint and rifled through my possessions. Keeps mentioning Kim Silvio by name ever after he said he wouldn’t mention her because of the litigation. Keeps saying it was invasive and goes on a rant. Says that directly led to false allegations of Patreon funds being misused and being involved in sex trafficking. “It’s hard enough dealing with the true stuff, but layer on all the defamation, insinuation and all of the lies”.

    “It really has pushed me over the brink”. Says the only thing that is keeping him going in activism is that he hates to see bullies win and it’s clear he has support from the remaining patrons and people giving positive comments on the channel. Says he has spoken to other content creators and it has left them “shellshocked”. Says this entire debacle has driven some content creators to retire but doesn’t specify if they are exJW or otherwise.

    “Once the mob decided you need to be destroyed, you get torn to pieces and there’s no recourse or some kind of independent arbiter on YT”. The internet is forever, mentioned his kids who at 3 and 7, and at some point in the future they are going to have to deal with all of this. All he can do right now is hire lawyers and hold the people who are doing this over the next few years accountable so he can point this out his children as being vindicated. All this boils down to is a “lack of kindness and a lack of basic human empathy and compassion”.

    Andre asks that since Lloyd is on the progressive side of things politically, has this “bullying” given him a new insight into cancel culture? Lloyd says he has always had a nuanced view of cancel culture, he’s against a mob of unknown and unaccountable individuals floating all this information on Twitter and deciding to destroy people. He’s very much about principles, social justice and equality and if that makes him woke, fair enough. Almost anything can be weaponised and taken to an extreme and this applies to woke culture as well. Feels that woke and cancel culture are generally good and seek to provide kindness, but then circles back to Kim taking things to extremes.

    Says he is taking things day-to-day and is in a better places than he was 1-2 weeks ago and the anti-depressants are helping. Turned a corner now that the medication is starting to have an effect. Says that he still has enough money to maintain operations and pay Tibor. The big issue now is sorting out his own mental health and the issues within his family. Says his attempts to reconcile with his wife has been stunted due to all this controversy. As for his marriage, it’s too early to tell for him as to what this will result in but feels that he has already hit rock bottom so there is hope.

    Lloyd says he’s like to make a few more videos as he still has something to say, but would like to be in “glorious isolation” like Luke was in the new Star Wars trilogy on the remote island. Says he would just like to write books because he’s a writer. He’s like to have a boat and go fishing at weekends and being with his family. Stresses how hard this has been on all of them, including the children. Says he is sure Jessica (he names her) will have memories from this period. Again brings up Ukraine and seeing hospitals being bombed, and says it’s not as bad as that. Says he drove to the Hungary-Ukraine border to pick up refugees.

    Andrew concludes that he knows there are people listening to this that are out to get Lloyd, and to think about the human factor and how his family is suffering. Be careful of what you write on Twitter, think about that anger and what it will achieve.

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