It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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    Where on you tube is the don't recommend this channel mentioned by non coin collector so I add my "don't recommend" to his channel

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    It depends on what you are using. On a PC, when the list of suggested videos is displayed, you can hover over a video and there will be a three-dot icon under the preview. Clicking it displays a menu with a number of options, which includes "don't recommend this channel."

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    DerekMoors said,

    She also did a phone interview with Lloyd after her show was cancelled so they were all in touch somehow after that one episode.”

    I didn’t know that Leah Remini’s show had been “cancelled”. I remember that it had sounded like she was going to expose more groups and perhaps do a sequel on JWs, but then I never saw any more shows from her. How was the cancelling of her show announced and who was in charge of cancelling it? What a shame that she wanted to do more, but couldn’t.

  • DerekMoors

    Leah's show ended in 2019:

    However the decision was made, I'm sure we'll never know all the behind-the-scenes details. But according to its Wiki article, viewership was declining over its 3 seasons and they apparently didn't even crack a million viewers for the JW episode:

    For what it's worth, I know it's not Leah's or Rinder's responsibility to always comment on everyone that's been even remotely associated with their work but I also think their silence is deafening. They're all ears when someone like Lloyd and people on twitter contact them to work together and potentially expand their audience but suddenly have nothing to say about his repeatedly cheating on his wife with prostitutes and seeing sex workers in Thailand, a place notorious for human trafficking.

    Giving him a platform after they were warned he had a history of bad behavior just enabled it all the more, IMHO. Just like his few leftover followers, it's so hypocritical to call out JW or Scientology bad behavior but then ignore Lloyd's.

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  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    That YT video was taken from a podcast recorded last year. Why they put it up on YT a few months ago is up for debate, my guess is for content their media assistant converted these podcasts to YT content independent of Remini/Rinder.

    Remini hosts a game show and has been silent about Lloyd. Rinder has too, though he did like his birthday post, and he’s been promoting his own book about his life in Scientology. Lloyd thinks he’s been attacked but these two are abused daily by Scientology bots. If Remini or Rinder addressed the Lloyd situation there’s a good chance Scientology would pick up on it and connect them with him.

    Unlike Lloyd, Rinder and Remini ARE their own content and were close to Miscavige, particularly Rinder. Remini knew all the celebrities and their secrets. Rinder did an audit on Tom Cruise and knows a few of his secrets. They have a lot more to lose than Lloyd and it’s likely they just want no piece of it now. Lloyd also does nothing for them going forward as they are just going to be inundated with questions about hookers and Thailand and that’s not a road they want to go down. And it’s a question that HAS to be asked if they theoretically had Lloyd on again. If Leah brushes off questions about sex trafficking then she gets herself embroiled in it.

    This is why you keep the pressure up. There’s no reason to have Lloyd on now because he generally isn’t respected anymore in the exJW Community and has no prominent allies in it. He isn’t doing anything other than make his boring JW videos and threatening people with lawsuits. The guy’s an absolute mess right now and you’re only seeing what he’s letting you see.

    Lloyd is reading this right now so I’ll add that he’s looks like Jabba the Hutt and I hope he has a cat because that’s the only pussy he’s getting that doesn’t require him to open up his wallet.

    Time to take those meds, Lloyd. Probably getting heated that you are being insulted on JWN for the 7000th time.

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    the only pussy he’s getting that doesn’t require him to open up his wallet

    LMSA , you always make me laugh...that made me think of either the James Bond villain or Austin power Doctor Evil...

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    Thanks for the explanation, DerekMoors.

  • DerekMoors

    This is just my opinion but I think it's worse for Leah and Rinder to say nothing. If they publicly repudiated his conduct, that would make it harder for Scientology to pounce on them. By saying nothing, it's like they're turning a blind eye to something he was engaged in at the same time as when they had him on their studio's couch.

    Plus it just makes them hypocrites, Leah's twitter bio literally says she's "intolerant of bullies, bullshit, and injustice." Well I call bullshit on that statement. They were warned that Lloyd was a complete bully but ignored those warnings. They literally had the biggest ex JW bully on their couch, showing off his book to their audience.

    And where's the justice for victims of human trafficking, which only exists because people like Lloyd pay money for it to exist?

    At least Andrew Gold had the balls to put out a video calling Lloyd out after having him on his show. Others have also kept up the pressure despite his few straggling minions still giving them shit.

    Like I said, Leah and Rinder giving him a platform is part of what enables his bad behavior. Same with Hassan, Trey Bundy, and all the rest. They'll rub elbows with him if they think it gets them publicity, dismissing other people with concerns like they're stupid children, but then feigning ignorance when it turns out that yes, Lloyd is as much of a POS as everyone said.

    Okay, rant over.

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