It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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    Dijana was neutral about the sharing of information to the public.

    This is another interesting piece of information. According to Lloyd, she asked him not to talk about her publicly.

    There are a number of signals/suggestions that she is in an abusive relationship. It's possible that she wants all this to come out publicly but does not want to be seen as supportive of this due to potential repercussions from her abuser.

    Unfortunately, one big problem in being in an abusive relationship is the abuser tries to bring their victim down to their level. The longer a relationship continues, the more this happens and the spiral downwards makes it even more difficult for the victim to get out.

    There is a lot that you aren't saying about their relationship and some things that really concerned you. Since you are concerned about those 'following' Lloyd in the first instance, why haven't you come out with it all?



    I don’t know really. I think it will restrict his participation in government inquiries, media opportunities and activism groups etc and certainly anything to do with CSA.

    Lloyd has been quoted as saying that it’s going to take him 2 years to recover from “this damage to his reputation”, which makes me think he is just going to keep shouting down and “cleansing” his channel of anything that could alert new followers/collaborators to the truth about him.

    I am a classic example of this, I knew nothing about the AAWA issue, the crisis of conscience book issue, that he was funded by the community for his books and how heavily he has bullied the exjw community and the graveyard of activists that he has left in his destructive path.

    If the community listen to those on social media who are accusing people of bullying and being obsessed, and to lloyd who threatens legal action and stop talking about it and holding him to account, then eventually he could rebuild.

    I have done what I can to inform the community however if the community does not unite, learn from these experiences and move forward, he will weaken the community and succeed again.

    I also worry about people’s attitudes towards other activists like mark O’Donnell. Some people venerate him and now want to move their financial support to him. I see that as handing the weapons from one army to the other and expecting peace.

    Of course this would all be completely irrelevant if Lloyd is charged with a CSA related offense, and/or found guilty. If that happened, I don’t think anyone would expect him to survive that.



    You are correct. Disclosing information wasn’t a decision that I made lightly and I was in a world of shock for many weeks. I tried my best to keep everything I disclosed directly linked to Lloyd’s activism and the community. I also have tried to protect Dijana.

    Now that I have had time to reflect and am not getting yelled at as often online I do worry that by staying silent about other matters, I could be band aiding the problem and enabling him.

    I also balance that with the “it’s none of our business” argument. Is it in the interest that the community be made aware? Do these things impact the community?

    I don’t know the answer to these questions so I have remained quiet ….

    Having re-read this and giving consideration to your point, I do see what your saying. I need to give that some thought, but I do take your point. Thank you for the question, you have me thinking. X

  • Ron.W.

    Thank you Kim for all you have done to date.

    I used to think there was a slight bias against Lloyd here, as I did quite enjoy watching his content.

    But, after you informed us of all your very valid concerns which came directly out of Lloyds own mouth, I find I can no longer take his channel seriously.

    Also, his ongoing 'cleansing' of any negative comments and replies on his youtube channel leaving only 'we've missed you' & 'we love you Lloyd' type tripe is something I find particularly distasteful and abhorrent.


    Ron w,

    I aGree with you, unfortunately it’s a fantastic “soft place to fall” for vulnerable people 😞

  • fastJehu


    Welcome here - a scorched earth place for Lloyd - who has done some extremely serious damage to some users here by revealing their true identities (among various other inappropriate actions).

    I like you - your expertise and your courage to openly address unpleasant facts. I would love to have a cold beer with you. Best regards from Germany.


    Thank you fastjehu,

    if we are ever in the sane country we will have a beer 👍

  • Listener

    Thanks Kim for answering all those questions and offering to be questioned in the first instance, it's much appreciated.

    You've done such a great service for ex jw's and potential ex jw's.

    Hopefully you won't find any bullying on this forum but if you do Simon is sure to be quickly onto it.


    No problem listener 👍

  • slimboyfat

    Kim thanks for your comments and giving your perspective.

    I watched your original interview with him from a couple of years ago, before it was taken down. I think it’s a good idea for people who now find the channel problematic to ask for their videos to be removed.

    I found his interview with you to be very insensitive. One question in particular he asked you was intrusive and somewhat inappropriate, probably because he was thinking foremost of views and likes rather that you, the person he was interviewing.

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