It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Yooters

    I think Lloyd should try and respires his YT Tomato channel! That would be ideal, maybe show us how he makes his specialty salsa!

  • TonusOH

    Well there you go, Lloyd is bringing up pedophilia when nobody is talking about it. Why would he randomly do that?

    It isn't random. It is his attempt to re-frame the controversy he is mired in. He wants to ignore the legit criticism and pretend that the only issue is that people are accusing him of CSA and that the accusations are false. He can then frame it as a particularly nasty bullying campaign.

    The problem is that he is the person who told the world that he was paying for whores because his wife just isn't enough to keep his uncontrollable penis satisfied. He is the one who keeps awkwardly insisting that everything he did was with consenting adults who are all over 20 years old, which makes him sound like a creep. He's the one who spent years treating people like trash and acting like an entitled jerk, which is why so many people are openly enjoying his downfall.

    And he's the one who continues to shit on fence-sitters who are questioning whether or not he deserves their support. On the bright side, at least he is making their decision a lot easier to reach.

  • Simon
    It isn't random. It is his attempt to re-frame the controversy he is mired in

    He loves the "innocent by relative comparison" defence. He even uses it in his livestream saying he hasn't murdered anyone or clubbed any baby seal to death. If I recall he fails to mention rape in his list or later deny a direct accusation of grooming a 14 year old, instead choosing to decry what he sees as a lack of support he's getting from exJWs.

  • 6820

    Guys hold the phone he's gonna solve the war himself!

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    He was careful to mention his wife coordinating behind the scenes with the Red Cross in the video. Now he's tweeting on behalf of both of them.

    This was the "PR" he was going on about before.

  • Simon

    Wait, so he's saying he can't go save people because he has the kids to take care of, but he was OK abandoning them for weeks to go whoreing? Or was he taking them all with him so there was only room to pick one person up?

    Priorities pal, get them straight. Also, aim to be consistent.

  • LV101

    I'm so glad I never took time to watch his videos - I tried couple times when someone would link but was always leery of him after reading issues he'd caused others -- seems he revealed names of JWs and wasn't being discreet. Don't recall all the details but I thank Simon and others for the warnings yrs. ago.

  • Diogenesister

    Another one of his many "teams". Rescue "teams" "PR teams", "legal teams". What a blagger.

    Perhaps if he hadn't taken a bunch of camera equipment and film team crew, he might have fitted in more people. Why doesn't he go back for more, or was it a one off to make you tube content on the back of the crises?

    Guarantee it was all Dijana's idea.

    God he's a pompous, insufferable hypocrite.

  • Vintage

    I Googled "Lloyd Evans scandal". This came up.

    "Did Lloyd Evans and Kim Silvo caused a rift in the exjw community?"

    Feb 1, 2022
    That question struck me as funny because, to the best of my knowledge,
    there has never been cohesion in the exjw community.
    In fact, IS there even an exjw community?
  • NonCoinCollector

    From Lloyd Evans Parody. I hope this was a weak attempt at humor by Lloyd Evans as this tweet makes no sense. However I bet this line works wonders on his pay by the hour girlfriends.

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