Pillowgate - John Cedars

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  • SunnyOne026

    I am told this is what the Bethel sisters in the cleaning department are having to deal with.

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  • OrphanCrow

    John, your funny bone is broken

  • Bobby2446

    John Davis

    Remeber, Cedars is the same clown who said something to the effect that the “Remember the Wife of Lot” movie was an “anti-gay” movie, when in reality, probably about five minutes dealt with an issue surrounding the family defending their beliefs against a person with two lesbian parents who ATTACKED THEM!

    The sensationalism that he is manufacturing indicates that a lot of people are being led by the nose, and more importantly, this is clearly click-bait.

  • Bobby2446

    I think “scandal-mongering” is the appropriate term for this video and his channel as a whole.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    think “scandal-mongering” is the appropriate term for this video and his channel as a whole.

    Hey somebody's got to do it what's the big deal, after all we are dealing with a very scandal filled organization based on a fraud to keep the money coming in.

  • Bobby2446
    Lol - if anyone is “fraudulently” keeping the money coming in, it’s the guy charging you *coughs* Cedars *coughs* $150 to tell your story in his book in 300 words or less, instead of him paying YOU for your story, as standard practice has it.
  • Bobby2446

    What makes that transaction even more fraudulent is the fact the new book will have extremely limited appeal, as it will only interest those who’ve already “escaped” WT. Those forking over the 150 will be preaching to the choir. Pretty much every Jw knows how to “escape watchtower” — stop going to meetings, and if the elders visit, ignore them or tell them to leave you alone, or formally disassociate.

    So apparently, hes aiming to siphon every penny out of his loyal base.

  • stuckinarut2

    Bobby2446, you are making accusatory points that are off topic here. No need to make negative comments about his channel.

    Dont shoot the messenger. Lloyd simply helped to make known more of the stupidity going on at bethel.

    Lets remember who the real enemy is. A corrupt religious organisation...

  • Bobby2446

    Nothing “accusatory” about my statements. It is absolutely corrupt to charge people 150 dollars to tell their story in your book so you can afford to feed your family and take all expense paid self-promotional world tours. And what do you get in return? A man too busy with his “activism” to reply to your messages. But he is available when you want to send him money or congratulate him. Lol

    But as was mentioned, these introduction videos are merely to help people adjust to living at bethel. There are going to be different rules or codes of cuduct when you’re under someone else’s roof. Just ask those who join the military, or those who live on college compus. Both have introductions on what life is like in their environment.

    It’s life 101.

  • Listener
    Bobby - I think “scandal-mongering” is the appropriate term for this video and his channel as a whole.
    He learnt from the best and that may be another reason why some find him not to their liking.

    It's fascinating when a poster makes a comment in regards to a particular person but when taken on its own applies very much to the organization that they support.

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