It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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    Can you imagine the amount of damage that he's done that we won't even get to hear about.

    I would say I know about 25% of the damage and it 100% motivates me to endure no more damage is done. It’s horrible and I just hope that as a community we can all stand strong and say no more 💗

    Can we get some support on the Reddit thread about this since the girl that posted it has had hate messages saying how they would like to see her die and how they want her to die.

    I’ve posted 👍

  • Listener

    I've posted and upvoted a number of posts.

    Getting death threats is not on, I wonder where that is coming from. It's criminal and serious.

  • NonCoinCollector

    I really think we should just go total radio silence about him. Feeding the Narc is what he thrives on.

    I know if we ignore him he will just keep going on destroying people and building up his tower.

    But we also need to warn others. It’s such a fine line. What to do.

    The only way to defeat a bully is to keep punching him in the nose. In 2017 I thought the best plan regarding Lloyd was to walk away. I even forgave that jerk and started watching his videos again. Not this time. No certainly not this time. I won't be quiet. I won't go away. I won't be watching his videos. If he goes to any neutral channels like he did with Andrew Gold, then he should know that I will be there to tell the truth about this man.

  • NonCoinCollector

    Imagine trying to invoke your young child as a shield to take the heat of yourself for whoreing?


    Simon you said this 11 hours ago, and then 5 hours ago Lloyd Evans appears to be doing exactly that.

  • Simon

    Disgusting. In the middle of all the fallout from his sex-scandal he's naming and posting pictures of his kids, then bemoaning that they will have to suffer the fallout from discovering all this in the future. He's absolutely linking them to it.

    What kind of monster does this to their own children? The kind that abandons them at Christmas to go date "new Thailand mommy" ...

    It's just an act, a PR stunt to try to make out he's a real "family man". His actions say otherwise.

  • NonCoinCollector

    (Simon, I will fully understand if you delete this comment, but it is how I feel after seeing this picture. So if I type it out, I will feel better.)

    If Dijana cares at all for the mental health of her two children, she should divorce Lloyd Evans and limit him to supervised visitation. Without a doubt he will shield himself with them and post pictures pretending to all of a sudden be a reformed family man. These girls will find out the truth about their father and it will be devastating. I know such decisions are tough to make, but sometimes the right thing to do is the hardest thing to do.

  • Simon
    @Simon Atlantis says you should send us a bag of Dark Chocolate Oreos for breaking the record on here for a thread. LOL

    Happy to oblige if you message me your address, but it's at #3 in the all-time-longest thread list right now ...

    ... but it doesn't look like Lloyd is going to get a dose of common sense anytime soon, so who knows where it will end up!

  • silentlamb_silent_no_more
    I wouldn’t be surprised if his wife Dijana ends up going back to the organisation with her 2 kids.

    I really hope not! As much as I do not like Lloyd Evans, I would never want those little girls to be in that CSA covering up cult.

    I really hope Dijana, finishes her education like she has planned, gets a good job in Croatian terms, and flees detection from him, for her girls sake. She is literally caught between a rock and hard place, but here's the thing - Dijana, if you are reading, you are strong enough to get away from him and to keep him and Watchtower out of yours and your girls life. You can do it Dijana. I believe you can. You just have to believe it yourself.

  • LouGoode

    Narcissists only see peoples value in terms of what they can be of service to the narcissist.

    lloyd cultivates his ‘doting father’ and ‘family man’ image because it serves him. When the girls are grown up, or when the girls are speaking Croatian to their mum and he doesn’t know what they are saying, they are not of service to him and he will abandon them emotionally and / or physically.

    in many respects he’s lucky he had girls, they are more malleable. A son would begin to butt up against him when the boy got testosterone, challenge him, defend his mum. It would lead to terrible fireworks. It’s happening with my boy right now, a very gentle but moral soul who told his dad he was a ‘bloody idiot’ (when he was 11) for shouting at me.

    lloyd can control a feminised household for now.

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