It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    @Jehalapeno "I'd like to formally apologize to Kim & Mike for the contempt I've shown towards them over the years"

    Thank you. That means a lot. it took a lot to do that publicly.

    No hard feelings.

  • JeffT

    SilentLamb: thanks for the info about the law on the other side of the pond from me.

    Simon, thanks for clarifying the rules at Patreon.

    Some info about US tax laws. First, if you are running a non-profit you must have a legal entity to handle the money, and an independent board to decide how to spend it. Any funds paid to you must be authorized by that board. I assume Patreon's rules follow the guidelines. If they didn't that could be charged with money laundering and/or tax evasion. You can't take money for one thing and use it for something else.

    I'm not sure how this applies to money sent overseas, I'm still doing some research. Has Evans ever said he's running a non-profit?

    Edited to add: I agree with the many statements made above about potential damage to the XJW community. I'm sure we'll be seeing articles and talks about this.

  • Simon
    Dijana deserves better than this, and is now free to have a better mate, thank goodness. This is a hurtful thing for sure, but she is better off with someone else as a husband and father. Ick.

    Is she? I hope she has kicked him out, I can't imagine anyone not doing so. But he mentioned the in-laws being there, helping with the children. Good god, what does he have to do for them to convince their daughter she needs to put her own life and kids lives ahead of his ego?!?

    And the money may be technically his to do what he wants with it, but people mostly send money to support a cause they believe in, IMHO anyway. Why get mad at the WT for how they spend their money then?

    Even if it isn't legally wrong, which is may well be, I think it's clearly ethically and morally wrong. The people contributing did not do so to fund trips abroad to visit prostitutes. His Patreon page is lies when it's talking up the "husband and father" angle as though they are helping a decent family man working hard, far from reality.

    People who have donated should report him to Patreon and get his ass booted. Maybe then he'll get a job or lack sufficient funds to abandon his wife for a private vacation womanizing.

    I suspect the complete story is still to come out. If this is what he's admitting to, I suspect there is way worse that he hasn't talked about. But everything comes out in the end.

  • notsurewheretogo

    One of the things Lloyd kept mentioning was the fact he was helped by Producer Bob & Kim to get to Thailand then they turned so oh how bad they are but now proof is out there that he lied about his purpose in going to Thailand to scuba dive?

    Anyone supporting this guy needs their head examined.

  • Dagney

    Simon - agreed, agreed, agreed. "Is she?" In my opinion I hope she kicks his a$$ out. She's sweet and smart. But who knows. Parents/elders have told "sisters" for decades to overlook a husband's behavior, forgive and DO NOT divorce at any cost. Never turns out well. I hope she is progressive enough and cares enough about her children to move forward and create a new life.

    I don't know anything about his page, I'm not on Twitter and don't look at Reddit. I'm going to watch the video later just to see what everybody is talking about. After what we went through with him years ago, he is about as annoying as it comes to me and I'm being kind. We saw his threats to people on here, and I think he called me a liar lololol, when I told the truth. But soooo many people were happy to jump on his "activist" train. Not me. He has played dirty for a loooong time within the exJW community, nasty stuff...but not my story to tell.

    I honestly couldn't believe the windfall that befell him from social media...people will literally give money to anything and anybody. When I think of all his mocking of Tony Morris and the Scotch...yet he had his dirty little secret all along. (rolls eyes)

    I hope the lion's share of his supporters choose a different cause to donate to. It looks like he will retain some as the excuses for him and the $$$ are rolling in.

    And yes...I think there is much more and it is way worse. He will let us know because one thing for sure...he loves talking about himself.

  • sparrowdown

    I knew Lloyd could be a cocky (pardon the pun) sob, especially when challenged, but is he really so blinded by his own hubris he can’t see he is in very real danger of becoming a washed up meme over this?!

  • Diogenesister

    The fact he regularly goes to Thailand is the most egregious part. A place well known for its sex trafficking, especially if minors (he says girls in his response video and quickly corrects himself).

    He takes in money on the backs of child abuse cases,/victims with help from hard working and talented people like lawyer Kim Silvio and hard working and talented writer Marc o Donnell. No one else receives money from the livestreams and patreons (his recent 'apology' one raked in $1000 so far) yet he spends it on girls in Thailand and heaven knows what they've been through. He then insinuates it's his wife's fault as 'we're not sexually compatible" (we all know what the underlying narrative is there)

    I've got an incredible radar for guys. It's because of my history. I won't go into it but I'm that poster child your parents warned you about - and more.*

    (*Sad life.low self esteem, you know when you're alone in the world and young. Some of it really bad - just explaining why I get vibes about guys)

    I knew Lloyd was sexually dodgy and misogynistic. The way he gaslit the CSA victim in the ARC about her book and gaslit Jane who did such great work for CSA victims over on JW and over the top bashing of Kimmy of Mike and kim when she was unhappy with his self-publishing Ray Franz beloved book without permission. I noticed also his tendency to not have any strong older women's voices on his videos yet often bring in very young very attractive young girls with almost nothing to say, yet only for one video. It was very much a boys club. Any minor critique was met with immediate censorship, blocking and a public berating, mind you.although I put his 'touchiness' down to being an exjw who couldn't accept criticism easily.

    Just not surprised at all.

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    From 2016.... VERY interesting what Lloyd/Cedars said back then and what he says today.

  • cleanideas

    I was actually considering becoming a paid subscriber to his Patreon. I'm soooooo glad I waited. I was wanting to help with expenses regarding his activism, and sure daily bills as well, but I sure as hell don't want my money to go towards international travel to get with hookers all while his wife and precious kids are stuck at home none the wiser. I'd rather buy a bottle of booze for Tony The Turd than be apart of funding Lloyd's whores! I'm so devastated by all of this. He basically just made the GB view of us seem correct. UGH!!!

  • vienne

    I do not understand why people continue to support him. He attacked watchtower ethics, often over minor things, but he has no ethics let alone morals of his own. Last I look he still had over 100K subscribers. Are x-witnesses that insane? surely not.

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