It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • CalvinistEmily
    Hope he has a hardcore muslim on. That will be funny

    Abdullah Sameer does that, and he's much more concise than Lloyd. He had a great video with Abdullah Gondal, an ex-Muslim neuroscientist, talking about the theory that Muhammad had epilepsy but it wasn't well understood at the time, and he and everyone else believed his symptoms were God affecting him.

  • 6820

    SoMeTiMeS oNlY wHeN wE vErBaLiSe IdEaS dO wE rEaLiSe ThE fOlLy Of HoLdInG tHeM.

    Love how he's going to force them to reveal all "warts and all". As long as it's not your warts eh Lloyd? 😉

  • Thisismein1972

    Is Lloyd passively having a dig at Andrew Gold here? It very much looks like he is.

  • lloydevansparody

    the bleeding seems not be stopping at all.

  • 6820

    Comment JW THOUGHTS

    People arnt stupid Lloyd.

    People arnt stupid Lloyd.

    That’s a nice comment, thank you for sharing it xx

  • 6820

    No worries Kim. I say that I too actually had a very negative view of you at the time. Believed Lloyd completely. Wrote some nasty things on ur twitter page. Saw his livestream tho and well here we are. So I want to apologise as well. I was wrong.

    Going through the comments there's a lot of people echoing what we've already discussed in this thread. It's interesting to see.

  • 6820

    Ah seems I spoke too soon

    Morality is fluid apparently

  • 6820

    Just as an aside I want to apologise if I'm spamming the discussion. I realise some people probably don't appreciate screenshot after screenshot.

  • wannaexit

    Lloyd needs to get a different job, maybe window cleaning. Then he could write another book entitle: the reluctant window washer.

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