It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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    Evans spoke glowingly of his wife in 2017.

    This excerpt just makes me sick! All I hear is “in spite of how badly I have treated her, she continues to allow me to treat her as a door mat”

    At that time, in 2017, Lloyd said that he was going to sue Tom and other members of the VAH. They told him to 'bring it on' and he never did.

    Highly recommended watching

  • Simon
    All I hear is “in spite of how badly I have treated her, she continues to allow me to treat her as a door mat”

    He does the same in other comments a few pages back, where he talks glowingly if people show "unconditional love" for him. He doesn't want any accountability, he wants submissive fools, never consequences.

    For him of course. He must be forgiven all sins. But other people? Even when they haven't done anything, he's all over it like a rash.

    And he probably knows all about rashes ...

    It's the hypocrisy that makes it worse - if he wasn't such a fault-finding judgemental prick people might extend him the same courtesy. But if you set yourself up as the executioner, you better not be caught doing things that warrant your own head on the block. You may find there is a queue of people willing to pick up the axe.

  • Vintage

    In the book quote on Amazon, Evans said: "I had the time and space to figure things out and come to terms with my drastically altered reality knowing that not everything had to change if I did not want it to.” And, having that security, THIS is what he came up with?

  • Vintage

    KIMSILVIO, I sent you a private message a few days ago. I'm just now figuring out the software here, ...including that spiffy avatar photography,... but I thought I'd mention my private message to you, in case you didn't know it was there.

  • vienne

    Lloyd -the childish video maker- had his patrons drop by thirty. Can we have a party now?

  • vienne
  • Thisismein1972

    This graph should put things into perspective!

  • lloydevansparody
    Most recent financials lodged for ipsilon lodged approx March 2022, shows this revenue. Happy to stand corrected if you confirm with your source.

    Yes sorry I meant profit and I have just noticed you said revenues. Both figures are accurate $130k revenues and $50k profit

  • NonCoinCollector

    504? WOW! It was 533 just a few hours ago. He has lost about ~45% of his patrons.

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