It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • DerekMoors
    At some point Mark just stopped contributing and he made a point of saying in his announcement that he never was paid for anything JW Watch related.
    He enabled neither of them, pocketed the money and expected them to produce content he could make money off of.

    Off topic but O'Donnell always came across to me as a little bitch, afraid to say anything about Lloyd while trying to act like he's this serious, credible activist. What man allows himself to be taken advantage of like that? I hope he's learned a lesson, being Lloyd's little lapdog only to see the truth about the POS whose butt he was kissing.

  • KatKat


    thank you for your information, I think you are right. It makes sense that Lloyd does not get other people to give him content for the site. Therefore he does not receive enough income through the site to pay for the cost of it.

    What does that say about how much help he received before he stumbled over his own insanely huge ego? He must have received so much FREE help. I hope all the helpers are accumulating on safer platforms for them to continue their good work against the Watchtower.

    When using someone's platform on Youtube for your cause you simultaneously give them content and you improve their image. I am thinking about the two women who are on Lloyd Evans's recent live stream. Yes, Lloyd still has a platform on Youtube that might help your cause but do you really want to help him polish his image and help him to pretend to care for abuse survivors?


    Re the website - lloyd has no interest in the website. He “doesn’t have time”. Myself and others tried to resurrect it however there were issues within the team that prevented it from happening.

  • Thisismein1972

    Lloyd will seek out people like Mark as they are easy to manipulate. Look what Lloyd does when he's challenged by a stronger mind than his. He lashes out a demonizes them. Kim, Mike, and Kim, The Vast Apostate Army, Tom (Fairytale) Katy Kitten, and many many more.

    He's not exactly the brightest button in the box, if he was, he'd be a little more careful on what he reveals about himself. He calls everyone crazy when he is indeed the crazy one.

  • Vintage

    I think that informing people of Evans "true self" after they have done an event with him is a good strategy. We can't tell them "before" the event because we don't know who they are yet. Evans thinks that he is "storing up treasure" when he does an event, and that these people will serve him as references later for even greater tthings. If the people with whom Evans does events find out that they have been "used" and misled by him, they won't be providing him with the references and status he was counting on. And, of course, he only goes to activist events to promote "himself". It's not because he cares about victims.

  • DerekMoors

    Speaking of O'Donnell, I wonder if he thought to keep all the things he wrote for it over the years or if Lloyd downloaded it before he let the website lapse. Someone mentioned here O'Donnell's website, can you refresh my memory? I'm curious if he transferred over all his stuff or if Lloyd let the website go and all of Mark's hard work just went *poof* and disappeared.

  • Toblerone5
    Lloyd will seek out people ... not exactly the brightest buttoSn in the box,

    One of the many.many ,many thing i couldn't believe in his stupid youtube ,Live stream , was him saying when in Thailand , the internet was not "working" to his liking ( he didn't understand how it works and was to stupid ,dumb,lazy and proud to ask for more info...) So he admit of texting? Kim Silvio for her help ,and he was expecting her to fix it for him...From AUSTRALIA! Come On!

  • DerekMoors

    Here's another thought ... websites don't need any work or maintenance to just sit there as is. All you need to do is pay your hosting fee and any renewal fees for the domain name, plug-ins, etc.

    So he really wouldn't need to be tech savvy to maintain it, just plug a credit card number in where needed and let it renew automatically. Even if he can't navigate the site to figure out where to add his card number, you know they send you a billion renewal notices with links to follow.

    So I'm guessing it's not his precious schedule or lack of tech ability that got it suspended but he's counting his pennies and figuring the return on investment for everything. He can't be earning that much in ads from a site not getting updated regularly so why maintain it if it doesn't put money back in his pocket?

  • silentlamb_silent_no_more


    Then we should warn the people on the All parliamentary Group of Lloyds true character. He is not going after Watchtower on this issue to be some pariah or saint, to save CSA survivors and future children. He's doing it for money and fame. Nothing more and nothing less. Anyone who really wants to help people who have been violated sexually, would not in turn violate and objectify women in another country.

    From today's Glasgow Live Paper. This is how we feel about sex trafficking in Scotland. I really hope the police do a thorough investigation into Lloyd.

  • silentlamb_silent_no_more

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