It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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    Glad to See that Kim Silvio has made it to this forum..........

    And thank you to Lloyd for pointing out the forum to much information here!!!!


    "I had a friend once but he didn't like her" is such a sad indictment of a relationship. I hope she starts to spread her wings and learns to expand her own social network so he isn't in such complete control of her life. It's not like she is the one in a foreign country so she has that advantage after all.

    There is a lot of sadness to this story, a lot of it is untold. I think the reason that there are so many questions about this (apart from LL being the subject), is that I haven't told the story in its entirety and some things don't make sense, particularly in relation to my behaviour and why I did certain things. Pass or fail, I was trying to protect Dijana and Producer Bob.

    Now this is vintage Lloyd.

    Do you know Lloyd personally? You must do!! I am quite freaked out in this forum as to how well you all seem to know the "real Lloyd". Your comments about the friend of Dijana's could have been me typing....this is freaking me out!

    As for the mother, that story has been dramatized quite a bit. Her mother was sad because in their culture divorce is still not as widely accepted as in other countries, and she was worried for the children, and them being separated from their dad.

    I don't even need to answer your questions, you already know the answers (said in a very "omg I've found my people" way)

    It makes complete sense to me now why Kim and Mike and Marc and Cora responded to me the way they did when I reached out to them for information. They were not surprised, very kind and helpful and didn't try and push me to do anything. They, like all of you I suspect, know the real Lloyd, and know what he is like, and likely knew what I was going through, and what was to come with the backlash from the community.

    I am so emotional right now, I can't express how I feel, but this is the first time in a long time that I feel safe. Thank you all

    #littelloyd is now down to 579 Patreons....

    Oh your here too!! Thanks for telling me about this forum mate!

    As for the patrons, wow, the number is still going down...

    I know that sounds ridiculously old fashioned, but IMO it's true and women shouldn't be told that their value comes down to their attractiveness.

    I just hopes that if she does continue down the path she was going when I knew about things, that she doesn't feel the need to be in any relationship unless she wants to, and that its ok to be independent. That's my hope xx

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    Wow...step away for a few days and all sorts of stuff happens!

    Welcome Kim! Thank you for your honesty and need to share the truth, I felt it in your video and letter. Yep, there is a whole bunch of us here that went through the "Lloyd Evans" experience early on, and had his number from the get go. He's played dirty from the start. Sad really, we are on the same side...

    Sit back and relax, you have friends here.

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    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    Kim Silvio:

    Thanks for adding new details to this saga. I hope you continue to fill us in and perhaps even make a comprehensive post of what happened from your POV and don't feel the need to editorialise it. With everything Lloyd, it explains itself. It does make more sense now that in his "I'm Taking a Break" video he gave a specific time frame he would come back to making videos (2 months, starting in March). I found it disingenuous at the very beginning. If it was that bad of a mid-life crisis as he was advertising, then you don't cap it with a specified amount of time. Now we know it was to flee his wife, continue to collect donations whilst living in relative comfort in Thailand and frequent sex workers. You were DEAD ON in what you did. In fact you probably should have shortened his holiday by making the statement in early January.

    Do you know Lloyd personally? You must do!! I am quite freaked out in this forum as to how well you all seem to know the "real Lloyd". Your comments about the friend of Dijana's could have been me typing....this is freaking me out!

    We have a history on this forum. He irritated me when he suggested I was using a font that was designed to crash other people's browsers and that was the reason why he was the only one arguing with me. He also was being a condescending prick and scolded people for responding to him so late as we were keeping him up and as a result were taking him away from his wife and thus harming(!) his marriage.

    With that said, I'll present you with a couple selections out of the "Lloyd Evans - Greatest Hits" album

    Synopsis #1: Lloyd writes one of his early JWSurvey articles about WT possibly losing Patterson to Candace Conti and asks for "feedback". A few people who knew better were trying to tell him it was a legal maneuver by WT to avoid handing Conti a cash settlement she could spend prior to appeal. It made more sense to put up Patterson as collateral but Lloyd was insistent that Conti could actually end up owning the property. He then retaliates by involving the Contis themselves by posting messages supposedly from them telling everyone to back off Cedars. He ended up getting several people banned on this thread:

    Synopsis #2: A poster makes contact with a reporter about an issue and makes the mistake of posting the email itself to Lloyd and others. Lloyd immediately usurps this contact and tells the poster "thanks for your help", saying he'll take it from there. That didn't go down well and towards the end he was absolutely melting down, asking in pity for posters to take their shots at him.


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    Hello and welcome, Kim.

    As to why Lloyd told us, and why he asked us to support Dijana still confuses me today. I can only suggest that he didn't think Dijana would share information with us and that we would convince her to stay with him.....I don't know...

    I get the impression that the threats of legal action was a way to imply to his supporters that he was wronged, but that he does not intend to follow through. Certainly, if you have more information that you have not revealed, he would not want to start a battle that might lead to that information being made public... possibly as part of a legal proceeding.

    He does seem to act precipitously, often out of anger or desperation, thus putting himself in a position that is more difficult than it needed to be. Ultimately, it is the self-inflicted damage that will cause him the most regret. Pity... he'd have fit in with the fellows running the JW organization. :D

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    I am quite freaked out in this forum as to how well you all seem to know the "real Lloyd"

    He used this forum to promote his site when he first started. I can't remember if he was already out at that point (heck, I don't really know if he's genuinely "out" even now, LOL) but he gave us all early access to how he worked and what he was like.

    Very stubborn, childish, thin skinned, manipulative, frames criticism as an attack to claim he's the "victim" and generally dismissive of anyone else's opinion, concerns and privacy.

    He seems to generate a constant whirlwind of drama and controversy and I haven't fully made my mind up yet if that is an act to create publicity in order to grow an audience for $$$ or if he's just a dysfunctional character who doesn't know how to act appropriately.

    But safe to say, this is a Lloyd-free zone, and while we don't mind a robust debate on pretty much any topic going as long as it's interesting, we try to keep things friendly and cordial if we can.

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